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Top picnic spots in NYC to try this spring

If you are planning to relocate to Manhattan – congratulations! You’ll have a wonderful time living in any neighborhood in Manhattan. With the help of Financial District movers, you can move from one home to another with ease. Warm weather livens up every outdoor recreational activity you can think of. Yoga, Thai Chi, running, rock climbing, but maybe most importantly – Picnicking. Not a recreational activity you say? Remember long walks, hunting for a good spot? Many would say that racing against other city dwellers in order to claim the perfect picnic area is a sport. We’ve chosen 3 of the top picnic spots in NYC for you to enjoy a lovely meal in the open air. Wear sunblock and you’ll be set.

Fort Tryon Park, one of the top picnic spots in NYC with its enchanting Cabrini Woods

Located on Riverside Drive at Broadway, the sixty-plus acres park embodies the spirit of New York City. If you are passionate picnickers, you’ll find everything you need at Fort Tryon Park, including amazing national landmarks. Additionally, if you are planning a romantic picnic, having The Cloisters near offers an incredible medieval Europe theme. This historic park overlooking the Hudson River guarantees spectacular views.

But the most amazing asset of this beautiful place is the small woodland area called Cabrini Woods.

If you are moving to NYC, this place is a must see! Moving soon and in need of some free moving boxes NYC? We have everything for you, just like this amazing list of Big Apple’s best picnic opportunities! It’s among the top picnic spots in NYC where you can enjoy breathtaking views of the Hudson River and Palisades. This is a great way to walk and relax after a memorable picnic. The woodland provides visitors for the unique opportunity to enjoy nature from the tree canopy level. From this elevated point, visitors can listen to bird songs among the treetops.

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Spending time in nature is good for the mind and body. Add an amazing meal to that and you’ll create a perfect memory for both adults and for kids.

Top picnic spots in NYC usually have a lot of inspiring history

The area where the Fort Tryon Park is was once inhabited by Native Americans. The Native Americans lived there for centuries before it was colonized by Europeans. The Dutch were trying to drive them out for a long time until they finally took over in 1715. The first known Dutch name for this woodland was Lange Bergh (Long Hill).

In 1917, John D. Rockefeller, Jr. began envisioning breathtaking views of the rock ridge from the finished Fort Tryon Park. In 1935, Rockefeller gifted the completed park to the City of New York, which can now be thoroughly enjoyed during a lovely picnic. Contemplate life’s beauty eating your favorite foods while the sun is setting over NYC. Trust us, this is one of the top picnic spots in NYC for that!

Why is Central Park Bow Bridge one of our top picnic spots in NYC?

When the terrain where now lies Central Park was purchased by the City of New York in 1853, it was distant from civilization. It used to be far away, located between the City of New York and the village of Harlem. The area was a swamp, with sheds colonists left behind, it contained a quarry and pig farms.
To transform the swamp into an oasis, 20,000 workers had to plant several hundred thousand trees. They had to move more than 3 million cubic yards of soil. Additionally, they built roads and bridges and dug out a large reservoir. It took more than 15 years before the park was born.

Now it is such a popular and consequently crowded place.

Not to mention it is one of the most fun group activities. As well as everyone’s favorite picnic spots in NYC, but don’t be alarmed. New Yorkers have a solution for everything. The Bow Bridge of Central Park, as the noted epitome of romantic place in the city, has a specialized picnic service.

  • Order a Picnic To Go and enjoy a picturesque view of the water without worrying if you’ve brought everything. If you reserve this $35 (per person) service, you get a picnic bag with a gourmet sandwich on a baguette, a bag of chips, cookie, fresh fruit, and bottled water. The gourmet sandwich comes in many variations, so you can be choosy. They offer picnic blankets as well as $7 for a small one, and $12 for the large, but you can bring your own, of course.
Food spread for a picnic on a pink linen: grapes, bread, jam
Cherry Hill has one of the top picnic spots in NYC and the most romantic locations in Central Park.

Looking for a luxurious and unforgettable romantic picnic date? Top picnic spots in NYC have it all.

  • Choose Cherry Hillone of the best picnic spots in NYC and the most amazing locations in Central Park. If you are looking for some of the best couples activities in NYC, aim for this really romantic date for two. There you can also find a signature NYC ‘to your feet’ service. They set up everything when you arrive, and when you finish, just give them a call and they’ll clean up!
  • A 2-Hour Central Park picnic includes a picnic basket, optional serving ware, and cute linens. Choose between types of fine meats and cheeses, olives, nuts, and bread. You’ll get a spread and some fresh fruit & chocolate for dessert. The fancy romantic package includes a bottle of a bubbly, beautiful picnic blanket and pillow setup. They thought of everything! Like a parasol umbrella for shade or light rain, or a cute floral piece. You can additionally request a Bluetooth speaker and a USB phone charger. All this romancing will cost you $250 (tax & gratuity not included). But we are sure it’s worth the special and memorable occasion.

Madison Square Park

Last but not least, the greens of Madison Square Park may get a bit crowded on a clear day, but we have a special trick for you. Instead of going for the popular lawn area, throw your blanket near the rock next to 24th Street. Ample shade on this side of the park offers a perfect spot to relax and create yourself one of the top picnic spots in NYC. This site is truly urban. If you are active picnickers, this is the place for you. Here you can attend amazing events and programs that Madison Square Park is known for as a place of surprises. It’s a dynamic seven-acre nature’s nook, with an exciting environment that calls for a picnic filled with moments of inspiration.

Madison square picnic with amazing fruits makes one of top picnic spots in NYC
In Madison Square Park, you can see mesmerizing art and stunning gardens.

You’ll love the horticulture in one of the most beautiful picnic spots in NYC. Here tourists travel from far and wide to experience the gorgeous gardens. Experienced gardeners tend to hydrangeas, hollies, and redbuds in prime condition year-round. Check it out and see for yourself that this park is a neighborhood gem for a good reason.