Upper Manhattan

Top reasons for moving to Upper Manhattan

Living in NYC can be hard. In some neighborhoods, you’ll be spending more than $3000 monthly to live in a studio apartment while constantly being hassled by the noise. Luckily, that is not the case with Upper Manhattan. While it has had some bad reputation, Upper Manhattan is rapidly changing for the better, and you’d be smart to move there soon. Whether you are coming from NYC or are using long distance moving companies in NYC to come from afar, Upper Manhattan is a good place to live in. Many young professionals took advantage of the low housing prices and gave Upper Manhattan a complete makeover. Still not convinced? Well, here are a few more reasons for moving to Upper Manhattan.

Moving to Upper Manhattan
Moving to Upper Manhattan can be a great investment.

Good value apartments

One of the biggest UPsides to Upper Manhattan, #dadjokes, is the good value apartments. When the life quality of a neighborhood increases, the prices of apartments increase with it. Luckily, there is always a delay, and the people who are paying attention can take advantage of that delay. You can easily find good, spacious apartments for a price that is considerably lower compared to the rest of Manhattan. And since there are so many people moving to Upper Manhattan, you are going to easily find reliable Upper Manhattan movers.

Real-estate prices

Prices in of apartments in Manhattan have dropped last fall. Now is the time to get into the Upper Manhattan real-estate market. The new tax rules have had their impact on the Manhattan real estate, but that is the only time the prices have lowered in the last ten years. Because of the ever-increasing quality of life in Upper Manhattan, the prices were constantly rising in the past decade. You can easily double your home value in 6-7 years. Many young professionals are taking advantage of that, and you would be smart to do the same if you have some money to invest.

Good neighbors

The reason why neighborhoods change is the people. Buildings and streets stay, essentially, the same. But it is the people who leave their mark on their environment. Many young professionals and upper-class families are moving to Upper Manhattan, making it a delightful place to live in.  Your future neighbors take great pride and care of their neighborhood and are keen to keep it as it currently is. Clean, vibrant and thriving. You’ll be surprised that the people living in the Upper Manhattan are technically residents of NYC. Usually, when you think about an average New Yorker, you think about a brach, careless entrepreneur who is making his way in the world. Kicking ass and taking names. But, Upper Manhattan has a calmer, residential vibe, making it’s residents more down to earth.

Three black girls
It is the good people that help Upper Manhattan maintain its values.

Why are people moving to Upper Manhattan

Manhattan is a busy place. You have a lot of people commuting, working and buzzing around 24/7. Something is always happening and you never know who you will meet. But it has its downsides. The hustle and bustle come at a price. While living in Manhattan gives you access to a lot of things 24/7, it also never gives you rest. There is always noise, crowds, and waiting lines. There are downsides to living in a big city, and you don’t get much bigger than the New York City. But, some parts of Manhattan managed to preserve their small town vibe. One of them is Upper Manhattan. By having the best of both worlds, Upper Manhattan has all the makings of a good neighborhood in NYC.

Getting away from Manhattan lifestyle

Upper Manhattan lifestyle is different from the Manhattan lifestyle. The residents of Upper Manhattan have worked hard to preserve a more residential vibe in their neighborhood. Because of its location, you won’t see many tourists walking around. Mostly you’ll see couples and families taking a stroll and enjoying their neighborhoods Mom n Pop shops. Access to culture is easy as the Lincoln Center, Metropolitan Opera and New York City Balet are all open to Upper Manhattan. The biggest success is that the neighborhood has avoided becoming pretentious. It is mostly the people who are tired of the so-called “glamour of NYC” that live here. And they want to keep it that way. You won’t find any “Sex and the City” enthusiast here.

Good location

Upper Manhattan is situated in a great spot. If you look at the map you’ll see that it is at the crossroads of the entire NYC. By using public transport you will easily get to any place in NYC in a short while. There will be no need for you to get a car. The Hudson River is there for you to have midday strolls and enjoy the water activities. On the other hand, the Central Park is in the walking distance, making Upper Manhattan great for the people who enjoy the outdoors. If you are a running fan, and you want to do your morning run in the Central Park before the people of NYC wake up, you’d be smart to move to Upper Manhattan.

Central Park
Enjoying the Central Park has never been more convenient.

Family friendly

Having a good neighborhood is vital if you want to properly raise your family. You may try your best to give them good family values, but you will need good schools and a safe neighborhood if you want your kids to thrive. That is why Upper Manhattan is great for new families. There are excellent schools like the Trinity School, the Anderson School and the Beacon High School that will provide your kids with solid education and prepare them for the life ahead. The neighborhood has a low crime rate, and you feel safe while walking down the street. Most of the families living there are the upper-middle class so your kids will socialize with respectable peers. If you are thinking about investing in your family, moving to Upper Manhattan is a great idea.