Empty house. To unpack efficiently after moving, follow your packing plan

Unpack efficiently after the moving is over

Change of address is one of the biggest life decisions. It is not simple because it usually means we have to make many modifications to our daily routines and habits. First of all, we have the pre-relocation period with all the planning and packing. Then we have to go through the actual move, and this can be difficult, especially if it is a long-distance move. For quality moving company East Village your best bet is to go online and check out their websites. Read the online reviews and compare moving quotes.

But another chapter awaits us when we arrive. We need to unpack, organize our apartment and adapt to new surroundings. This can be quite hard, particularly if we moved alone. But don’t you worry we have prepared a short guide that can help you to unpack efficiently upon arriving at your new destination. So make some tea in your unpacked kitchen and let’s see what we can do.

Follow your packing plan to unpack efficiently

For some people unpacking is the hardest part of the relocation process. Why? Because everything prior to the move has deadlines, and you must be efficient in order to get everything done in time. But it’s a whole different game when it comes to unpacking. Your movers will leave you in an empty apartment full of boxes that are just sitting there and waiting. And you are tired from the move. But if you made a moving inventory and labeled the boxes precisely, you will have no problems. Just prioritize.

  • Quickly unpack the essentials box first.
  • Then proceed and unpack the kitchen and bathroom
  • The bathroom should be next
  • Finally, unpack your bedroom and then the living room

Basically, the unpacking should follow the order in which you will be using your rooms and belongings. Just don’t let the boxes stay unpacked for days or weeks because you don’t have enough time or nerves to deal with them now. Before you start with unpacking you can clean the apartment. You don’t want to start with a dusty apartment. Also, it is easier to clean when the rooms are empty.

Unpack efficiently by starting with kitchen and bathroom
Kitchen is quite tricky to unpack but the bathroom will be easy once you unpack your essentials box

How to unpack your kitchen and bathroom

So, when you finish unpacking your essentials box and that is all the items you need to cover your basic needs for the first couple of days you can proceed with unpacking the kitchen. Like we said the best strategy is to go room by room. The kitchen isn’t necessarily the most important room, but it is quite tricky to unpack because it holds many items. The logic here is getting the hardest part done first. The first thing you should do is to connect your fridge and other heavy appliances. The fridge is important if you have some food that might go bad if you leave it outside. If you have cupboards installed unpack your glasses and silverware so you can make yourself a breakfast the next day.

As for the bathroom, there won’t be much left when you unpack your essentials box. It contains pretty much all the items that you need to get ready every day. Just unpack your towels and hairdryer and you are good to go.

How to efficiently unpack your bedroom

The only tricky part here would be your bed if you need to assemble it back together. If it comes with a manual then great, if not you can ask some of your friends to help you out. If it is very late and you are tired you can sleep on the floor or just use the mattress and clean sheets. Get some quality sleep and proceed tomorrow. On the other hand, if you are full of energy you can proceed and unpack your clothes as well. When you finish one room you can take a break and eat something or watch an episode of your favorite TV show. Remember that your goal is to be functional in the next few days. You can decorate and find the place for small items later.

picture of a bedroom
If you are too tired you can sleep on the floor and unpack your bedroom the next day

The living room can be tricky

Yes, because this is usually the biggest room in the house and all the bulky furniture is there. To efficiently unpack, start with the biggest pieces first. If you own particularly heavy pieces of furniture like pianos or massive chandeliers see if your moving crew is willing to help you out with this. Piano movers NYC and their services are available at most moving agencies. These people have all the necessary tools and experience to deal with tasks like this one. So it’s better to have professional assistance then to ruin your expensive piano. Find a place for your couch, table, chairs and TV set. Then connect the lamps and other electrical devices. Call your provider to set up the internet and cable if you haven’t done that in advance.

picture of a living room
The living room is full of bulky furniture and you could use the help of your friends to get it ready

Why is it important to unpack efficiently

It is useful to unpack as soon as you can because other equally important tasks await you. And you won’t be tripping on stuff lying around. For example, you can go and meet your new neighbors. Introduce yourself and your family, and they can fill you in on where are the best stores, bars, and gyms. After all, living like you are on a business trip is not exactly fun. It will be easier for you to get back into your routine if you have a clean and organized space.

To sum it up, the most important thing to remember is to be swift and efficient. You don’t have to unpack everything instantly, but try to do it as soon as possible.  If you packed your stuff correctly you won’t have any problems later. You just have to open the boxes and transport the items to their new spot. Follow our advice and you will be able to unpack efficiently and to enjoy your new place in no time.