What to do with kids and pets on moving day

What to do with kids and pets on moving day

Moving is time-consuming and challenging. Even without having your kids or pets to worry about. On the other hand, your movers Upper West Side can pack up your house, with expertise and care. Then you’ll be free to focus on your kids and pets on moving day. Some moves will be more difficult than others, though. This will depend on the age of your children and whether you have a cat or a dog. Your kids and your furry friends have a sixth sense for picking up your stress signals. It is important to take the time to take care of yourself. Organize kids and pets on moving day so that you can maintain a calm, happy house. You can do it If you follow our tips, even when you’re not feeling very zen!

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With a little bit of foresight and a lot of planning, you can organize kids and pets on moving day to ensure you go through this change with as little stress as possible. Before you start planning a move to your next home, read these guidelines, and make your plan accordingly.


Consider the timing of the moving day and the effect it will have on your kids and pets

There really isn’t exactly the best possible or perfect time to move with your family. But there are certain life stages that make moving very difficult for everyone involved. If you’ve just had a death in the family or you’re going through a divorce, then your kids and pets are going to feel some anxiety long before the moving day.

If there is any chance of you delaying your relocation by six months to a year, that will give your family time to adjust to the idea and the ongoing change. This, of course, might be completely impossible in your specific situation. Life, at the end of the day, happens out of our control. But hiring affordable movers NYC could really help you on this journey. If you can rely on pros to move you, then you can think about your kids and pets on moving day and offer everyone a distraction from the change. Don’t worry, there are many options for doing so, so read on.

Research your new area so you can make a little tour for your kids and pets on moving day

When you tell your little ones about the move, they’re going to bombard you with questions. Your pets may be more understanding and accepting, but they’ll still want the assurance they find inconsistency.

Do some research about your new area, including schools, parks, pet stores, veterinarians, pediatricians, and so on. Find some interesting stories that you know will excite your kids. There are a lot of ways for a family to have fun in NYC so tell them all about it. Explore the neighborhood for places your pets will love to discover them.

Share with them what you’ve learned about your new neighborhood, like if the grocery store sells their favorite snacks, or what their new school will be like. To avoid overwhelming your children, get them excited about a new life adventure you’ll be taking on together!

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Explain to your children all the reasons why you have to move and be honest when they ask you questions. Explain what it will mean for the whole family.

Then talk to your children about the move

The best way to help yourself when you’re dealing with kids and pets on moving day is to start talking to them about it long before it comes. Depending on how old they are, their questions will be very different. This information might come easier to younger kids. They usually worry about what will happen to their toys, but that has a simple solution. Adolescents, on the other hand, are more likely to be worried about changing school and missing friends. They will need a lot more of your attention. You have to give them as much of your time as possible because they have to feel that you are their best friend and that they can rely on you through this change. Especially if you’re moving nationwide or overseas. Hold their hand during this process.

Get your pets used to carriers, kennels, or cars

You have to get your pet accustomed to traveling in a carrier, kennel or a car before moving day. If your cat goes inside a pet carrier only for the short trip to the vet, and your dog never rides in your car, then it’s time for you to help them adjust to spending time in some of those unfamiliar surroundings. The more time they spend in them, the easier moving day will be on your pet.

If you feel you are ready for it, here’s a way to keep your kids and pets busy on moving day

Assign the task of caring for the pet to your child. They have to monitor their furry friend and make sure everything is in order. You will be instructing them during this process. Of course, you will also be keeping a close eye on your kids and pets on moving day. This is packing tips for busy moms 101 and giving this responsibility to your child can work out amazingly. Children can feel if you trust them or not. And they thrive on that trust.

  1. So, when training your cat to get used to the carrier, tell your kids to open the carrier doors. They should leave the carrier laying in the room for as long as it takes. You want to give your cat the freedom to walk in and out when they choose to. It will be easy for your kids to monitor this.
  2. For your dogs, take them on car rides to the pet store, the park, and other fun places where your dependants can get excited for the moving day. They will learn to identify car rides as an adventure!
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Involve your kids (and yes, there are ways to involve your pets, too) in as many steps of the relocation as possible.

Consider hiring movers

  • Hiring movers can be like hiring someone to clean your home —sometimes people feel like they should be able to do everything themselves. However, you should really consider the amount of stress that hiring a pro can alleviate. It is usually well worth the expense.
  • Professional packers and movers have turned the mess of moving into an exact science. Maybe you can take your kids and pets on moving day to your friends or grandparents who’d like to help watch them. Make your kids and pets happy on moving day by taking them to their grandma’s house where they cannot be grounded and the candy is never off limits.