Making a ultimate moving checklist

The ultimate moving checklist

 Hey, so you decided to relocate to a new place. Maybe for college or a job, or simply to start a new life. Anyway, congratulations on your decision! All that is left is to organize the moving. And if you do not know what you are doing, it can be very difficult! So, if you are reading this, you are searching for the ultimate moving checklist of things you should do before moving. We are more than happy to guide you through the process of planning the relocation. So let us begin!

Making a moving checklist 

Before you even begin on planning other steps, this is your priority. Remember, earlier you start easier it gets. That way you will avoid any rush or unplanned common mistakes that can happen before you move. Make sure you start with small things on the list of contacting relatives, friends, organizing garage sales etc. First things on the list should be the ones that are easy to complete. They will give you a sense of accomplishment and success. That way you will have more enthusiasm to finish other tasks on the list. Also, ask your family and friends for help, more people can help you finish those tasks much faster than doing it alone.

Pen on a paper
Moving checklist makes everything much easier

Months before moving

This is the part where you plan the most basic stuff. You have enough time to organize and plan everything with every little detail. Let us begin with some of the basic stuff you should do on your moving checklist:

  • Prioritize your stuff around the house. Look whats important and what is not. Find those items that you do not use and either sell them or pack them early and store them elsewhere, just so they don’t take space later.
  • Organize a garage sale. Prior to everything that includes packing, you should get rid of the stuff you do not need. Sell them, donate them or give them to your friends or family.
  • Now is the time to search for perfect movers. You will have enough time to do all the necessary research needed. If by any chance you are moving to NYC and do not want to bother with all the stress, we recommend you see what moving services NYC It wouldn’t be much to ask for moving quotes NYC just so you can compare them to other movers as well.
  • This is also the perfect timing to finish all the important bureaucracy. And if you have children, all the work regarding their school.
  • Depending on the length of your move, contact and book a hotel room if it is needed. You know how tiring and stressful moving can be, so why not rest a bit, and maybe have some sightseeing.
Man browsing graphic novels
Organize a garage sale to get rid of unnecessary stuff

30 days before moving

This is the time when some serious work has to be done. After you successfully checked out some stuff on your moving checklist, now you can start doing some serious work.  You should do things like buying supplies, boxes and start to label them.

  • Start by packing things you do not use at the moment, like clothes, books, and other items. That way you will have enough time and space to prepare for important stuff to be packed.
  • It is very important that your new home can actually accommodate the stuff that you are moving. If you have big furniture that can only cause a problem, sell them or donate them. So, measure the new place and its every room.
  • If you have a pet arrange all the necessary work with your moving company about them. Be sure that your new place is pet-friendly
  • If you have a lot of food and you are afraid it would go to waste, consider having some sort of cookout or donate food. That way, you won’t be bothered with the guilt of throwing out food.
  • Moving checklist would not be complete without visiting utility companies and checking out your car for any problems. Better be safe than sorry!

After finishing all of this its time to prepare for the big work ahead. Of course, you should first contact your office, bank and the rest of the important places before moving. It can take too long to finish that, so begin that in time. A month before moving is still a lot of time to organize a perfect relocation to your new home.

Corn dogs and hot dogs on sticks
A cookout is a great way to spend the excess food you have before moving

Few weeks before moving

After finishing all of this its time to prepare for the big work ahead. Of course, you should first contact your office, bank and the rest of the important places before moving. It can take too long to finish that, so begin that in time.

  • Ask your boss for a day(s) off when on the day of moving. It will take time to move and to settle in, and in midst of all that chaos you can’t just think about work and moving at the same time.
  • If you finalized your deal with the moving company of your desire, call them just to confirm all the arrangements you made with them.
  • Make a map with the address of your new home on it, and put your phone number. Give that to your movers just to be sure they know the way and to have a way to contact you.
  • This is the perfect time to get rid of that one part of moving checklist that is stressful. Paying for everything. It would be good if it was free, but sadly no. Pay every bill you have and pay your NYC movers.
Man holding dollars
Finish your deal with the movers by paying them

A couple of days before moving

It came to days before moving and you can feel the pressure of it. Hopefully, if you did all this, then this part comes easy now. Look at your moving checklist and see actually how much work was done. You are separated from your final goal with few steps. Most important of them are:

  • Slowly start to disassemble your furniture for easier transport. If you think this would be too much, ask your movers for help.
  • If you have anything hazardous get rid of it, it might damage your stuff during transport.
  • Keep personal and important stuff with you, like important papers, laptop etc. That the stuff you will need during your relocation.
A man hammering a nail on a sofa
Dissasembling furniture is a very important task on moving checklist

Finally, the moving date arrived so you are getting ready to finalize your packing and leave. Say your goodbyes to your friends and neighbors and check your checklist for final tasks. If you followed it then all you have left with is picking up and leaving. There are also a lot of other tips, tricks, and guides regarding moving organization you should check.

Hopefully, this moving checklist helped you get better prepared for the moving day. The process of relocation is not that simple, but if you followed these steps, it won’t come as hard as you initially thought. Share with us your experience and other tips regarding this checklist. We are happy to hear from you!