The Broadway, a place where you can find the best theatres in NYC

Top theatres in NYC to visit

Ah, the Big Apple. One of the most famous cities in America. With the city being a centerpiece of so many songs, films and plays, it would be only fair if we talked about theatres in NYC for a bit. That is precisely what we are here for, so gear up, and enjoy our breakdown of the top theatres to visit in NYC.

The criteria used when looking for the top theatres in NYC

When looking at the top theatres in NYC we decided to include several different types of stages. Apart from the traditional theatre, we felt like it would only be in the real Broadway spirit if we included the musical stages and concert halls. After all, the Broadway has become such an iconic part of New York City, that it draws in dozens of millions of visitors each year. These include anyone from visiting tourists, to people looking to enjoy NYC with their families. Therefore it only makes sense that some of the top theatres in NYC are musical stages. With that being said, it’s time to dive into the list of top theatres in NYC! Enjoy!

A Broadway street
Broadway is the place where you can find the best theatres in NYC

The Richard Rogers theatre

Originally called the Chanin’s 46th Street Theatre and opened in 1925, the Richard Rogers theatre is one of the top theatres in NYC. Situated in Midtown Manhattan, this NYC theater is now known for the critically acclaimed show “Hamilton”. It is also known as the first theatre on the Great White Way to have a democratic seating plan, allowing all visitors to enter the same door, no matter the price of their ticket. It was renamed ‘Richard Rogers Theatre” after the famous composer Richard Roger, in 1981. A lot can be said about the essential part of Broadway history such as the Richard Rogers theatre. The interior of it is the classic Broadway baroque, complete with red velvet and gold accents. More importantly, what makes the Richard Rogers theatre a quintessential Broadway experience are its shows. 11 Tony awarded shows, make this the best NYC theatre to visit.

The Apollo Theatre – one of the most known theatres in NYC

One of the most famous theatres in NYC just had to make our list. We are talking about the Apollo theatre of course. When asked what theatre they might recommend in NYC, NoHo movers mentioned this very theatre. Built in 1914, the Apollo is an essential part of Harlem’s history. Originally only admitting white people, in 1934 the Apollo started welcoming the black community as well. Since then it has grown to become one of the most prominent theatres in NYC, with performances from stars ranging from James Brown to Beyoncé. In 2001, the Apollo had an interior restoration, refreshing its iconic insides. It has also been added to the National Register of Historic Places. A final testament to its quality is the estimated 1.3 million people visiting the Apollo yearly. All this easily lands it amongst the top theatres in NYC.

The entrance to the Apollo Theatre
Apollo is an important part of Harlem’s history.

The Radio City Music Hall

One of the top theatres in NYC when it comes to music performances is the Radio City Music Hall. With its beautiful Art Deco interior, especially its large auditorium, it is a Broadway spot that is a must to visit. As a musical performance theatre, it primarily hosts music acts. In fact, professionals from the moving service NYC named it as one of the best places to enjoy a concert in the whole New York City! An interesting part of its history is the Roxy suite. Originally designed as a lavish apartment for Samuel Rothafel also known as “Roxy”, the apartments sit high in the Radio City building. Since its opening, it has seen regular visits from many starts like Alfred Hitchcock and Olivia de Havilland. Today it is open for the public and can be even rented out for luxury events!

The Radio City Tower
The Radio City Music Hall is known for its amazing interior and performances.

The Lyceum Theatre

Situated in the midtown Manhattan, The Lyceum Theatre is known for being the oldest continually open stage in Broadway. Also, it is one of the few Broadway theatres that use its original name. It is no less important for its incredibly ornate façade making it one of the most beautiful New York landmarks.  The interior is not lacking either, complete with elaborate staircases. The beauty of this theatre is only accentuated by the fact that it has a relatively small seating, just below 1000 seats. Another thing that makes the Lyceum one of the top theatres in NYC is its location. Thanks to that, after enjoying an amazing musical, you have easy access to some of the top cocktail bars in NYC to enjoy.

The Lincoln Centre Theatre

A list of top theatres in NYC would be incomplete without the Lincoln Centre Theatre. This theatre is actually a combination of several buildings, housing some of the most famous NYC theatres. The Vivian Beaumont theatre, with its modern design, is also known for being America’s largest non-profit theatre. It houses both plays and musicals, making it the only Broadway-class theatre in New York that is not situated in the Theatre District. The other two theatres that comprise the Lincoln Centre are no less important. Situated in the same building as the Vivian Beaumont Theatre, The Mitzi E. Newhouse Theater offers off-Broadway style shows for a small auditorium of fewer than 300 seats. The Centre’s newest space, The Claire Tow Theater has the works of up and coming artists on display for the true theatre fans. All this serves to make the Lincoln Centre one of the top NYC theatres.

The list of the top theatres in NYC

Compiling the list of the top theatres in NYC was not easy. After all, there are about 41 professional theatres in Broadway alone! However, we are certain that we managed to cover the most essential theatres in NYC on our list. Whichever you chose, you will be sure to get that Broadway craving fulfilled. This is only accentuated by the fact that there are still many left to explore and enjoy!