Worst Manhattan neighborhoods for car parking

If you plan to move to Manhattan, you should learn more about what it means to be a driver in NYC. Unlike many smaller cities, New York seems to always have too many cars on the streets. Moreover, some of the city’s areas are considered to be impossible for car parking. In case you are moving to Big Apple with your family, you might need to transport your car, too. If this is the case, ask your moving company if they offer car transportation services. Reliable movers can offer you top moving quotes NYC and transport your car with ease. After movers relocate it to New York City, you’ll need to learn a thing or two about driving in NYC. In order for you to avoid the parking troubles, let’s explain some of the worst Manhattan neighborhoods for car parking.

Moving to NYC? Find a housing in a good parking zone

In order to avoid worst Manhattan neighborhoods for car parking, you should choose your new home wisely. If you are thinking of buying or renting your new home in NYC, you should have in mind a potential parking spot nearby. Even if you have the budget to buy a home with a garage, you might have difficulty parking wherever you go. So, in order to avoid these parking troubles, consider hiring a professional realtor. He can tell you more about the worst Manhattan neighborhoods for car parking and give you some useful advice.

NYC building
Find a home in New York City where you can park your car without trouble.

Moving to New York City can be complicated, especially if you are trying to move without professional help. However, good and knowledgeable movers NYC can help you transport all of your belongings. The best part of hiring movers is that they can also help you transport your car, especially if you are moving long distance.

All in all, you should try to avoid worst Manhattan neighborhoods for car parking. The best way to do so is to find a home that is in a good location. In case you find a home near your work or your kids’ school, you won’t have to use your car as much. If you can walk or use public transportation to most places you need to go, you’ll avoid worst Manhattan neighborhoods for car parking. After all, the best ways to experience NYC is to walk through the city all much as you can.

What are the difficulties of parking in NYC?

As attractive as New York City is, it became famous for traffic jams and difficulties with finding a parking spot. If you have ever been to NYC, you would know how crowded it can get. Too many people on the streets, many cars stacked one in front of another and long hours in the traffic… These are all things that happen on daily basis in New York City. However, the worst part for car drivers is getting into one of the worst Manhattan neighborhoods for car parking. However, there is a way to avoid getting stuck in traffic and losing the only available parking spot that’s left. Using an online map or an app for finding a parking spot in NYC, you can easily plan your day without worrying about your car.

Times Square
Try to avoid the most crowded areas in the city, especially during rush hours.

Another difficulty of parking in New York, especially in Manhattan, is the price of the parking ticket. These tickets can go from $60 to $125, depending on the area you parked in. So, in case you don’t find a good spot to park your car, it might affect your budget. In the end, the best way to avoid the worst Manhattan neighborhoods for car parking is to try to use public transportation.

Worst Manhattan neighborhoods for car parking

If you plan to drive through New York, you should consider avoiding some of the most crowded neighborhoods. These are the worst Manhattan neighborhoods for car parking:

  • East Midtown
  • Midtown South
  • Midtown
  • Chinatown
  • Tribeca
  • SoHo
  • Hell’s Kitchen

From all the neighborhoods above, Midtown Manhattan is considered to be the most crowded neighborhood in NYC. Not only will you have difficulty parking in this neighborhood, but you will also get in a pretty harsh traffic jam. In Midtown Manhattan, there is no much space on the streets to find a parking spot, and there are many transit hubs which won’t allow you to park. Also, the many bus stations on almost every corner are making it difficult to pass by other cars.

Besides Midtown Manhattan, the Financial District is also one of the worst Manhattan neighborhoods for car parking. With so many residents moving into this neighborhood, it’s not surprising that the parking spots are almost impossible to find.

Tips for parking in New York City

Get to know the rules

If you want to avoid getting a parking ticket in New York City, you should make sure to know the rules. Everything that has to do with stopping, one-hour parking time and other rules will help you find a good and safe parking spot. You can visit an official website of Department of transportation and get to know all of these rules.

crowds in New York
If you want to avoid paying for parking tickets, get to know the traffic rules in NYC.

Avoid rush hours

When it comes to overcrowding the city, New York seems to be the city of eternal rush hours. Unlike some smaller cities, this rush hour is not happening only in the morning and after work. Many holidays are also the time when you should avoid driving through the city.

Consider parking in a garage

Even if you happen to be in one of the worst Manhattan neighborhoods for car parking, there are ways to find a good parking spot. The safest way to park is to find a good public garage space. Not only will you be free of troubles, but your car will also be secure from bad weather conditions.