When is the cheapest time to relocate

When is the cheapest time to relocate

Every year, thousands of people move home. Some even move across the world. Some have to do it because they are starting college, and some have a new position at work. There are those who have entire houses and families to relocate while others are enjoying the single life. Whether you’re moving within or from the Big Apple, you’ll be hiring moving service NYC. But some people might make the mistake of taking care of their own moving process. Why is it a mistake? Because a DIY move is far more tiring, confusing and might end up being much more expensive than you thought. So, read on to find out what the cheapest time to relocate is! Good luck!

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Whether you insist on self-moving or will be seeking professional help, there are different times of the year to move. Since the project can get pretty pricey, it is normal to ask how to reduce the costs.

Why will the time of the moving matter for you?

The season you choose for your relocation could save you a lot of money. There is the matter of the time of day you opt for as well. The move will not cost the same whenever you decide to move. But in case you just don’t see how it can raise or lower the cost, your trusted Noho movers are here to explain how the time you choose for your moving day affects the cost of the moving services. Follow our guidelines and you will have no problem picking the cheapest time to relocate. However, it varies and depends on a lot of factors, so take notes.

Time is money, but the cheapest time to relocate doesn’t mean you’ll get a low-quality move

  • First, you’ll need to take the month of the move into consideration. The season you pick for moving will also be a factor for determining how much packing materials it will take. Different seasons bring different moving conditions. Winter will require you to protect your boxes from the cold.
  • In fall or spring, a rainstorm might interfere with your plans. Moving in the summer, on the other hand, is the peak moving season, but it comes with a lot of heat you’ll need to protect yourself from. But moving in bad weather conditions isn’t only connected to your moving boxes. Your crew needs to drive slower in the winter but will get a tired lot more tired in the summer.

All of these factors interfere with the move, so the cost will fluctuate.

  • The most important factor that effects picking the correct moving season, is looking at what the peak seasons for moving are.
  • There are times during the year, month, week, or even day, that are more popular moving dates. So, when the moving companies get super busy, it can get hard to find a good moving date and even if you do, the rates will be higher.
  • On the other hand, if you opt for the off-season, when companies are not be dealing with too many relocations, then you can find amazing quotes. Try to open a negotiation during the cheapest time to relocate – and you might get an even cheaper move than you had hoped for!
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Hire movers between Monday to Thursday, because most of the people want to move over the weekend. This way you avoid the rush and the hecticness of the move.

So what season is the cheapest time to relocate?

As you can see, all seasons have their pros and cons. Apart from possible rainfall, the weather can be great in the fall! It’s never too hot but it is not really cold yet, which makes it perfect for working outside. Furthermore, fall is the perfect time to hunt for real estate right after the peak season. You can easily find someone eager to sell their home since they didn’t complete this project during the summer. If you are planning to buy a house, this could be the cheapest time to relocate for you. The spring works on the same principles. You can discover some early sellers, and the weather is beautiful. And since spring comes right before the peak moving season, which is summer, so the demand will be lighter and movers will be more affordable.

Which season will you be moving during?

  • Many people choose to move in the summer because their kids are starting school in September. Or they don’t want to be overwhelmed when the busy time at work arrives. But they almost always regret it later. Because the peak season means a lot of busy, less affordable movers. However, if you are selling your home before relocating, summer remains the perfect time to move. The demand for real estate is the biggest during summer. And if you sell your house at a very good price, you won’t even notice the relocation costs. Summer can still end up being the cheapest time to move in your case.
  • Finally, many movers say winter is the cheapest time for relocation because it is a season in which the moving demand drops significantly. The weather is treacherous and unpredictable in winter. That is why people avoid moving during the cold months. However, note that the off-moving season means that moving companies will be more flexible and willing to negotiate the costs with you.

Consider the date when picking the cheapest time for moving

Here’s the best trick. Choose a day in the middle of the month and you’ve found for yourself the cheapest time to relocate. Movers are generally not fully booked in the middle of the week since moving on the weekend is more convenient for most people. The demand for relocation will be the lowest in the middle of the month and that is the cheapest time to relocate. Also, the leases usually end at the beginning or the end of each month. This is why the majority of people renting have to move as the month is starting or as it is ending.

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If you want to ensure the best time to relocate, you have to choose the date carefully.

So pick a date in the middle of the month and you’ll be able to be very flexible with your budget and your time!

And ultimately, when looking for the cheapest time to relocate during the day, then book your movers between 8 and 10 a.m. You’ll be done quickly and will be able to enjoy your new home the same day! So call Dynamic Movers NYC now and we’ll help you find the best possible date that will work both for your schedule and for your budget. We can accommodate your every need so don’t hesitate to contact us and ask anything regarding the cheapest time to relocate.