Tips to downsize your kitchen and declutter

Minimalism dominates modern lifestyle. To go small and practical is seen as fashionable and reasonable – and it is mainly because it is a completely rational thing to do. Living with fewer items will make your home feel bigger, will make what you already own more accessible, will help you be more disciplined and it might just help the environment by reducing byproducts of your consuming. Fewer items sometimes mean less of an impact on our environment. Therefore, attempt to downsize your kitchen and declutter is a good step in living better, more optimized lives.

In this, we would be happy to help you. Here is some advice we can offer on how exactly to go on about the downsizing of the room that, in most households, takes most (or is a second place for) space in the house.

The checklist

Knowing what to do is just as important as knowing how to do something. Think about it this way. The reason why you have to declutter is that you don’t need all the things you possess in your kitchen. However, you also are not sure what to throw out, or you would’ve done it by now and now you would be waiting for Morningside Heights movers to get you to your new home.

Checklists are generally the best way to start a job that might require planning and organization, not just decluttering of your kitchen.

Planning is key to almost any endeavor, and matters of home management are no exception… on the contrary, planning is vital. While some of us are more energetic, spontaneous and prone to improvisation, we still highly urge to make a pen-and-paper checklist to help you out.

In it, write down all the things you have, not just the ones you have no second thoughts on getting rid of. Write down the home appliances you have. After that, categorize them into the frequency of use, probability of use, working condition and tasks every item can perform. Once you have all the aforementioned data, you can act upon it.

Rules when trying to downsize your kitchen and declutter?

downsize your kitchen and declutter like this
Having a beautiful, clean and accessible kitchen is something worth your effort.

If you are going to downsize your kitchen and declutter all the items in it, you have to take some losses. However, with good planning, those losses will never be functional, but rather emotional. We all connect with things more than we should or more then their value or function would allow. When decluttering, it is essential, to be honest with yourself and admit that some things are unnecessary. Here are some things to keep your eye out for. To summarise (in a list no less)

  • Categorize by use so you know how to downsize your kitchen and declutter what serves no purpose
  • Frequency of use
  • Value


You should aim for multifunctionality in your home appliances. There are a lot of very specialized items that really just take up space. Of course, we do not argue that all items specialized for very specific actions in the kitchen should be the target of your cleanup. However, it is good to consider if other items with more functions do it the same as this one. If so, then what is the point of having a specialized toll if you can achieve the same results with more general-purpose kitchenware?

If you are making something often, however, and that something requires a process best done by a specific possession made for the singular purpose (for example, if you are often making an apple pie, and you need one for your Brooklyn movers very soon) keeping it is certainly worth it.

What you do best

Keep in mind that you want your special meal to still feel the same. Your kitchen is there to make you feel at ease while you make food, and there is no much point in trying to downsize your kitchen and declutter to the point in which it is no longer functional.


You have that one dish you enjoy making and others enjoy eating? Never cut on the tools required for the meal you really love and make often.

Don’t go overboard with minimization. Leave a place for luxuries. Ok, maybe you don’t need the set for 15 guests, but having some interesting appliances to help you cook or that one selection of plates for special occasions? These are completely harmless and are helpful and should be kept.

Aim for the common use, not the exceptions

Finally, you should always go for what you commonly use, rather than what you would like to use or for something tailored for a specific, highly unlikely situation. If you think you still need them sometime in the future – store them. storage is an excellent solution when trying to declutter.

All in all, in your kitchen you should always have access to all the items you use weekly. There is no much point in getting rid of those since they are demonstrably important and needed. So, if you are planning to store, or make a move by long distance movers NYC, consider what you really, regularly need.

Clear out the fridge

Decluttering is an excellent opportunity to take a look at what frozen food cold drinks you are storing. Maybe you do not need all of them? Not to mention that this would be a great opportunity to start regulating your food diversity and intake. Cleaner kitchen is, therefore, a direct step forward to a healthier life!

What to keep in mind

Kitchen is your realm. A living room might be where the hearth of your home lies but it is the kitchen that keeps its inhabitants running. This is why it is really important for you to know what you like and to feel at ease in your kitchen. Never feel pressured to get rid of something just because others did so. Take your own pace and keep the things you truly value. The main tip for trying to downsize your kitchen and declutter it is, to be honest. If you deep down know you are hoarding something unnecessary, there is no shame or harm in getting rid of it.