double-check on a moving day

Things to double-check on moving day

Organizing a relocation is a big task. There are numerous things to organize before the moving day. Most people create a moving checklist and list all of the moving tasks to organize better. However, when the moving day comes the job is not over. There are still numerous things to double-check on moving day. Use our tips and organize like a professional on the day of your relocation.

How to organize before the moving day comes

Preparing for the move could be difficult if you are moving for the first time. It is crucial to find quality movers for your relocation. No matter the distance of your move quality West Harlem movers can help you organize. Reliable moving companies are here to provide all the details regarding your relocation. They can schedule your moving date and the delivery date. But also, movers will usually provide a moving quote.

the list
Make sure to write down all of the moving day tasks.

Moving quotes represent the estimate of the moving costs. Movers will come to your location and calculate the amount of your moving cargo. When your movers provide the estimate, they include all the services that you may need including the price of your vehicle relocation.

When preparing for the moving day, it is best to make sure to list all of your tasks. This way when your movers come, you won’t forget to do everything you need to complete the move with ease. With a quality to-do list, you will make sure to double-check on moving day. Your list will usually include various tasks like:

  • Making sure your movers have a clear path to your door
  • Preparations to handle all the important paperwork
  • Checking your home after movers leave with all the boxes

Things to double-check on moving day

Something the hardest part of your relocation is preparation for the moving day. And when that day finally comes, we believe that the job is almost over. But that may not be true. There are numerous things you should consider and check before your movers even start packing all of your boxes. The most important aspect is checking the relocation paperwork your movers provide. After you hire movers and ask for a reliable moving quote, movers provide an estimate. However, moving quote is the most important thing you should double-check on moving day.

On a moving day, your movers will bring your moving quote and the official moving contract for you to sign. The official moving contract will include your official estimate and the costs of each individual service they provide. When that happens, make sure to double check all the numbers and the services included. Also, it is important you compare the official moving estimate with the details from the moving contract. This way you will make sure that you won’t be surprised with the price of your move after long distance movers NYC bring your belongings to your new home. Only after reading the moving contract carefully and signing the official contract with movers, your movers will start packing up your home belongings into boxes.

moving boxes
Prepare in advance and let your movers know where everything goes in advance.

Moving checklist for the day of the move

Keep in mind that there are important tasks you should complete to make sure your movers can provide the most efficient service without delays.

Make sure to clear the path to your door. Your movers may have difficulties completing all the moving tasks if your neighbors park their vehicle outside your door or close the pathway. That is why you should make sure you check the area before your movers arrive. Move your own car and ask your neighbors to do the same for a few hours until movers load all of the moving boxes onto a moving truck.

Make sure to prepare in advance and know where everything goes. Your moving specialists will need guidance and help while packing your items. On the other hand, they will be able to pack more efficiently if you give them information about sensitive items that require special care. In case you have a packing system in mind, let your movers know in advance. After they arrive, you should give them a tour and give all the information they may need for packing your home.

In case you pack specific items in boxes, and you need to get them first, point them out to your movers. They will know how to pack so you won’t have problems finding those moving boxes with essentials. On the other hand, there is another important thing you should double-check on moving day, and that is the box movers shouldn’t pack. Put aside all the boxes you will be taking with you while traveling. Let your movers know where are the boxes they shouldn’t load onto the moving truck.

Make sure everything is packed

After your mover’s finish packing your home, make sure to check everything. Go through your home and open every room and cupboard. It is important none of the items are left behind. After you make sure your old residence is empty, you can give one final signature to your movers. When you do, you will confirm that your movers took all of the moving boxes.

Clean your home

The best feeling in the world is the feeling you get after your movers leave with all your belongings. That is the perfect time to clean the house properly and make sure to get your security deposit back.

After your movers leave, make sure to clean your home before you leave your keys.

Do one final check

In the end, before leaving your old residence, consider doing one last double-check on moving day. Check if the utilities are shut off and all doors and windows are closed before you return your keys to the landlord with the forwarding address.