Why hire expert artwork handlers NYC for a move

Why hire expert artwork handlers NYC for a move?

Once people decide that they want to move they always weigh out if they need all-inclusive moving services NYC. And they should. Sometimes we are much better off rolling up our sleeves and doing the job ourselves, then paying strangers to do it for us. And while things can be transported by an amateur, if by chance they have all the necessary equipment, the artwork items need a professional touch. Here is why moving artwork on your own is practically impossible and why you should hire expert artwork handlers NYC.

Mona Lisa
Beautiful arts needs to be taken care of properly.

Why you should hire expert artwork handlers NYC

While you can usually cut some moving expenses, you should try to do so when moving art. The odds of you property moving art without any prior experience are not slim. They are as close to zero as they can be. You need to hire expert artwork handlers NYC to move your art. There is no way around that. Here is why.


The number one reason is safety. When you move artwork you need to make sure that every safety precautions is taken in order to avoid accidents. But how can you know which safety precautions should you take? Well, that is exactly why you hire expert artwork handlers NYC. They have been doing this for a long time and will make sure that your artwork is moved with every care possible. There are too many things for you to keep in mind in order to have optimum safety for transport. Professional movers have the experience necessary to take care of your art.

Proper Packing

Most moving accidents are caused by improper packing. It may seem weird, but it is factually true. When you move artwork you need to know proper packing techniques and you need to have the necessary equipment to pack them. If you want to pack by yourself you need to get all the packing equipment. That includes properly sized boxes, different wrapping materials and marking tools. Why waste time buying all of that and using it once, when you can just let movers use their materials. Don’t risk it doing it badly. If a piece of art is improperly packed it will easily get damaged during the move. And since it is a piece of art, there is no “small damage”. Every bump on the road may cause small but irreversible damage to the art piece which will lower its value.

Damaged statue
Hire expert artwork handlers NYC and avoid damaging your art.


But, let’s say that you even manage to pack your artwork properly. Now what? You need to load them into a truck and later unload them. Do you have the proper equipment to do so without risking accidents? No. Why would you? By having the equipment necessary for moving artwork you’d be wasting money. Why buy something that you are only going to use a couple of times in your life? That is why you hire expert artwork handlers NYC. They have every tool needed and in much better quality than you can find. Moving a priceless piano or a statue is safe only if proper tools are used, and they are using them every day. Let professionals do what they do best.


Let us go completely off the rails and say that you even have the necessary equipment. Maybe your uncle or father was a mover and he left it to you. Great! But what now? Well, having the right tools is only half of the job. The other half is knowing how to use them. Expert piano movers NYC know all the little ins and outs of moving artwork that you simply cannot know by being a rookie. Even with best intentions, proper equipment, and abundant online research, you are still risking damaging your art possessions. Hire expert artwork handlers NYC and stop trying to be clever about moving art.


Maybe you still don’t trust us. Maybe you think: “Ah, this is just another scam to take away my hard earned money! Everyone knows that if you want a job done right, you gotta do it yourself!” Well, if you don’t trust us, try this experiment. Go to your nearest insurance company and ask them to give you insurance for moving art on your own. Then ask them to give you insurance for a professional mover to move you. Which one is lower? Well, professional movers! Why? Insurance is essentially gambling. An insurance company is betting that nothing will happen, because if something does they have to pay. The price is lower if the risk is lower. Therefore, the risk of professionals mishandling your possessions is way lower than if you do it on your own. Remember, numbers don’t lie.

What you should know about owning artwork

Moving art properly is a difficult but sometimes necessary project. But taking care of art is vital if you want it to remain in proper condition. There are some tips we feel you should be familiar with if you are new at taking care of art. Little steps can make sure that your artwork is in good shape which will make it much safer to transport when necessary.

Take care of art

Make sure that your art is clean. When cleaning remembers to do it slowly and thoroughly. Do not rush. People have been taking care of art for centuries and there is a proper way to do it. Different pieces of art require different cleaning liquids and techniques. Get familiar with all the necessary information about your art piece and give it the care it deserves.

A museum
Talk with people working at your local museum to better know how to take care of your art.

Handling art

Wear protective gloves. Our hands are coated with chemicals that can easily damage artwork upon contact. Make sure that you use gloves when handling artwork in order to preserve it. Do not let anyone eat or drink near artwork as a simple trip can mean thousands of dollars in damage. Place your art in safe places so that everyday traffic through your house doesn’t risk damage.