Clearing your storage

Tips on clearing out your storage with ease

Having too many items around your home can cause stress. That is why you should clear out your storage areas in your home on a regular basis. If that is not the case, you may find yourself with a ton of work at some point. But don’t despair! With our tips, clearing out your storage and your home will be easy and fast. In case you have to transport your belongings into a storage unit, consider hiring quality moving companies in New York. Keep reading and find out the best way to clear out your storage area or your storage unit with ease.

Get everything you need in advance

storage area
Consider making a plan before starting your cleaning process.

Clearing your storage is not hard if you prepare in advance. You will save valuable time an money if you get everything you need before you start. The process is the same if you are cleaning a storage unit, the storage space in your home, like a garage or the attic. Decluttering process will be most successful if you take for boxes or bins and label each one of them.

The first thing you should do is to get big plastic bins for trash and plastic bags. It is very important you get everything you need and have all of the items on hand. You shouldn’t forget gloves to protect yourself. Also, make sure you wear the most comfortable clothes and shoes that will be stable while you work. This way you will be safe when moving and carrying some of the heavier or bulkier items.

When clearing out any storage area you may also need proper tools to disassemble some of the furniture pieces while you work. If that is the case, make sure you have the basic tools on hand. Also, if you are planning to work all day consider preparing a lot of fluids and snacks to keep yourself and others hydrated while you work.

Decluttering is the best part!

Clearing out your storage can be really fun especially when you have someone helping you. Start the decluttering process and use the bins or the moving boxes you already have and label them. It is very important you go through your belongings in stages. If your storage area is filled with small knick-knacks or clothes, consider organizing your work accordingly. Make sure to divide all of the items in four categories – toss, keep, donate and throw away. In case you have some items you can recycle, consider adding another box or a bin for the items you plan to recycle.

De-cluttering can be fun when you have someone to help you.

There are a few aspects of decluttering that you should keep in mind before you start clearing out your storage space. While decluttering you will come across some sentimental items. That is why you should prepare in advance. Make sure you don’t get too emotional and spend too much time reminiscing when you go through items that have special value. If you are not ready to part with them, put them aside in another box and go through them later. This way you won’t lose valuable time while decluttering. It is very important that you set a timer while working on one big pile of items. This way you will make a big psychological advantage while you work and you will work more efficiently. After you declutter, it is very important to take inventory of your items, especially if you plan to keep your items inside a storage unit.

Taking inventory after clearing out your storage

dots and lines
The inventory list will help you get around in your storage unit.

One of the most important thing when decluttering your home is taking inventory. If you are planning to keep your items inside packing boxes, make sure you label each box by number. The best way to keep note of all of the items you decide not to throw away, make an inventory list. Put everything on paper before you pack. Taking inventory will help you know the contents of each box. Also, while your items are rearranged, you will be able to find certain items without going through everything. In case you are keeping your boxes inside a storage unit, make sure you keep your inventory list visible on the storage unit wall.

Packing your belongings for storage

If you are clearing out the storage space in your home and packing the items in boxes,  make sure you have all the packing supplies you need. On the other hand, when planning to transfer those items and boxes into a storage unit, consider securing everything for transport. Label each box with fragile items inside and wrap them individually. After you finish packing, it is time for the next step of clearing out your storage.

Have someone help you

When clearing out your storage area, consider getting some help. Friends of family members will be more than hep to step in and help with the process. When you have somebody help you, the process will be more fun and more efficient. Let your friends know in advance that you need help. You can always treat yourself and your friends after you finish the job.

Hire quality storage professionals

If you are unable to clear out your storage spaces, consider hiring a quality Manhattan moving and storage. Moving professionals are used to handling big and bulky items you may not be able to move by yourself. If you live in a smaller apartment, you may need a storage unit for your additional items. Quality movers are here to:

  • Clear out your storage areas and prepare the rest of your belongings for storage
  • Pack your belongings to the best possible standard
  • Transport your belongings to the storage unit

Reputable movers offer various storage services for your needs. Quality movers have their own storage units and they help you choose the best unit. Storage units may vary in shape and size. That is why it is very important consulting your movers for the best option after clearing out your storage area.