friends in the living room

Ways to feel at home in your new Chelsea apartment

Settling in a new home is a process. For some, it may take days. For others, months. And someone may even take years before their new place starts feeling like home. It is an undertaking that cannot be taken lightly and cannot be rushed. However, it can be pushed in the right direction to gain momentum. To do this, you will have to take a few steps, which is why our Chelsea movers decided to create this guide. So you can feel at home in your new Chelsea apartment as soon as possible.

Don’t take ages to unpack

Once our NYC movers and packers bring all of your possessions to your new apartment, you might want to take some time to rest. And that’s perfectly fine – you should! Moving can be tiring, and it’s certain to take its toll on you. Take a day or two to familiarize yourself with the new environment. Rest and relax or go for a long walk. But don’t procrastinate. Eventually, you will have to unpack. Why not do it sooner, rather than later? Unpacking is an endeavor that takes time. Get it out of the way quickly to free up the schedule for things that aren’t a chore.

Boxes and blue matress
Your new apartment will be snugger if you’re not tripping over the boxes.

Organize your space to fit your needs

We all have our little habits, that define who we are and, by inference, define our living space. To feel at home in your new Chelsea apartment, you need to be able to dive back into the everyday routine as soon as possible. If it means turning the whole room upside down so your bed will be next to the window – do it. If you were able to cook with your eyes closed in your old kitchen because you knew exactly where every utensil and spice is – make it so in your new one!

Hang art and photos

It’s a well-known fact that art can have positive effects on your mental health. Many people unpack and hang their paintings first thing when they move into the new home. Especially if they had it for years, and through few relocations. It will give you a familiar feeling in your new apartment. Like you brought a piece of your old home with you.

Woman looking at photos on the wall - feel at home in your new Chelsea apartment
Hang some photos on the wall to instantly make your new apartment feel cozier.

If you’re not an art collector, or you simply do not find it amusing, another excellent option is to make a “photo-wall.” Not only it looks great, but it’s almost effortless and cheap to make. All you need is:

  • styrofoam board
  • pins or thumbtacks
  • a few nails or double-sided adhesive tape

Simply tape (or nail) a styrofoam board to the wall, and you will have a place for your memories in no time!

Inviting friends over is the best way to feel at home in your new Chelsea apartment

Nothing says “home” like a house filled with chatter and laughter. Spend some time organizing a move-in party. Or just invite friends and family over for some coffee and lighthearted conversation. After all, home is where the heart is and who better to remind you of that than people you love the most!