Essential packing tools you need for relocation

The ultimate list of moving supplies

So, you have decided to make that big step in your life and change your address. First of all, this is not an easy decision especially if you have to move somewhere far away, for example to another city or state. Moves like this tend to be exhausting because you have to perfectly plan and organize everything. And relocation consists of many separate factors that must click together. Yes, we know that this might sound overwhelming to you but it doesn’t have to be. With the right attitude and with little help on the side, there is really nothing you can’t do. Long distance movers NYC are there to help you relocate and to keep a smile on your face. But before you start planning how to pack your belongings and move, you need to get some moving supplies. Therefore, we have prepared a nice little guide for every single moving supply you need. Yes, we are that nice, you don’t have to thank us.

Things to do before you start packing

The ground rule for every huge decision and relocation is certainly to prepare some sort of a plan. Break down the tasks by groups or importance and follow that plan closely. This presents the best strategy that will help you avoid stress or forget something along the way. So, let’s see how can you make your relocation run smoothly.

  • Create a moving inventory. In other words, this should be the list of all belongings you plan on taking with you. You can go room by room and write down all the items you believe are necessary for your future life. Or which have sentimental value to you. By doing this you will minimize the chances of forgetting something.
  • Do a major overhaul of your belongings. Now is the perfect time to sell, donate or simply throw out everything you think is surplus to requirements. You will be saving money on moving expenses, as well as the time needed for packing. Additionally, you must agree that working in a tidy environment is much easier for you or your Manhattan moving service.
  • Take the measurements of your furniture. What’s the point of transporting that sofa if it can’t fit in your new living room? Prevent any ill-fated scenarios and carefully plan what items can fit your new apartment. Get the blueprint of your new home to be 100 percent certain that your ideas match reality.

    Picture of a notebook and a pencil
    The first thing to do is to make some sort of packing strategy

Cardboard boxes are elemental moving supplies

Now that we have decided what items are to be transported we must concentrate on how to do it. Well, the answer is quite simple; you need to get some moving boxes. You can use them to pack pretty much everything you have in your home. They come in a variety of sizes and build quality and here is where you can get them:

  • Your local DIY store. Here, you can find all sorts of items needed for the relocation process including the aforementioned boxes.
  • Your friends. Ask your friends who recently moved if they have any leftover boxes that can cover your needs. The more they have, the less you will need to buy.
  • Supermarkets and specialized stores. Who has a constant inflow of new merchandise? Stores. Pay a visit to your local supermarket or specialized stores like bookshops or wine stores. Ask to speak with the manager, and see if they are willing to give you some boxes for free.
  • Online. Sites like Craigslist have a section with free items, and if you give it a try chances are that you will find someone who is giving away moving boxes. Another option is Facebook. This social network has groups devoted to almost everything including moving supplies.

If you have to move in a hurry and you don’t have time to pack on your own try local moving services NYC. Get that worry out of the way and concentrate on other aspects of your relocation.

Picture of cardboard boxes
When it comes to moving supplies, cardboard boxes are on top of the list

Other important moving supplies

Moving boxes were a pretty obvious entrance to this list, and here are other equally important moving supplies:

  • Packing tape. Absolutely necessary for sealing the boxes and making them extra protected. Buy several rolls so you don’t have to run to the store again.
  • Plastic wrap is necessary for packing specific items and holding them tightly. Useful to prevent items flying around or spilling.
  • Garbage bags. Ideal for packing certain types of clothes or other soft items. It will protect them from dust and moisture if you plan on renting a storage unit.
  • Plastic bags. Get them in all sizes. Small bags are ideal for tiny pieces like bolts, screws, and nuts from disassembled furniture.
  • Tools. You will need screwdrivers, electric drills, box cutters, scissors and wrenches to perform various relocation-related tasks around the house. Therefore, keep your tools by hand at all times.
  • Marker pens. Use them to label your boxes using any system you find logical. You can also use sticker labels.
  • Bubble wrap is fundamental when it comes to packing fragile items from your kitchen or living room.
  • Packing paper. Again useful for packing fragile items or filling empty space in boxes for maximum stability. You can also use old clothes for this purpose
  • Blankets to protect your furniture from dust and TV and mirrors from scratching.
  • Gloves to spare your hands from blisters.
  • Cleaning supplies to prepare your belongings for shipment.

    A reliable moving company has all the moving supplies at their disposal
    If don’t have time to buy moving supplies you can always call your local moving company

…or you can hire the services of a reliable moving partner

Does this seem like too much work for you? Or you simply don’t have time to do everything on your own? If that is the case start searching for a reliable moving company. When searching for one watch out for red flags and read the online reviews. Your local movers already have all these tools and you can rest assured that they will do their job in a timely and professional manner.

In short, you can get all the moving supplies in stores around the corner or you can call a moving company to do this work for you. We wish you a safe relocation.