moving during the busy moving season in NYC

Top things to know about moving during the busy moving season in NYC

The famous quote “there are just so many things to do and yet so little time” has never been more prevalent than when moving. After all, you need to make a moving plan, declutter, pack moving boxes, and hire NYC movers, relocate, and unpack. On top of all that, you need to know about exactly what moving date to pick, and what to do when moving during the busy moving season in NYC. In all honesty, it could be a lot. It can cause a lot of unnecessary stress and angst. Finding a way out can seem impossible. With that being said, moving doesn’t need to be as complex as you set it out to be. It can be quite simple. Let us show you how.

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Don’t forget to schedule your moving date ahead of time!

Top things to know about moving during the busy moving season in NYC

As you might imagine moving during the “peak” season can be quite frustrating. While you’ve finally managed to get a few days of work to relocate, and made a perfect moving plan, and got everything organized. However, to your dismay so did everyone else. How in the world are you going to execute this move properly, we hear you ask?

Well, we are not going to lie. Moving during the busy moving season can be quite a stressful and daunting experience. However, if you take the following tips into considerations we can guarantee it’s going to be easier.

When is the busy moving season in NYC?

Sunny and overcast
Sunny and overcast weather is not only good for the beach but it’s also the perfect weather for moving as well!

Okay, so let’s start from the basics. What do we mean by a “busy moving season in NYC“? Well, the peak moving season in NYC is July and August. Why? Well, many things go into that equation. For example, the weather is predictable and favorable. Sunny and overcast, is perfect for moving. You don’t want to move during cold and wet weather. However, it just so happens to be that people also go on vacation during this time a year, or they’ve got a few days of work just to be able to relocate to their new home.

However, the weather isn’t the only reason why people decide to move during these periods. It’s also because of the:

  • Real estate. Research suggests that there are a lot of marketing opportunities for NYC apartments during summertime.
  • End of the school year. Students from all over the country have just completed another hard year of education and summertime provides them with the perfect opportunity to relocate, relax, and explore new areas.
  • Garage sales. During summertime, organizing and selling belongings is much easier than in any other part of the month.

How to move during the busy moving season in NYC

If you feel overwhelmed then don’t be afraid to ask for help!

With all that being said, the key to moving during peak season is in getting the appropriate moving service NYC. Simply moving during this busy time all by yourself is out of the question. In other words, too many things to do, and no time to get everything done. That’s why the best solution to your problem is to delegate. Or rather, to hire a third party who will get most of your moving problems solved. Don’t have moving boxes? You don’t have time to pack? Are you in a hurry and need to relocate the next day? Don’t worry. Everything that we mentioned and beyond can be handled by a moving company. Just make sure to notify them on time. Summertime is the busiest moving season in NYC that’s why you want to contact your movers ASAP.

You don’t want to lose the possibility of hiring movers that you want and get the moving quotes NYC you need just because you failed to notify them on time. So, don’t be like that. Give your movers a call today!

Why we don’t recommend that you move during the “peak” season.

To be completely honest, moving during the busiest moving season in NYC is not the smartest thing to do. We recognize that some people don’t have any other options, and that’s completely fine. However, for those people who can choose to move any day of the year, moving during summertime to the Big Apple is probably not the wisest choice. You are going to be much better out if you decide to move during the off-season. Here are some of the reasons why.

  1. Lower moving quotes. Given the fact that if you manage to scoop a moving date that is not so popular that also means that moving companies will also be able to give you a lower moving quote. This is just because of the simple fact that during the off-season moving companies try to attract their customers by giving out cheaper moving quotes.
  2. Easier to hire a reputable moving company. Another problem with moving during the peak season is actually finding a reliable moving company. During the peak season, they are often the first ones to get overbooked. However, if you move during the off-season than your options of hiring a reliable moving company open up.
  3. Faster relocation. During summertime, everyone is out on the road going somewhere. To the beach, to their parents’ house or moving to a new house. The road is filled with cars and people. However, you probably didn’t think of it this way, but this also impacts you as well. More traffic means more time spent in transit, relocating your things. That’s why we always recommend hiring a moving company during the off-season so you can get a faster and cheaper moving experience.

In conclusion

Moving during the busy moving season in NYC is hard. There are simply a lot of things you need to do. From planning and organizing the move to picking the moving date, packing your belongings, and relocating. However, as you might imagine summertime is the busiest time of the year for people to relocate to New York. That’s why it might be better to relocate during off-season, as the moves are cheaper, faster and more reliable.