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Think about the environment – hire green movers

In the 21st century, it is very important to think about our environment and how to keep it clean.  For our own sake, and for the sake of the generations to come. That is why there are more and more eco-friendly products out there. Starting from cars, home appliances, building materials and even everyday items we use in our daily lives. Among all that, it would be irresponsible not to transfer to the more ecological way of doing business. If you ever wondered why you should hire green movers, look no further! Here in this article, we will talk about the benefits of going green, and why hiring eco-friendly NYC moving companies should be the right choice.

Why should I hire green movers?

Just one century ago there were far fewer people on Earth, which means polluting was not that big. As time passes, so does the number of people being born. Not to mention the advances in technology and other scientific fields. Our everyday life depends so much on modern technology that we often forget to think about our environment and how important it is to keep it clean! Every year, a lot of people die from pollution-induced causes, and that number is still rising. That should be a reason enough to go green!

All that should be reason enough to transfer to eco-friendly moving companies. Not only are there ethical reasons why you should do it, but also a great number of financial ones as well. You can easily save a lot of money on recycled boxes and other material used in transportation. There are plenty of moving companies in New York with best moving quotes NYC that provide both eco-friendly and financially affordable moving services.  Although the fact is that there are still a lot of non-environment-friendly companies, there is a new and rising trend among movers who go green. To begin with, preserving our nature and keeping pollution at a minimum, they do get benefits from the government for being green.  Manhattan is one of the examples that is leading to “go green” technology and services, especially when it comes to Manhattan moving and storage.

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It is very important to lower the pollution for our future

What are the benefits of going green?

It’s not a secret there are a lot of benefits of hiring green movers, as we already mention before. But if you are going for  a perfect moving, and still you are trying to go green then here are just some of the tips you can surely help you in preserving the environment  and, perhaps, persuade you to hire green movers:

  • Recycle the materials you use for packing. Those materials are not only good for packing stuff, you can reuse them for other purposes as well. Like for cleaning material, or making a new bed for your pets.
  • If you pack efficiently then you won’t have to take more trips back and forth between old and a new place. Saving you gas money and keeping pollution at the minimum.
  • Use the boxes you already have at the beginning. Right after you use them all you will have some sort of idea how much you need to buy, and that is important during moving because it saves money.
  • If you want to hire green movers, be sure to ask them about their recyclable plastic boxes. Every eco-friendly moving company has those just for purposes of not buying cardboard boxes. That way nothing will go to waste and you won’t end up with a pile of boxes you don’t know what to do with. After moving is done, return them back to the moving company.
  • If you took time to plan your moving ahead, then it is a good idea to start stockpiling the material used for packing.
  • Start planning ahead. We can not stress out how important this part it is to take time and plan ahead. Not only will it give you enough time to organize your relocation, but also enough time to search for a good green moving company.

You probably got the idea that these tips are not only about hiring eco-friendly moving companies. It helps you save a lot of money as well. Follow these instructions and you will get yourself an affordable relocation company in no time.

red and blue cloth to use when you hire green movers
Old clothes can be recycled into new things

How to stay green after the relocation?

To be honest all these moving things won’t matter if you do not stay green after the moving process is done. It is not enough to just organize and plan your moving and to think about the environment and then just go back to what you were doing before. The point of going green is all about energy saving, making less waste and recycling materials for further uses. It is not enough just to hire green movers. Consider changing your daily routines and the way of life if you are truly interested in preserving our environment.

  • Start by changing all the lightbulbs in your home with new, energy efficient ones. Light Emitting Diodes (LED) or compact fluorescent lights.
  • You can give away all the recycled boxes, packing and moving materials you used during your move. You surely won’t need them again, at least not in anytime soon. So, why not giving them away to friends or someone who is planning to move?
  • One of the biggest tricks in saving energy and money is unplugging all the electric devices in your home. Yes, even the chargers.
  • If you want your heating bill to be lower during winter, consider putting some eco-friendly insulation to prevent excess heat from leaving your home. That way you will save a lot of money during the winter season and still stay green.
Cracked light bulb
Change old lightbulbs with energy efficient ones

It is not hard to go green and become eco-friendly today. With all this tips and tricks you can see why „go green“ way of life is more than efficient. Make sure you consider all of this when creating that moving checklist. A lot of people and business are already turning to green technologies and ethics behind them. Not only to preserve the environment but to save money as well.  In the video below you can see what to do with the material, you used for moving.


We hope this article helped you in choosing a green way of life, and help you realize why you should hire green movers. If you have any tips and tricks considering going green while moving, please share them with us. We can’t wait to hear from you!