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Ways to reuse your moving boxes

When you finish moving and unpack all your stuff, you will find piles of cardboard boxes. What can you do with them? Can you reuse your moving boxes in another way? The answer is that you can do a lot of things with them. For instance, if you have just moved from Plainfield to NYC, you could ask your Plainfield movers to get rid of them. Or you can keep them and do some creative DIY. 

How to get rid of and not reuse your moving boxes?

  1. Recycle them

If you don’t want to use the moving boxes again, then you might wish to recycle them and help the environment. Don’t throw them away into mixed garbage. And don’t burn them. Choose those containers with cardboard and paper signs. 

A paper tag with a recycling logo
Recycling cardboard and paper is as important as metal and plastic.
  1. Give them away

Talk to your neighbors, relatives, friends, or acquaintances. Ask them if they are going to relocate soon. If someone wants, they can reuse your moving boxes for the move. Or someone can just utilize them for something else, such as crafts, DIY stuff, etc. 

  1. Use them for charity

Offer them to the local organizations, such as charities, churches, libraries, schools, etc. A lot of them will make use of your moving boxes in various ways. They need them for storage, relocation, charity donation packages and so on. 

  1. Sell them

You could sell your boxes if you want to earn a couple of bucks. Post an advert on the internet or put it in a local newspaper. There are some companies that buy and sell used moving boxes. So, you can search for them online and find the one with the best deal. Additionally, contact one of many long distance movers NYC has in its offer and ask them if they have such a service. You never know.

How to reuse your moving boxes creatively?

If you are an artistic person or just full of creativity, you can make use of your moving boxes in any way you find interesting. You can make a lot of toys, ornaments, frames. Here are some of our amazing ideas and suggestions.

  1. Use the moving boxes to make gift tags

It’s Christmas and New Year season. You’ve got to buy loads of presents and pack them each separately. In order not to mix them up, you need some gift tags. You don’t have to spend money on those tags. Use the moving boxes, cut some clean parts, and make tags. You can add colors, ribbons, anything you want.

  1. Use the moving boxes to make toys

If you have kids and lack ideas on how to entertain them, then make use of your moving boxes. Together you can spend time doing amusing activities. Cardboard won’t hurt your child and it is really flexible. So you can produce a whole bunch of DIY cardboard toys, such as a house, or a car, or a doll. Put some paint and decoration on it. It must be fun.

Reuse your moving boxes to make these lovely toys
You can make a lot of interesting toys and decorations using the cardboard of your moving boxes.
  1. Use the moving boxes to make decorations

If you need some more decoration on your walls or desks, then try cardboard. You can reuse your moving boxes as a material for party decoration in different shapes. Cut the cardboard and make some crafts and figures. Make a “happy birthday” inscription and let it hang from the ceiling. Additionally, create some Christmas tree decorations. Just use your imagination and great ideas will occur.

How to use them practically?

If you aren’t creative enough, then reuse your moving boxes in a practical way. By practical we mean something useful for your home.

  1. Keeping the floor unscratched 

Cut small pieces of that cardboard. Then put them under your furniture or just under its legs. Those will help when you move the things in your home. In such a way, you will not scratch your floor.

  1. Keeping the floor clean

Whenever you do some messy job, such as painting the walls, refurbishing, etc, you can make use of your moving boxes as a surface on the floor. You would like to keep your floor clean and nice, so that cardboard might be ideal. Besides, if you work as an artist, painter, car mechanic, you can put the pieces of the boxes on the floor as well. 

  1. Good for pets

If you have some cats, use the moving boxes to create scratching pads. If your dog lives in the yard, put some cardboard on the floor of its kennel and make sure to change it frequently. You can even use thick cardboard for your pets when they poo. 

  1. Reuse your moving boxes as storage material

Finishing the relocation doesn’t mean you don’t need any boxes. certainly, you will need them in your storage, cellar, attic, or garage. Put the stuff you rarely need in them and make use of your moving boxes as storage equipment. Label the boxes so that you can easily find what you want. Just be careful not to keep them in a place that is wet. You wouldn’t like to risk damaging them and the belongings that are inside.

Keeping moving boxes as storage
Save your moving boxes and use them for storing things.
  1. Save them for a next-time move

You never know whether you will have to relocate again. Life is unpredictable. For that reason, why don’t you just save and use the moving boxes for another move? It will save you time and budget since you will not have to shop around and buy new boxes. What is more, if you have already labeled them, it might also save time because you will not have to put labels again. 

Make use of your moving boxes anyway

No matter whether you want to reuse your moving boxes or not, the only wrong thing that can happen is to throw them away into a non-recycling container. Think about what you can do with them and we truly hope you have found some inspiration above.