Ways to make your home appear bigger

We live in a time of ever more expensive apartment. Due to gentrification and other factors and processes, the price of a square foot is growing. This means that many city dwellers find that they can only afford a smaller apartment. And from this fact, the question of how to make your home appear bigger naturally arose. 

There are a number of things to be done with this idea in mind. Let’s go through them all.

Declutter to make your home appear bigger

Begin with the basics. It might have passed some time since you moved in with a nyc moving company and your apartment has turned into a little bit of a mess. This is only natural, but when you have a small space to work with and you want to make it bigger, not having everything in good order can be rather detrimental to your efforts.

Having a pile of clothes in the corners or chairs, cluttered desks and hallways, overstacked bookshelves and full, overpacked closets will make any living space less maneuverable, and therefore, smaller. With this in mind, make a checklist. Go around the home and look for unnecessary things, trinkets and other possessions. Are those books needed, or can they be given away? Some others can possibly be stored.

Other fixes are easier. Collect the clothes, make good order on your tables, etc. It takes time, but with some good music on you will be finished in no time.

The effect is immediate and you will feel like you are in a new home all together.

Let there be light

Remember when your Murray hill movers measured the windows in preparation to move in furniture on the day of your move? Well, you might want to take your windows into consideration for this issue as well.

Let the light in!

Look at it this way. There are not many big dark rooms. Having light in a room will immediately make it look far bigger. How so? Well, it is a trick of human eyesight, really. We naturally expect a great room to be greatly lit. Seeing rays of light going from the windows with open curtains to the other side of the room will immediately project the sense of space.

It also carries other benefits. For one, being in a room with plentiful natural light brings certain psychological benefits. On the other hand, it is also said that having natural light in a room helps fend off some illnesses. Whatever may be true, one thing stands – it will make your home appear bigger.

Furniture options

There is a lot you can do with your furniture to make sure your home appears bigger than it actually is. First of all, consider mirrors. They are a must-have if you want to make sure that space looks quite a literal double of what it actually is. Just remember to ask your Bronx movers to be careful when moving the fragile items.


Furniture is the key

And consider sofas and chairs. Common wisdom would suggest you make them take as least amount of room as possible, but it is indicated that it is actually sofas that have a raised leg room that appears bigger. Previously mentioned common wisdom also fails to notice that it is bigger, not smaller furniture all around that makes for a perception of a bigger home, adding a positive impact to your efforts to make your home appear bigger.

So, when we talk about furniture, you should have the following in mind

  • Have your furniture be big – it will help in your wish to make your home appear bigger
  • But with reason – don’t go overboard. You still need room to breathe and move around. It is no use to go to the extremes.
  • Small pattern carpets – will project an illusion of a flat surface that is significantly bigger than it actually is.
  • Make space between walls and furniture – aim to open up the rooms by making more space between the furniture itself by pushing all of them next to the wall
  • Mirror mirror on the wall…
  • Have your furniture blend, not stand out, in reference to your walls and ceilings. And when we mentioned those, we should elaborate…

Wall color

And finally, to connect all the previous steps into a one to dominate them all. Paint your walls people. If you kindly remember what we mentioned about the presence of light giving an illusion of a bigger room, think about this in the same context.

make your home appear bigger
Make your home appear bigger by having plain colors

Paint your walls white or some other plain, soft, neutral colors. In no circumstance should you consider strong, bright colors? You want your walls to blend in, not stand out. Same goes for supporting furniture. If everything seems to be mending, means that you are doing something right.

So pick up what exact color you want for your wall and then design the whole room around it. After taking into account the walls, the light, and the furniture, you should be good to with those Queens movers to your new, small-yet-big apartment.

In conclusion on how to make your home appear bigger

You are the one that makes a house, combo or an apartment – a home. There is nobody that can make your place feel good as well as you do. Homes big and small share in common that they have a certain level of personality which is dictated by the people who live in it. People who live in the house know their house and have a feel for what fits.

Always remember this. No amount of advice on how to make your home appear bigger will achieve their goal if some aspects of it are simply not applicable to your home. This is nothing strange or uncommon. It simply means that you ought to adapt, improvise. When you can, use pieces of advice, but when you can’t, don’t force them.

Be patient and learn about the personality of your house. From such an understanding come good living in a comfortable home.