Ways to reward movers for a job well-done

Moving is a complicated and difficult project. There are a lot of things that have to be done in a short amount of time, and every mistake can end up costing a lot of money. Therefore, if you had the opportunity to work with one of the moving companies in Manhattan who managed to move you without any accidents or inconveniences, be sure to reward them. And if the quality of service is not reason enough, remember that moving scams can an do happen in the moving industry. A lot of people suffer because of bad business practices and that is exactly why good, honest movers should be rewarded. Here are ways to reward movers that did a good job.

Different ways to reward movers

Depending on your personal preference there are different ways to reward movers. The best way to find out which is the best one is to talk with either the movers or the movers’ boss if you want to surprise them. Rewarding your movers doesn’t have to cost you a lot of money, but it will give them the incentive to maintain their quality of service. Good, hardworking people are hard to find nowadays and they should definitely be rewarded.


One of the better ways to reward your movers, at the end of a long moving day, is to buy them food. Moving, like any physical work, can leave a person hungry, and a delicious meal is a great way to show appreciation. You can either ask them for their preferred food or talk with their boss. Just make sure to order the food to be delivered after they have finished working. There is nothing worse than working while looking at your food getting cold. If you are not sure what to order, go with pizza. There is no one that doesn’t like pizza. A cheese and pepperoni slice will bring a smile to anyone’s face. One of the better places you can get pizza at is Juliana’s Pizza in Brooklyn and Macolleta on 24th Ave.

Pizza makes everything better. That’s just a fact.


And heck, there is nothing better that goes along with a slice than cracking open a cold one. But, before you buy beer for your workers, check with their boss. While food is generally accepted as a reward for movers, alcohol can be forbidden. Some companies do not allow their workers to drink on company time. If you want to spare yourself for wasting money or experiencing embarrassment, talk with the workers boss or the company representative. Most likely, they will be completely ok with you buying a couple of beer for the movers. They are honest, working-class people after all. If you want your beer delivered, you can get it at a good price from Drizzly, Fresh Direct, and Hello Fresh.

There are many ways to reward movers. Beer is definitely a good one.


While buying food and drinks for your movers can be a good thing, you risk getting the wrong ones. Some people don’t like pizza, and some people don’t like beer. We know, unbelievable. But, nobody dislikes cold hard cash. A tip is a time-honored way of saying “Thank you” and “Great job” for a service.

How much is ok?

Well, it depends. Usually, you have to count in the amount of work and the time spent. For a regular, one day move, $20 is enough. Anything longer than that deserves a bigger tip. For a long, three day, long distance move where you movers had to walk up and down starts, you might wanna give $60 or $80 for them to feel appreciated. Especially if they had to move something big, like a pool table. But, ultimately it is up to you. Your mover will be ok with anything between $20-$40. Just don’t go under $20 or they will think you are cheap.

Giving tips
Make sure that your movers know that you are glad to give them the money.

How to approach it?

The first thing to do is, again, talk to the boss. Some moving companies do not allow tipping. They’ve probably had bad experiences (workers arguing or even fighting) and would like to prevent such things from happening. Sometimes the boss will take the money from you and distribute it to the movers. Just make sure that the movers know the amount you have given to the boss. But, most likely, the boss and the company will have nothing against you tipping movers. If you have chosen to tip as one of the ways to reward movers than make it personal. Give the desired amount to every mover personally. Shake their hand and tell them how much you appreciate their hard work. Don’t just put money in their pockets. They are not strippers.

Leave a good review

One of the ways to reward movers without spending a dime is to give them a good review. First, you can go online an tell people about your experience. Good moving companies are hard to find, and you’ll be doing everyone a favor by publicly saying how good their service was. But, besides posting a good review online, you should tell the company how good their workers were. Either give them a call or send a heartfelt email. Better yet, if you can, go there personally and tell the company representative how well you’ve been treated. Maybe your compliment will help some get a raise or a promotion.

Final thoughts

Don’t shy away from rewarding good work. Too often you will see that people with bad business practices are succeeding while honest, good working people are struggling. If we want to make our business (be it moving or otherwise) better we have to reward good business practices are punish bad ones. Therefore, a simple tip can be a great motivator for a mover to keep on the good work. Furthermore, a simple review can shine the light on a good moving company that has the same moving quotes NYC as a bad one. Do your part in making our business better and filled with honest people.