Which side of Manhattan is better for living?

Which side of Manhattan is better for living? Is there a difference you would think? Even though Manhattan looks like one big island, it has many different “sides” to it. Upper East Side and Upper West Side are basically the same things divided by the beautiful Central Park? Not quite! If you ask a local you will get an earful on how the neighborhoods differ. For potential future residents, this is an important topic, and something worth considering. Here at Dynamic Movers NYC, we would like to cover any topic that could benefit our current or future clients.

Which side of Manhattan is better for living
Locals have a lot to say in an attempt to answer this question.

The Upper East Side vs. The Upper West Side

Let’s start with the obvious counterparts the NYC heavyweights! The Upper East Side is a residential area with luxury houses and apartment buildings, storefronts and upscale restaurants. If you are considering this area for your new home we strongly advise you to hire a moving company in Upper East Side. These companies are well versed in navigating UES’ streets and ally ways, enabling a much smoother relocation for yourself. Plus they know how to handle clientele of your scale. Some people would say this is the more family oriented side, some people would say Upper West is the stroller central instead. Whatever the case is, residents here are mostly older Newyorkers and families with kids.

Which side of Manhattan is better for living
Both neighborhoods have charming one family homes and residential buildings.

The Upper West Side is alleged, preferred by 20-30 something-year-old single professionals. They tend to gravitate towards its trendy nightlife. The closeness to work due to great public transport is also a deciding factor. The popularity of UWS can be observed in rental prices which are higher than in Upper East Side. Many will testify that the West Side can’t be beaten with it’s a combination of houses and residential buildings, cafes, bakeries and trendy restaurants. We are still not even close to answering the question which side of Manhattan is better for living, but keep on reading. You might get a better picture.

Which side of Manhattan is better for living closer to work?

When it comes to public transport, West Side has the Eighth Avenue A/C/E and B/D lines, and the Seventh Avenue 1, 2 & 3 lines. Upper East Side is well connected with the Lexington Avenue Line 4, 5 & 6 trains, as well as the Second Avenue line. Both sides have cabs available at all times and city bikes for rent.

Even though the neighborhoods are pretty symmetrical at first glance, their connectivity is quite different. The West Side has nearby access to the George Washington Bridge. It is also bordered by the Central Park West and the Hudson River. On the other hand, Upper East Side has easy access to the Ed Koch Queensboro Bridge. The East Side touches with Central Park and the East River. If you are in need of more green areas, the UES is close to Roosevelt Island and Riverside Park. Which side of Manhattan is better for living is a tough question to answer, but we are getting closer and closer.

Outdoor and fitness activities on both “Sides”

Which side of Manhattan is better for living
Outdoor fitness is very important for residents of both sides

Movers in Upper West Side can testify to the neighborhood’s popularity. No matter how dizzily high the prices get people will still pay to live here. One of the most important factors for upper middle classes is outdoor, fitness and well…outdoor fitness. Even more important are the parks, especially for young families with little kids. You want your neighborhood to be stroller friendly, for that walk with a nice park at the end and a quick stop at the coffee shop on the way there.

Upper East Side:

  • John Jay Park
  • Central Park’s Ancient Playground
  • Carl Schurz Park
  • Crunch Fitness

Upper West Side:

  • Riverside Park’s Cherry Lane trail
  • Theodore Roosevelt Park
  • Damrosch Park
  • Equinox Gym
  • Top-notch spin studios
  • Central Park’s Strawberry Fields

Upscale eateries throwdown East vs. West

Without further ado, we won’t keep you in too much suspense, Upper West Side wins by a landslide. Upper West Side is well known for its food option, to be more precise, central Upper West Side is any foodie’s dream come true! Any quick search online will produce names of dozens of restaurants in the area and none of them are bad!

This is one of the biggest reasons why West Side is so popular among Newyorkers. This is why the neighborhood is so charming and inviting! Visitors will notice coffee chops on almost every corner. The whole neighborhood is sprinkled with charming bakeries, upscale restaurants, and cozy bistros. And of course, Amsterdam Avenue is where every serious foodie wants to be. The place is dotted with affordable, delicious eating options! Sometimes we wonder why would anyone move from Manhattan to NYC suburbs! To be fair, East Side has some amazing food options as well! Don’t miss the opportunity to try out the specialty bagels at the neighborhood’s shops.

For some, food alone would be enough to answer the question which side of Manhattan is better for living. We have to admit the title of our article was a ploy devised to get you to read it. No one can truly answer this question because it’s one of those age-old conundrums. Similar to beauty, the truth is in the eye of the beholder.  As local NYC movers, we love every side of our city equally.