avoid injury and stay safe when moving in NJ

Ways to stay safe when moving in NJ

One of the main concerns and priorities people have when moving to Morristown is safety. You can rely on the secure and professional Morristown movers, of course, but you should still be very careful when packing your items, lifting heavy boxes, as well as a multitude of smaller details. But do not worry – there is a lot that you can do to stay safe when moving in NJ! Today, we’ll take a look at some important things you need to know!

Plan everything well to stay safe when moving in NJ

One of the biggest advice that we can give you for your Morristown move is to plan everything thoroughly. Experts recommend you take at least two months for everything – so you can imagine just how carefully you need to plan. But the math here is simple – if you have a clear plan, then nothing can surprise you. If there is nothing surprising, then you will be able to stay safe when moving in NJ!

a man with a plan
Make a thorough plan so nothing can surprise you when moving to Morristown!

So first, think about what you will pack. You will want to avoid heavy items and things that are hard to lift if you can. Think about how much it will cost to move them – even when moving with affordable movers NYC. Sometimes, it pays off more to just buy a new item once you are done moving, rather than damaging the item during the move. This is because lifting heavy items can be pretty tough – and dangerous – and why it is the other thing we need to address today.

Learn the proper techniques to lift items

When moving to Morristown, or anywhere else, really, one of the most important things you need to learn is how to deal with heavy items. This applies both to moving boxes as well as heavy pieces of furniture. If you are not careful when lifting them, you can damage anything from your back to legs, knees, and ankles.

The first thing you need to remember is to always use equipment if you can. There are lifts and dollies you can use for easy loading and unloading. If you do not have them (and who does?), make sure you contact your movers and talk to them about it.

Learn how to lift heavy weight without injury.

If you are not going to use professional equipment when lifting, then you need to know how to correctly lift items. Always keep in mind to lift with your knees, and not with your back. What this means is that your back should be in a fixed position. Instead, you should bend the knees to grab an item, and then stand up using your knees once more. Hold boxes and items close to yourself to keep balance, and never turn with hips – but with legs instead. Follow these tips and you will stay safe when moving in NJ with no trouble!