What to pack last on moving day?

Whenever you start planning your relocation, you will definitely prioritize some things. Most of the times, these items are the ones you will need during transportation. However, people often get confused about what to pack last on moving day. Because of this, we did our best to help you out with some useful suggestions. Follow our instructions and you will learn what to pack first and what to leave to pack last! Therefore, when your moving day finally arrives you will be more than ready for it! 

Personal items are the ones to pack last on moving day

Wherever you chose to move, whether short or long distance, you must pack these personal items last. Namely, these are the items you will most probably absolutely need during the moving process. Also, depending on the season, the list of those items can be somewhat different. In any case, the most usual personal items you need to pack last on moving day are as follows: 

  • Your personal laptop – since you will probably have to finish some work during the move, it would be smart to leave this one for the last moment. 
  • Chargers for smartphones, tablets, and laptops – these basically need no explanation. You will definitely want to use your devices. 
  • Personal documents – these include birth certificates, passports, ID’s, and medical papers. Also, it is very important to put them in a special box meant for these items. 
laptop - pack last on moving day
A laptop is one of the items you will want to pack last on moving day

Understandably, you will most probably use these items during relocation. Because of this, you should make it easy for yourself and pack them last. This is especially important if you’re doing a long-distance move. Namely, knowing that they are safe and close to you will help you stay calm during relocation. So, to preserve the peace, pack these items last! 

Pack extra clothing depending on the season in which you are relocating

When you are relocating during the colder months, it is recommended to bring some warmer items with you. Specifically, blankets, pillows, jackets, and coats are best to pack last on moving day. However, you should remember some things before you actually move. Firstly, you will still have to sleep in your old home. Therefore, if you pack all of your blankets and pillows first, you will end up with nothing to sleep in. Because of this, leave these items for the last day and pack them in the moving van.  

Do not pack the blankets until the moving day!

In most cases, people aim to move in autumn or spring since these are the best months for a relocation. During these seasons, it is very easy to find a reliable moving company like Noho movers. Therefore, don’t hesitate to move during this time of year! Not only will you get a great deal, but you also won’t have to worry about the weather too much. 

Pack a first aid kit and a medicine bag last

During the relocation process, your immune system might begin to drop. It could be from moving stress, tiring tasks, or unpredictable problems. You should always keep this in mind when packing and relocate stress-free! This is especially important if you have any prescription medicine you need to take on the regular. 

Namely, packing your medicine last is important because you can avoid any kind of crisis if you keep them with yourself. Since these items are very important, make sure you have them close to you at all times. This is especially important if you have an older person who is moving with you. 

Make sure to have easy access to your medicine

If you plan well, you won’t have to worry basically about anything when moving day comes. Just make sure you keep the medicine by your side during the whole relocation process. Similarly to the personal documents, keep the medicine in an essential box during the relocation. Since medicine tends to be on the smaller side, you won’t need to carry a huge box with you, like the ones at free moving boxes NYC. Although these will be amazing for your other items, opt for something smaller.   

Leave the cleaning items until the last possible moment

It is undeniable that cleaning supplies are a must-have at all times! When you prepare for a move, making a lot of mess is inevitable. Also, there are loads of dust in the places you couldn’t even reach before. Therefore, it would be best to keep the cleaning supplies with yourself before the moving day. If you pack them last on moving day, they will be easier to access. This will especially be evident when you arrive at your new home. Since you probably will not start to unload your belongings instantly, you will want to clean up a bit. This is why it is important to pack your cleaning supplies last.  

It is best to leave any kind of tools and pack them last

Since tools are very important, it would be best to keep them among the items to pack last on moving day. Namely, they will be very useful for you to solve any problems which may occur on a moving day. For example, if there is a leakage, you could easily fix it with your tools. Also, if something got broken, you could nail it just as easily. However, if you take your tools and put them in boxes first, you will have a hard time trying to find them. Namely, you will have to unpack most of the things you already packed just to find a screwdriver. Instead, when the moving day arrives, you should pack your toolbox last.