Tips for transporting collectible items. Books, vases, chandeliers, figurines and a globe on the table.

Tips for transporting collectible items

When it comes to our collectibles, we are all very sensitive. As a collector myself, I can relate to all the thoughts going through your head. Whether you are preparing for long distance move or the local one, it does not make a difference. In any case, you want your treasure packed with care and transported without a scratch. Before you grab the old newspaper and start wrapping, take a look at a few useful tips for transporting collectible items.

The sentimental factor

What makes collectibles so special is the double value they have. Besides the material one, they also have the sentimental one. They are not just fragile items for us, we have invested the most important thing in them. Our time. They are keepers of old times, of our passion and devotion. And that probably makes them more precious than some expensive gadgets we own.

Vintage watch, flowers and glass bottle on the table.
Both material and sentimental value is what makes your collection important.

Tailor-made tips for transporting collectible items

When we think of collectibles, there are so many different types of them. The ones kept in their original boxes, like vintage toys and dolls. Fragile collectibles would be ceramics, pottery, and regular of Murano glass figurines. Also, there are paper ones like posters, stamps, documents, and books. Coins and currency are also something people often collect. Every type requires a different care.

Packing the boxed collectibles

  • Before transporting collectible items, make sure you wrap them properly. First of all, you should wrap each box individually in acid-free packing paper. Gently tape only the paper around it, not to damage the box.
  • Then wrap it in bubble wrap and pay attention to edges and corners.
  • Those nicely wrapped boxes then place in the larger box.
  • Make sure there is no space for wiggling. Use crumbled paper to fill the gaps. Also, place some of it on top of the boxes.
Figurines of 3 monkeys (see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil).
Bubble wrap will help in transporting your figurines safely.

Packing fragile items

  • Gently wrap each one in bubble wrap or several sheets of packing paper.
  • Place them in packing boxes, but avoid the large ones. The heavier items are, the smaller box you should pack them into.
  • Besides that, make sure you place them upright. This will protect your treasures from damage.

Label it fragile

Do not forget to label all these boxes as fragile. Also, write down the type of items below. ‘Glass’, ‘dolls’ or ‘figurines’ will do. This will help your movers and friends to sort it out. It will be also a reminder for you.

Fine art requires a fine care

This is a very delicate type of collectibles. The art experts recommend that statues, glass art, and sculptures should be transported in wooden crates. You can order them custom built to fit exact size specifications or search for a variety of different sizes online. Oil paintings are the most delicate and need extra care. Hence, make sure that you cover the form of every painting with acid-free paper. This will protect them from moisture and dirt. It would be preferable to pack them in crates as well. If not, make sure you use a lot of bubble wrap before placing them in boxes.

Oil painting with abstract theme, in violet, pink and blue.
Protect your oil paintings with acid-free paper.

Keep it safe

If you are a proud owner of a large collection of antiques, art collector or you are an artist yourself, hiring professionals is the solution. Chinatown movers offer special services for fine art relocation and most importantly, insurance. Expert artwork handlers will provide special care for your treasures and peace of mind for you. Above all, this will minimize the chances for damaging or theft during the transport.

Small treasures

Whether they are figurines, glass, watches or jewelry, make sure you wrap them carefully. Use archival tissues and place them in small boxes. Then those small boxes pack in bigger ones. But do not forget to add packing peanuts or foam between the inner and outer boxes for additional cushioning. Due to their size, these are some of the belongings you could personally transport if you want to.

Her Highness the nest lampshade

You are a proud owner of a nest lampshade? You will need patience and time for transporting collectible items, especially the big and delicate ones as a lampshade. But do not panic, it is simpler than it seems. The most important is to carefully wrap each one well in acid-free paper and bubble wrap. Try to wrap as many pendants individually, not to damage each other in contact. If you have several, you can place them in the same box, but not more than two or three. If they are heavy, better use several small boxes. Also, do not place anything on top of the boxes with lampshades.

Transporting collectible items, pay attention to lampshades.The glass details of the lampshade.
Wrapping the pendants individually will protect you lampshade from damage.

Pros for pro

Professional movers are using packing strategies like pelleting and crating. They also provide special bracing and cushioning in their trucks to provide shock and vibration protection, preventing your antiques from being damaged. Therefore, getting reliable Manhattan moving services could give you a peace of mind. New York City is a jungle and you would certainly use a help from someone who knows the tricks. Not just for packing and transporting your fragile items, but also which route to use and where to park.

Finally at your new home

Finally, when transporting collectible items is done, the work is not. This is when you should unpack them safely and find a perfect place for them at your new home. Make a post-move checklist and make sure you unpack your collectibles as careful as you have packed them. This is the moment when most people relax and accidentally damage some of their treasures while unpacking them. Try to avoid this. Maybe you could plan ahead where to put them, take measures and speed up the process.

Transporting collectible items is a delicate and exhausting job. Enjoy them and keep collecting. Who knows, one day, they will maybe be worth a fortune. For you they already do.