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Tips for Dealing with Fraudulent Moving Companies

Dealing with fraudulent moving companies is a hard but essential skill to learn. It is hard to recognize a scam and a fraudulent company among NYC movers and packers. Most people think that they know how to protect themselves from scams. However, most of them also do not know how to deal with companies that do not do their jobs right. There are a lot of reasons to learn this.

  • As one of the essential things is money – you can lose a high amount of money if you do not learn how to deal with scam companies. Do not forget that moving is expensive.
  • Do not forget about lost furniture and items when moving – the unprofessional company will not take care of your stuff and furniture.
  • A wrong choice of movers could result in severe troubles like injuries.
  • Rogue companies simply do not finish the job on time and professionally. Hence, you need to recognize and avoid bad companies – it is vital that future clients could find a Clinton moving company that works well.
A man with laptop dealing with fraudulent moving companies on the internet
You should protect yourself from scam companies even on the internet

Always interview your prospective movers

It is always easier to deal with fraudulent companies after a long conversation. They are likely to show their real face after a short time. You should learn how to recognize their real intentions. In some cases, skilled professionals will identify fraud companies after a few questions. Luckily, even not so experienced clients should be able to spot rogue movers.

Request a written agreement

In every scenario clients should not be obliged to stick to an oral agreement. Even the court will not accept any settlement or contract that are not in writing. It means that you cannot make any promise that the worker in the moving company has not signed. To avoid it, you should put your agreement in writing Luckily, Queen movers that follow this rule will not put you in an unpleasant situation.

Ask them to confirm everything

It is highly essential to understand every rule and offer when signing a contract. The Bronx movers that are professional will make sure that you have understood everything clearly. Sometimes, though, we hear things that they have not said. Or workers have not stated them clearly deliberately. So, just in case you have not heard everything ask them to confirm everything.

Avoid paying for extra load

One of the reasons why you should not accept an offer via phone is not having a fixed price for your shipment. It means that you could pay much more than you have agreed in the first place. Those situations are mostly when people get to pay more than expected. For those reasons, ask for a fixed price. Maybe it is a little higher than a flexible rate, but you will know for sure how much you must pay in the end.

Incomplete documentation may show that you are dealing with fraudulent moving companies

Companies must have documents that prove their business performance. In most cases, companies have proper documents. However, you should start with official documents when dealing with the company. You should learn what every company should have and start from it. Also, you can always check online reviews and testimonials.

A girl with a flower
Fraudulent moving companies will want to take advantage of your belongings

Ask for documentation

There are a lot of reasons why you should ask for documentation before starting with the job. Every company must have licenses and papers that the government demands. If they do not have them, you should expect frauds and scams. The official government site has offered a list of the required documents. They will also teach you how to protect yourself from moving fraud.

Define details in the contract

Do not leave anything unfinished when making a contract. It means that you should be precise when defining the contract. The moving company must follow it and resolve the problem as you have defined. You will also have proof of your agreement. Avoid additional fees, too.

Choose reliable movers

It sounds easy, but it is not easy to find a proper and professional moving company. However, learn how to choose the most professional company. Do not forget that right movers have a reasonable offer, too.

Ask for insurance

Great moving companies will not avoid offering protection to their client. They know that every job could end badly. For those reasons, they will provide and recommend insurance. It will protect both sides. If the company does not offer it, you can expect troubles in the job later.

There are small signs that show that you are dealing with fraudulent moving companies

Like in any other job, you should follow instinct and knowledge when working with a new company. Sometimes it is much easier to understand signs that indicate a rogue company. You should be careful when a company does not care about their clients properly. Even the simplest clues, like a poorly designed site could reveal a lot.

Money laundering
Saving money saves your time and nerves, too

Pay attention to reviews

It is excellent when a moving company has the best online reviews. However, no company satisfied every customer. If you see only the best reviews on their website, it could mean that they have removed the bad ones.

Double-check everything

Although it sounds like a reasonable advice, most people are in a hurry when signing a contract. For your own safety, read the whole document carefully. Also, ask for every detail and explanation if something is not clearly explained. You also have the right to ask for extra confirmation.

Do you have trouble locating their contact details?

Every company wants to be close to their clients. They will invest a lot in marketing to show you what they offer. If you cannot find their site, you should consider it as a red flag. A poorly designed website is also a sign that they hide something.

Do not accept to pay a deposit

Asking for a large cash deposit could show that you are dealing with fraudulent moving companies. You should not agree to pay any sum upfront. In case that company explains the importance of paying some part of the money upfront, it should be only a small amount of money.