What is the best way to label moving boxes?

The most important rule in moving is – plan ahead! Everything runs on your ability to do this. We already talked about where to get free moving boxes in NYC and how to make an ultimate moving checklist. There are so many intricate details to the art of moving, the list goes on and on, extending the topics on this blog further and further. It doesn’t matter if you are looking for best moving services in NYC or you’re just looking to get your DIY-game on, we are here to help. What is the best way to label moving boxes? Seriously? Yes. This is actually a crucial part of your move. If you do this well your unpacking process will go without a hitch. So listen up and learn from the best here at Dynamic Movers NYC.

label moving boxes
The key to a successful move is to plan ahead, this means to label moving boxes.

Why is it important to label moving boxes?

Inexperienced movers tend to overlook certain important parts of a pack out. These can later snowball into a big problem. Don’t despair! Just the fact that you are here, online, researching how to label boxes tells us that you will be successful in your en devours.

Try to visualize your move and anticipate the worst. Imagine yourself in your new home, surrounded by piles of unmarked moving boxes, trying to find anything you need would bring tears to your eyes. What we do here at Dynamic Movers NYC, apart from offering a free moving quote NYC, is complete packing services. This includes packing and unpacking, and we know how important is to label moving boxes! If you are not ready to spend some money and make your life easier, we offer free advice on how to do it yourself.

To label moving boxes is to know which ones get loaded onto the truck first. Fragile labels will put your wine glasses on top and away from the danger of braking. Color labeling will tell you which box goes where in your new home. All of this is in the service of saving you time and money.

How to label moving boxes?

There are many different labeling methods out there and you can choose which to incorporate into your move. Do all of them if that will make you feel better about checking every box on your list. First things first you need labeling materials. If you started on time, this part should be fun. Pick different color labeling markers, download printable label templates, or purchase some from HomeDepo. Don’t forget clear tape and maybe even some fun stickers!

Color-coding your boxes

Using different colors to label moving boxes will make the unpacking period so much easier. The color-coding is a simple yet genius method! It works by assigning a different color to each room in your home, for example, the kitchen is green. Make the colors different, bright and striking for an easier recognition later on. Don’t forget to use waterproof markers in bright contrasting colors to avoid losing your labels in the rain or snow. The color-coding tells movers which boxes to load first during pack-out. It also enables them to place boxes in their desired rooms during the unpacking process. Hence all your kitchen boxes will be separated, sorted and stacked in your new kitchen right away!

label moving boxes
Use bright waterproof markers.

Label moving boxes

Some people might prefer printing the labels over color-coding with markers. This is a much neater method and very professional. Amazon or other online shopping portals offer an array of different products used for labeling moving boxes. A quick online search will give you an idea. If you choose this method, make sure to be consistent when labeling. Always put the sticker on the same side of the box in the upper right or left side. Do this in a neat way enabling your movers to know exactly how to handle your boxes and which way is up. Always pack room by room avoiding confusion later on.

Priority labeling and sorting

The following trick for how to label moving boxes will bring to you a world of difference. After you have color-coded each room and neatly placed sticker labels on your moving boxes, don’t forget to prioritize! Simply put a large H for high priority, M for medium and L for low priority. This concept can be used for pointing out which box should go on the truck first and which should be unloaded the last. You can also use this method to indicate which box contains important items for everyday life, which should be unpacked first. However you use it, it will bring more order to the chaos of moving.

Go pro with number coding

If you are looking to take your moving game to a different level altogether, go pro with this method! Professional movers use number labeling and extensive lists to create a thorough inventory of your stuff. It’s a tedious job that needs a lot of consistency and focus, which is not something people have during a move. But if you planned ahead and you think you are in control of your relocation and on top of things, give it a try! Start with designating a number to each box. Once you have each box labeled with a number, start compiling an inventory list. You have to write down each item that goes into a particular box by listing it under that particular box’s number. This is a very tedious en devour but it will enable you to know exactly which item is in which box at your new destination.

label moving boxes
Use numbers like a pro!

To label moving boxes means to be prepared and thinking ahead is the no.1 rule of relocation. No matter which method you choose, once you are in your new home, the best thing you can do is to keep calm and take your time. Now is the time to enjoy the results of all that labeling you had to do. Have an easy time unpacking and settling into your new home, have some fun!