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Tips for cleaning while moving

If your wish is to move in the most efficient way possible and unpack quickly, you should make sure to clean your items on time. After all, the last thing that you should do is move with filthy items. There are many issues that a move such as this one can lead to. So, in order to help you prepare for the move in the best way possible, today we are going to talk about the tips for cleaning while moving. Most of the people would call this a common sense thing. However, even they will probably not be aware of what it really takes to prepare well for the move. So, bear with us today and get some quality tips for cleaning while moving even before you start planning the bulk of your relocation process.

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Make sure to let everyone know that some parts of the house have been cleaned. You don’t want to have to clean them all over again

What you are going to need for cleaning while moving

In order to prepare in the best way possible for cleaning while moving, you need to take a few aspects of that process into account. Only after you have taken care of all of them on global should you move on to the execution part.

Therefore, in order to prepare for the cleaning while moving, make sure to meet the following requirements:

  • Declutter
  • Make a plan of packing
  • Create a cleaning plan
  • Get the necessary supplies

You may be surprised at the first bullet on the above list. The reason why we included it on the list is the fact that decluttering can play a major role in receiving lower moving quotes NYC. So, let’s tackle this issue first. Then, we’ll take a look at each of the aspects of cleaning while moving.


Alright, before we go on any further, we need to address the need to declutter your home before you even think about starting preparing your items for relocation.

There are several reasons why you should declutter on a regular basis. Unfortunately, we live in a fast-paced society that leaves us with not enough time for the more important stuff, let alone decluttering our homes.

Nevertheless, the sheer fact that you have not been decluttering on a regular basis should not become an excuse to not do it now. Decluttering your home before moving out of Manhattan will allow you to not only save money on a move but to unpack faster once all of your items have been moved to your new address. Therefore, make sure to declutter before you do anything else. Fewer belongings for packing equals fewer items for cleaning while moving.

Make sure to complete cleaning while moving before packing your items
Make sure to clean your items before packing them

Making the plan of packing is an important aspect of cleaning while moving

The first thing that you will be taking care of when preparing for the move will be making different moving plans. One of the plans that will require your attention is the plan of packing. While making a packing plan may seem an easy thing to do, you should still consult moving professionals like Nomad moving company, for they will eagerly share their knowledge with you. Make your packing plan right at the beginning.

First of all, it is important to know what items you are going to pack together. Then, it is important to make a decision where each of them is going to go into. Once you have made up your mind on this subject, you should divide your items into different piles. Then, move on to the next phase- creating the cleaning plan.

Coming up with a cleaning plan

Alright, now that you have decluttered your home and made a packing plan, you should create a cleaning plan for your long distance move NYC. Cleaning while moving is easily done when you know exactly what you are cleaning when. Still, there are two different approaches to this aspect of the move:

  • Pack your items right after you clean them. This means that once you have cleaned one pile of items, all of the items on that pile would be ready to go.
  • Another option is to clean all of your items first. Then, you may start packing them all at the same time.

Opinions on what approach is better are divided. Still, we can safely say that you should choose the approach according to your preferences.

Buy the necessary cleaning supplies

The last thing that you should do is to invest in the cleaning supplies that you will surely need in order to get your items ready for moving.

The first thing that you should concentrate on when cleaning should be the items that you will be taking with you to your new apartment. By dealing with them first, you will make sure that packing starts as soon as possible. Then, after all of the items have been packed and ready to go, clean the home that you are leaving.

Cleaning mops
Clean your bathroom after cleaning the kitchen and its amenities

Tips for home cleaning when moving

Now you know the order of preparing for the move. So, let’s take a brief look at what you can do in order to clean your home easily:

  • Clean high to low. Start with the cabinets or the high shelves of your wardrobe. Move on to lower parts so that the dust does not fall onto the clean bits.
  • Clean kitchen amenities first. No matter whether you are cleaning before or after the move. The kitchen should receive a priority.
  • The bathroom comes third. It’s probably going to be one of the dirtiest parts of the house to clean. After all, having people walk around on your moving day in shoes over the bathroom floor sprinkled with water is not going to make it very clean.
  • Do the rest of the house after the above-mentioned bits of your home.


The key to a successful move is in careful planning. Plan the entire relocation process, but plan the bits of it as well. Cleaning while moving is important. It will enable you to move into your house with household amenities ready for use. After the moving day, you will be happy that your items are clean.