Finding office space in Manhattan means you have plentiful of creative solutions like this beautiful office at sunset with pink chairs

Tips for finding office space in Manhattan

If you’re trying to rent the perfect office in NYC, you may have noticed already: it’s even more daunting than renting a suitable apartment. If you are experienced enough to know which size is the right size for your company, you are one of the lucky ones. Most people just starting up don’t know who to contact to inquire about available spaces in NYC? Would a broker answer all their questions and fulfill their expectations? Most people don’t understand why you can’t browse photos of corporate interiors before you choose which ones to pay a visit? Finding office space in Manhattan can be a lot easier for you if you follow the tips of your affordable movers NYC. There are a few secrets to managing all the implications of the real estate world will require of you.

Finding office space in NYC – a long-term commitment

One of the factors that impact the longevity of your business is a long term lease. To help you find the right fit for your budget and your clients, here are some tips that you should keep in mind:

A contemporary office space
A nice office space makes it easier to impress clients. Clients judge your company on the convenience of your location, professionalism, and even interior design.

Get pro advice and assistance

Everybody needs someone to lean on. No matter how intelligent, resourceful and skilled you may be. You cannot run a successful business in New York City all on your own. If you want to the most efficient and most profitable decisions for your company – we advise you to seek professional help.

Try consulting with a legal professional who specializes in your type of business. Firstly they will keep your firm in order with local, state, and federal regulations. Next, a lawyer can help you choose and the most suitable business structure for your company. negotiate important contracts, and manage your liability and risk. Besides the legal guidance, which is a must-have, other professional assistance you should seek to get include:

  • accounting,
  • human resources and
  • public relations management,
  • as well as real estate brokers.

Finding the right neighborhood

A decade ago, Manhattan was the business hub people were flocking too. While Flatiron and Chelsea are still attracting innovation, entrepreneurs are nowadays opting for more affordable neighborhoods. For example, Brooklyn and Queens have seen strong improvements, starting with infrastructure. Upper West Side movers have witnessed that the number of new businesses is on the constant rise. Some redevelopment projects like the 300-acre Brooklyn Navy Yard and Long Island City’s one-million-square-foot The Factory have revitalized these neighborhoods. Try considering this option because other NYC neighborhoods are now thought of as extensions of Manhattan. Business-wise, these areas are close, connected and affordable.

Don't compromise too much when finding office space in Manhattan
Don’t compromise too much. Better wait until you find the best space for your needs, instead of letting go of important things to rush and obtain what’s available now.

Look before you set your heart on office space in Manhattan

Choosing the right office space for your company is one of the biggest steps to make in Manhattan. Still, a great location doesn’t guarantee success, so paying too much for an office could turn out to be a disaster. Look for commercial real estate in desirable areas with good transportation options and modern amenities that will attract loyal employees.
If you’ve already done a quick Google search for office space, you may have noticed your search mysteriously lacks pictures of available space. This makes online shopping for your dream office a little difficult. Unfortunately, many landlords do not keep photos of office space interiors. And if they did, there wouldn’t be much to see: just a lot of barren office space. Good thing is, commercial spaces can be remodeled to your unique specifications.

Also, counting in you’re short- and mid-term growth predictions is a crucial part of finding office space in Manhattan. Your firm might be on the smaller side now, however, it won’t stay that way for long. Plan your move to NYC on time, as precise growth forecasting is crucial for many parts of your business.

Figure out how much space you’ll need

Office space is categorized by square footage cost per year. That means that a $50 per sqft for a 2,000 square foot office will be priced at $100,000. That is one year’s rent or $8,333 per month.

Take co-working and non-traditional spaces into consideration when finding office space in Manhattan

If you’re planning for major growth in the future, you will need cost-effective space. Learn how to boost your relocation budget on our blog. One of those ways could be an open-space that boosts creativity and encourages socialization. Non-traditional offices can be a highly-productive, friendly environment. A thriving co-working community may be your best bet to growing your business.

Hire a commercial tenant broker

Technically you can always search for and find a new office yourself. But if you have already done this, that can be a pretty daunting task. The complexity of finding a convenient office space in Manhattan is the reason why entrepreneurs hire commercial tenant brokers. Most commercial tenant brokers work free of charge because they split commissions with the property’s listing agent. They know the market well and can help you uncover hidden costs. A new wave of salaried brokers who don’t receive commissions has hit the market. That reduces the risk to collaborating with a broker close to zero. From finding office space in Manhattan to negotiating your lease, a commercial tenant tenant-broker your life easier.

Man in a suit reading Business newspaper
If you need to cut costs, one way to do that after finding office space in Manhattan is to sublet unused parts to smaller businesses.

All you need to know on your path to finding office space in Manhattan

Right now, you have many options for finding office space in Manhattan. If you need a more affordable option, try subletting in NYC with other business owners. This is a great solution if you are leasing for a specific period of time. In this case, even office equipment and kitchen can also be shared. Don’t worry if you don’t know how much square footage you want or will grow into. The usual requirement is 150 square feet per employee. However, you can adjust this number according to your desired office layout as well. Bottom line is, if you know how many employees will use the office, you’ll quickly figure out what type of office space you’ll want. Don’t forget to count in the number of employees you plan to add over the next few years.