Contract signing

Understand the moving company paperwork

Signing a contract with any entity is a process that you should approach very carefully. Should anything go wrong, the only thing standing between you and the company that you are dealing with is going to be the contract articles that have or might not have been honored. Therefore, you will understand that it should be of utmost importance to you to understand the moving company paperwork. In order to help you get your head around all of the documentation that you are going to be singing, we have decided to lend you a hand in the process. We are going to take a look at the most important characteristics that all moving company paperwork should contain. Also, we’re going to take a look into what some of the most common articles stand for. Therefore, bear with us till the end. We’re about to make the move easier for you.

Moving contract is a piece of moving company paperwork that should contain all characteristics of your move
Sing a contract only once you are certain that it includes all the characteristics of the deal that you have stuck with the moving company

The most important moving company paperwork

Following are the information that every moving contract should contain:

  • Moving estimate
  • Order for moving service
  • Inventory list
  • Bill of lading

We are going to take a deeper look into every one of them. Still, before we get into that, let us point out that all reliable movers, especially Financial District movers, are probably going to include even more thorough information about the move into the contract. Obviously, this should be a good thing for you. Still, you should make sure to validate that all the information inside is correct. Only then should you proceed with signing moving company paperwork.

Moving estimates as basic moving company paperwork

If you were looking to find out whether there is a basic moving service that you can receive without signing any kind of contract, let us tell you that there is. Moving estimate is a free moving service that all trustworthy companies provide. Moving quotes NYC is what is going to enable you to know how much your move is going to cost you. Still, there are some catches here: moving estimates can be binding and non-binding.

A binding moving estimate is a precise one. A moving company that issues it states that your move cannot exceed the estimated cost. Nevertheless, you should request it in written form.

A non-binding moving estimate is slightly different. It is calculated according to the approximate weight of your load. Given the fact that movers do not weigh it on the spot, you should think twice before singing one.

Ultimately, you may come by a moving company that could be reluctant to perform a free moving estimate. If that is the case, you are facing a major red flag in the moving industry. Simply, all that you should do in this case is to walk away. You should not be doing business with an unreliable moving company.

Order for moving service

This is a document that states that you and the local NYC moving company have come to moving terms. Additionally, according to this document, the movers will receive permission to handle your items. Ultimately, this is a piece of moving company paperwork that binds you to hire that moving company and no other.

Inventory list

Make an inventory list that is going to contain all of your items

Inventory is a type of a list that contains all of your belongings that need moving. The right time to make the inventory list is before the move. However, sometimes will insist on making them as the items are being loaded onto the moving trucks. Obviously, it is very important to include all of your items on this list. Otherwise, should anything happen to them, you will have no proof that they were ever supposed to move. Therefore, before you sign a contract, make sure to have the inventory list made and checked.

Bill of lading

We have just reached one of the most important pieces of moving company paperwork. Movers use the bill of lading to ensure that the liability boundaries are clearly set. This kind of document may differ between long distance moving companies.

What should a bill of lading contain?

In order to be certain that the moving company is going to be held accountable in the case that anything should happen to your items, you need to make sure that the bill of lading has been filled in in the correct way. No matter who you are contracting to take care of your items, you should insist on the bill of lading containing the following information:

  • Mover contact information
  • Your name, address and contact information
  • License number
  • Method of payment
  • The list of services that the moving company should provide you with
  • The origin of the move and its destination
  • Date of the pickup or the agreed period
  • Costs
  • Dispute procedure
Glasses on top of a contract page
Ensure that the bill of lading contains all of the necessary information

The bill of lading is a document that you will have to sign before the moving truck leaves with your items. As we have already pointed out, this is the most important document that you are going to sign. Make sure that it contains everything that we just talked about.

Keep your moving company paperwork in order and at one place

Now that we have seen what are the most important aspect of all moving company paperwork, we have one last thing to ask from you.

The moving day is going to be hectic. You are going to have to juggle many different pieces of the moving puzzle. This is going to be happening no matter whether you are going to hire a top moving company or a mediocre one. Therefore, in order to make sure that all goes as planned, keep your pieces of moving company paperwork close to you. You should be able to reach them at all times.