Help your parents to move with ease

Tips for moving elderly parents

Relocation is one tough job. There is no doubt about it.  Moving is both financially demanding and time-consuming. However, what makes relocation so difficult are the impending changes. By moving we agree to change everything from our neighborhood and people around us to trivial things like gyms and bars that we go to. Changes are especially hard for older people. They have their own system of habits and routines and usually don’t appreciate any changes. In this article, we will present a few tips for moving elderly parents with as little stress as possible. Needless to say, people often feel uneasy and tense because of all those changes. One way to counter the feelings of anxiousness is to secure the services of a reliable local moving crew. In New York, you can find reputable movers in pretty much every part of the city. For example, if you are moving to or from the Clinton area, you should find a reliable Clinton moving Company. The same applies to other parts of the Big Apple.

Moving elderly parents requires additional time

The elderly are not as able as they once were. But what they have is the experience. For that reason, they would profit immensely from some precise planning in the form of moving checklists. Remember that they can’t lift heavy items or go through a whole day of intense physical activity. For this reason, you should start preparing for the move on time. This way they can pack their belongings at a rate that suits them best. You can help them by offering to provide packing accessories like cardboard boxes, bubble wrap, packing tape, and marker pens. Additionally, starting on time has some other advantages as well. For instance, you will have more time to choose a moving company thus improving your chances of making a correct decision. Also, if you book your move in advance there is a possibility that you might get a discount. Either way, a timely start ensures more space for maneuvers if something goes wrong.

Moving elderly parents requires time and patience
Having a timely start is crucial when moving elderly parents

Assign the tasks to family members

Like we already said, the biggest stumbling block of moving elderly parents is that they can’t handle all the hard work relocation requires. For this reason, delegate the responsibilities to other family members. Kids could be in charge of packing books, toys, and clothes. All these items are easy to pack, and on top of that, your kids will feel that they are a part of the team which is very important. At the same time, you can concentrate on some more delicate tasks like packing a kitchen and other rooms with fragile items. Lastly, call Manhattan moving service for cumbersome items like big pieces of furniture. Artwork, pianos and other valuable items are best to be left to professionals as they have the experience and tools to deal with them. In the meantime, your parents can do all the checkups so you don’t leave anything behind.

Picture of kids holding hands
Include your kids in the process. You will get more helping hands and your kids will be happy to participate

Think in advance when moving elderly parents

Pensioners usually decide to move when their kids are all grown up, and when they decide to retire. Usually, they decide to move to places with a warmer climate like Florida or California. For this reason, you should help them to choose the best possible neighborhood. Go online and see which neighborhoods are currently popular and what they offer. Their choice will be ultimately based on their preferences and wishes, but some key factors should be taken into consideration.

  • Living expenses
  • Safety and crime rates
  • Quality of public transportation
  • Availability of various amenities

Choosing the right neighborhood is important because you can’t change it later. You can repaint your walls or change the furniture, but you can’t change your surroundings.

Picture of a laptop and a notebook
A good plan will make your move a lot easier to survive

Try to downsize

Older people have a habit of collecting things. Over the years items slowly build up and the result can be a pile of unnecessary objects. The problem is that many of these objects hold sentimental value. Therefore, your parents might have a hard time separating from them. On the other hand, don’t be cruel and demand that they should throw away everything you label as non-important. Your goal is to help them select truly important memorabilia that they wish to take to their new home. You can always lower the number of items to be transported by doing a decluttering tour of their house. If you believe some items could earn you some money in the process, go ahead and try to sell them online. Just as you can opt to sell some of your belongings, you can also donate the stuff you don’t need. There is a lot of people in need who will find a great purpose in something you considered as a surplus to requirements. Lastly, throw out everything that is broken, stained, torn and generally useless.

Help them on moving day

Even if they are moving a couple of blocks away, you should be there on moving day to help them out. Give them a car ride to their new home and help them unpack. However, if they are moving long-distance help them prepare an essentials box. This box should hold all the important relocation-related paperwork and personal documents. Other items that should be included in an essentials box are personal hygiene products, their medications, clean clothes and so on. The essentials box could also include stuff needed to survive the first couple of days after they move in. Remember that unpacking takes some time.

In conclusion, moving elderly parents is not that hard. You just need to be there for them, to give words of support and encouragement. Try to point out to them that relocation doesn’t mean the end of a chapter in their lives, but rather the beginning of a new and great adventure. We wish you a safe move.