Why you should ask for binding moving estimate

We all wish to move to a new home without much stress and complication. However, there are numerous stories that show that moving home without any stress is a challenge. In some cases, choosing the wrong moving company can lead to difficulties. While in other situations people get stressed because they end up spending too much money on moving company services. But there is a simple way to deal with these problems, and that is to get a binding moving estimate before hiring a quality moving company for your relocation. Take a look at our guide and find out more about finding the perfect moving company for your relocation. Also, find out why you should always ask for a binding moving estimate for your move.

What is a moving estimate?

Nowadays, every reliable moving company will offer some sort of an estimate of your relocation costs. Before you decide if you wish to hire their services, Downtown Manhattan movers will offer you the estimate of your moving costs – the moving quote. Quality movers with years of experience usually offer a binding moving estimate for moving your home. In most cases, a quality moving company will send a representative to your home to inspect your home. A mover with experience and knowledge will consider different aspects you’re your relocation before he provides a reliable quote. Before he provides you with the official document he will consider:

Professionals advise that you should ask for multiple moving quotes and compare moving companies before hiring.
  • The number of items you need to transport
  • Type of items you need to transport
  • The distance of your move
  • Your moving timeline
  • Services you will need like packing or storage
  • Specialized moving services you may need like moving a piano, pool table or expensive artwork
  • The amount of packing supplies you will need if movers pack your belongings
  • Your moving budget etc.

In case you are moving on a budget, the professional mover will advise on the best way to downsize your relocation costs. Sometimes he can offer a better solution for your relocation and the services you use. On the other hand, sometimes they offer various deals on a particular service. After he calculates all of these aspects, he will issue an official estimate that serves as a moving contract in case you decide to hire the same moving company.

A binding moving estimate

Keep in mind that the binding moving estimate is the type of estimate some moving companies usually offer when they offer an estimate. However, that may not always be the case. The binding moving estimate is the type of estimate that includes all of your relocation expenses. And after you get a binding moving estimate, a moving company you hire shouldn’t surprise you with any unexpected expenses. In fact, as a client, you are safe if you choose to Get a reliable moving quote. Reliable movers won’t charge you a dime more than they have asked for in the beginning. In case you ask for a binding moving estimate – quote, and additional charges happen, your movers will cover them. This type of quote is binding and movers cannot ask for more money after the move is complete.

Other types of moving quotes

Getting a reliable moving quote from a moving company is a standard procedure. However, you should consider that not all moving companies provide a binding moving estimate for your relocation. In some cases, moving companies provide another type of moving quote. Depending on the type of your relocation, or Manhattan moving service you choose, movers may provide a different moving estimate. Next, to a binding moving estimate, your movers can offer a non-binding and not-to-exceed moving quote.

Before hiring any moving company to relocate you, make sure you ask about the type of a moving estimate they provide.

The non-binding moving quote is the type of estimate that provides an approximate number for your relocation expenses. However, with a non-binding moving estimate, you may expect to have additional relocation costs. Moving companies calculate the basic price of the moving expenses with the possibility to charge you additional fees for some of the services you need. In case your movers give you a non-binding moving estimate, you should make sure you ask about additional charges you may face. Sometimes movers may provide additional information and tell you about additional services they can charge after your move is complete.

The not-to-exceed estimate is the best type of estimate you can get. However, not all moving companies offer this type of estimate for any service. Movers may offer a not-to-exceed estimate in case you are relocating long distance or you require some type of specialized moving service. This type of moving estimate includes the amount you need to pay for the moving service. And in case your movers face any additional charges, they need to cover them. If the moving service ends up costing more than anticipated, you won’t face any additional costs.

Important questions to ask when getting a moving quote?

Moving companies with experience usually offer to give you a binding moving estimate. Even when movers offer another type of quote, you should make sure you ask the most important questions. When a representative from a moving company comes to your home, you should prepare and ask the most important questions:

Make sure to ask questions and get all the information you need before hiring a reliable moving company for your relocation.
  • What type of the moving quote are you offering? – you should always ask about the type of the moving estimates movers offer. And if they say they offer a non-binding estimate, you can ask for the binding moving estimate instead.
  • Will you provide me with your license and the id number? – Reliable moving companies will always provide important information about their license. If you ask about their license, they will know you are considering to hire them.
  • What type of insurance policy do you offer? – You should make sure you know the type of insurance policy movers includes in the price of your binding moving estimate. In case you are transporting valuable items, you may consider to get better insurance coverage for your move.