Tips for making a moving inventory list. A notebook, paper, pen and flowers.

Tips for making a moving inventory list

When it comes to moving, we all do our best to organize every step of the process. We pack our things carefully and check several times if we left anything behind. But somehow, many times our belongings go missing somewhere between the old and new home. How is that possible, you wonder? Well, it happens to the best of us. Have you thought of making a moving inventory list? If you didn’t, better think twice. There is no better way to make sure all of your things will come safely to their next destination. Here are some tips on how to make it right.

What do I need a list for?

Making a moving inventory list is a bit exhausting thing to do, I admit. But it’s also a smart move in several ways. Therefore you can be sure that your effort won’t be a waste of time. It’s a great way to prevent any unforeseen circumstances and give you peace of mind. Still doubting? Let’s see what do you need it for.

Tips for making a moving inventory list, Woman writing in notebook, on the bed.
Inventory list can save your time, money and nerves.
  • Making a moving inventory list is the best way to make an evidence of your belongings. Once your move is done, you can go through your list and make sure every piece of furniture and box is there. If something is missing or damaged, you will be able to cross-reference it. With the list, you could immediately start a claim. Hence, this is a unique way to keep track of your possessions.
  • Sorting your belongings will definitely contribute your moving process. You will be able to separate things for disposal, donation or storage from the things for packing. You should probably get rid of the damaged, broken and the things you don’t use.
  • Good news is that your inventory list is also a perfect packing list. It will help you estimate the time you will need for packing. It will make it easier to decide what items to put together in a certain box, logically organized so that it doesn’t get too heavy. Above all, you will know exactly how much packing supplies you need. Also, labeling will be much easier. As a result, unpacking the boxes will also be quick and easy.

For your movers

  • Making a moving inventory list will help you get the estimate of your move. You should provide it to Manhattan moving professionals, including as many details possible. Details like the number of items on the list and their total weight, and some special handling requirements.
  • Especially if you are transporting collectible items and valuables, don’t forget the insurance. Making a moving inventory list of your most expensive items separately is probably a good idea. This evidence and their estimated value will help you with insurance claims if it comes to some damage.
Tips for making a moving inventory list. T-shirt, jeans and shoes on the bed.
Separate the things for disposal from the ones you will pack.

Guide for making a moving inventory list

List lovers have probably a bunch of ideas and templates just waiting for the right opportunity to use them. I am not a fan myself. But I have to admit that lists have saved my money, time and nerves many times. And the more details you put on that list now, easier you will use and check it tomorrow.

  • If you are using Excel, you can make list in it. The good thing about Excel list is that it can hardly be lost. You can simply create a spreadsheet. If you need an idea, create a column for the item, description, value, condition, and corresponding room or box. Or whichever way is easiest for you to use. There is no right or wrong method. Try to create a spreadsheet that works for you. Also, a piece of paper works just fine.
  • Do one room in a time. Ideally, you should probably create your inventory room by room. Also, try to use a separate Excel table or piece of paper for each room. If your list has your entire household without any sections, identifying contents will be quite a challenge.

An eye for a detail

  • Nobody expects you to write down how many t-shirts you have in the closet. However, valuable items, such as art, jewelry, electronics, and collections you should describe in detail. If you kept the receipts for these items by any chance, even better.
  • As the saying goes, a picture is really worth a thousand words. Therefore, make visuals. Consequently, moving company can’t state that your item was already damaged before the move. Not if you have an image as a proof.  Also, photos are very handy, if you have to file a claim for any reason in the future.
  • Consider using an application. Nowadays, electronic records are much easier to produce than inventories written by hand and, also, much more convenient. There are many applications for smartphones and tablets specifically designed for making a moving inventory list. Some of them even allow you to leave a comment or store pictures and video clips in order to document and organize your items.
Tips for making a moving inventory list. A phone by the keyboard and monitor on the table.
Consider using application designed for making inventory list.

Make copies

When it comes to documents, the more the merrier. Try to collect records like birth certificates, marriage certificates, wills, insurance policies, deeds, and receipts. Most importantly, keep the originals and copies separate. Originals should be always with you, while copies can move with the rest of your household items.

When moving is over

Actually, this is when the fun starts. Making a moving inventory list was just a first step, the second is checking it. You should go through the list while unpacking. When you are done, hopefully, you will realize everything is there. If by any chance, something is missing or damaged, you have material for the insurance claim. So don’t worry, your belongings are safe. Now you understand what inventory is all about, right? More lists mean less stress. Enjoy your new beginning. And continue making lists.