things to do in NYC this spring

Things to do in NYC this spring

Hi, and welcome to the Big Apple! Living in NYC is a dream of many, and if you’ve just begun this adventure, hop on the train. We are absolutely sure you will love living in this concrete jungle! So, once the snow melts and the sun begins to shine again, residents of New York begin to spend more time outside. When you’re a tourist, you usually don’t have enough time to see and experience everything in the city. However, now that your  Morris Township movers have left, and you start fresh in your new apartment, you have all the time in the world to get to know your new city. We’ve got a few ideas about what can you do in NYC this spring if you don’t know where to begin!

Activities you can do in NYC this spring

There is a reason people say that New York City never sleeps. Even though it gets a bit quieter in the winter, especially in the streets, there are still a lot of people roaming around. One thing is for sure – you will never be bored in this city! Once the temperatures rise in March, and before it gets way too hot in June, New Yorkers love to spend a lot of time outside. That’s why we have compiled this guide for you, including March events in NYC you can attend as well as many free activities anyone can do. We understand that not everyone has a lot of money to spend on activities in the city, considering the rent prices and overall cost of NYC lifestyle.

coney island new york
From exploring NYC beaches to biking around Central Park, there are a lot of budget-friendly activities to do in NYC this spring.

Love flowers? You’re in luck – NYC is in full bloom!

Don’t get us wrong, we all love some vitamin D and hanging out in the park when it’s nice outside. However, spring in NYC can become quite rainy, and going outside isn’t always an option. That’s why we’ve thought of a number of indoor activities which everyone can enjoy, and still feel like you’re outside!

  • Macy’s Flower Show – this is an annual event Macy’s never fails to disappoint with. For two weeks, clothes and shoes won’t be the only things on display when you go shopping at Macy’s. There will be plenty of flowers, too! This year’s theme is “Voyage to Oceanum” and the display will feature a lot of vibrant flowers that resemble the underwater flora.
  • The Orchid Show at the New York Botanical Garden. We believe this is a great activity for the entire family! Each year there is a different theme, and there are events and performances in the evenings as well. Seeing orchids bloom is truly a magnificent sight and something you should see at least once in your life.

Outdoor activities you can do in NYC this spring

However, once the sun shines and the rain stops pouring, NYC offers so many outdoor activities – many of which are free! While you can simply bring a blanket and a picnic basket, and enjoy the sunshine in Central Park, there are also other events you can go to. Here are a few ideas we picked for you:

  • Visit an NYC beach. We know this isn’t as nice as Florida. But, if you’ve just moved from the Sunshine State, your long distance movers NYC will have probably mentioned that there are sandy beaches here as well. Take off your shoes and feel the sand on your feet again when visiting Rockaway Beach or Coney Island. Bear in mind that they all re-open in May.
  • Go on a boat ride in Central Park. We know it’s such a cliche touristy thing to do, but there is a reason for it! Renting a boat on Central Park Lake costs about $15 an hour, and it provides a perfect setting for a spring NYC date.
  • St. Patrick’s Day Parade. An NYC tradition, it’s been going on for 257 years straight! All the way from 44th street up to 79th, it will give you many street food options, great costumes and much more. Don’t forget to stop by the pub at the end!
a group of friends in park on a picnic
Going for a picnic in the park isn’t the only outdoor activity for your friend group this spring!

Sports fan? That’s great – the baseball season is about to begin!

The Yankees and the Mets are about to begin yet another season here in NYC. Their home games will begin at the end of February. Even those who don’t know all the rules of the sport can enjoy the friendly atmosphere at the stadiums! Who knows, maybe you even get to catch a ball during the game and bring it home as a souvenir.

Bike riding is also a popular activity you can do in NYC this spring. May is Bike Month in the city! There are a lot of tours you can join, depending on how much time you have available. If you’re more of a DIY person, you can rent a bike on an hourly/monthly rate, or, if you have your own, download a few routes and get going. Make sure just to follow the rules, wear a helmet and be safe in the crazy NYC traffic!

bike next to a white wall
Going for a bike ride is something a lot of New Yorkers love to do in the spring – why not join them? Just make sure you don’t forget your helmet!

Moving to NYC is much more exciting when you know exactly what to look forward to

Life in this city isn’t ideal for everyone. It has its good and bad sides. Eventually, most folks end up loving it rather than hating it. Get to know a few locals (maybe even your neighbors) and ask them if they have tips for you to get to know the city and its layout. Exploring it is one of the best ways to de-stress after an exhausting relocation process – give it a shot!