two people moving in the rain

Tips for moving in the rain

Who doesn’t like a classic like Singing in the rain? Gene Kelly was right when he said: “What a glorious feeling, I’m happy again.” It is true – there is something fantastic and liberating in being out in the rain, letting the droplets fall on your face. However, you won’t be singing if you are just about to relocate to your new home, and there is a downpour outside. Nothing is exciting about moving in the rain.

Chances are, you are already feeling a bit depressed since you are leaving your old place, and the rain is not going to improve the atmosphere. Also, it is more difficult to perform your moving day tasks if it’s slippery and you are wet and cold.

However, don’t let this discourage you. To complete the relocation within schedule, you have to act quick and smart. Hopefully, this useful guide will give you some insight into where you need to focus your attention when moving in the rain.

What can go wrong when moving in the rain?

Before we can talk about tips for moving in the rain, it is imperative that we discuss everything that can go wrong. In most cases, these are the usual suspects that can mess with your plans:

  1. slow traffic
  2. possibility of injury
  3. it is easy to catch a cold
  4. your belongings might have water damage

These four situations are the most common problems that can happen during moving in the rain. Let’s look at them individually, and see what to do in each case.

Rain slows down the traffic

If you ever had to go to work on a rainy day, you’ll know what I’m talking about. As soon as it starts raining, traffic slows down, and there are multiple traffic jams where ever you go. Now, imagine being stuck on a highway with a moving company. It is clear your relocation will suffer a delay. Not only that but, depending on your contract, they might even charge you more.

Traffic jam caused by the rain
Traffic jams are common during the rain, so be careful if you are the designated driver

On another note, your movers might be late, to begin with. In cases like these, there is really not that much that we can do, since we can’t control the weather. However, what you can do is pick your movers wisely. If you hire a reputable moving company, you will receive top moving services NYC.

With that in mind, our best tip is, before you sign a contract, make sure you check how are they dealing with moving in the rain.

Watch out for falling

Wet roads mean traffic jam, wet sidewalk means falling and injuring yourself. It gets really hectic on a moving day, since everyone is running around, caught up in the final preparations. If you are too busy making sure you don’t forget anything on moving day, accidents can happen. If you are not careful enough, you’ll slip and fall, and that’s never good.

When moving in the rain, our first tip is to wear rubber boots. These are great for the rain for multiple reasons. They are slippery-resistant, and they’ll keep your feet dry. Our second tip is, do not rush! When the D-Day comes, everyone is under a lot of pressure, and the rain only adds to the commotion. So, take your time and do not rush. You are already behind schedule because of the rain.

A sign for slippery road
Be very careful when moving in the rain, falling on slippery roads can cause injury

Our third advice is, keep the pathway cleared. No boxes laying around! People will be coming in and out the entire day, loading boxes in the truck. Make sure there is nothing in their way, as it can be dangerous if they trip over something and fall.

Protect the floors from water

On a side note, I have to mention one more thing. It will be smart to lay down some protective sheets, to keep the floor clean. With so many people coming in and out of the house, imagine what will happen with the mud and water on their shoes. That’s right, they’ll end up on your floor. Whether we talk about moving out or moving in, it is always smart to protect your floors while moving in the bad weather.

Don’t catch a cold

A great danger of moving in the rain is getting sick. Not only it rains, but it’s windy as well. And you won’t even notice when it happens. Remember that relocating takes time, and when you are on the road for a longer period of time, your immune system goes down. The same applies when you are tired or exhausted, which can happen during a move.

Best tips that will keep you healthy when moving in the rain are to dress warm, keep your head and your feet dry, and drink lots of vitamins and hot beverages.

antibiotic capsules and a thermometer
It is easy to catch a cold on a rainy day, don’t forget to dress warmly and take vitamins

You can’t put a price on your health, so make sure you stay healthy when it’s rainy. Another great idea is to keep a spare change of clothing at your hand’s reach, especially if you are moving with kids.

Protect your belongings from water damage

Oh, imagine the reaction when you find out half of your boxes are wet and ruined, along with your stuff inside. I realize that you can’t really re-pack on your moving day. However, what you can do is think in advance. For example, if you know you are moving in the middle of a rainy season, be sure to pack your boxes adequately. Add additional protective layers to all items that can be ruined with water. For example, you can always wash and dry your clothes, but the same cannot be applied to your TV.

For that reason, think about packing. There are many things you can do as preparation, even before your movers arrive.

Also, today most of the trucks are well insulated against the water, so if your boxes are loaded dry, they should remain like that. Still, remember to keep the important boxes off the ground, just for the case.

Do not forget to unpack

For the end, let’s imagine this situation. Your West Harlem movers relocated you to your new home. The entire rainy relocation is behind you, and you can finally relax and enjoy the neighborhood. However, you didn’t notice all the boxes that were damaged by the rain, and you don’t unpack them for a day or two. We can safely say you can throw away whatever was inside.

With that in mind, always check all the boxes after the move. Immediately unpack everything that’s compromised, don’t let it sit all wet and damp for days.

a cup of coffee with on the table
Keep your calm during a rainy day move, and you’ll deal with every situation

Keep calm and move in the rain

Hopefully, you now understand what the dangers and challenges of moving in the rain are. These tips and bits of advice should help you prepare for what can happen, so make sure you follow them. Don’t hesitate, thinking that this might not happen to you. Do everything you can to make sure your relocation goes smoothly and without any problems!