The ultimate guide for a successful moving day in NYC

You tipped your downtown Manhattan movers, they tipped their hats. Congratulations! The move is finally over! Now you can take some time for much-needed R&R. Something obviously went terribly right, since the move has been done with no hiccups. Let us rewind and see what chain of events preceded the successful moving day in NYC.

An hour before the move

You are ready to go! NYC moving company you insightfully booked two months ago just left with your belongings safely in the back of their truck. The essentials bag is in the trunk of your car.  You’re doing one final walkthrough, saying goodbye to your old place, taking a few minutes in every room to fondly reminisce about the good times spent there. There’s a grain of sadness, though. Understandable, considering you’ve made so many memories here. But underneath it all, there’s a tidal wave of excitement building up. You pass the keys to the new owners and walk out the door, wide smile on your face. A new adventure begins!

Excited girl with a backpack mid-jump - Successful moving day in NYC
You cannot contain the excitement! And why should you, when everything is going smoothly?

Few hours before the move

Everything is going smoothly! The movers arrived right on time, and now they are carefully loading the boxes in the moving truck. You’re contently overseeing the whole process, occasionally offering your movers some refreshment. And you are so satisfied to see the smile and a gentle nod of appreciation, as they go back to work refreshed. There’s nothing to worry about – you’re certain you didn’t forget anything. After all, you’ve finished packing and labeling days before.

Morning of the successful moving day in NYC

Rise and shine! It’s the day of the move. There are some things to be done! But, you’re not in a hurry. Since you got up early, there’s enough time for everything. It’s time to go over the to-do list you’ve made several days in advance, while sipping the morning coffee. After a light breakfast, the moving day officially started. You’re taking the phone and laptop off the chargers. The batteries are full by now, and the chargers should go in the essentials bag. You are doing another walkthrough. Just to be sure everything is prepared and in position for the arrival of the movers. Which reminds you – you prepared some refreshments for the movers, as you know that carrying heavy boxes is no easy task, and they’ll appreciate it.

Man and woman drinking coffee
Take your time to sip a morning coffee. Everything is ready for the big day!

The previous day

Everything is prepared for a big day tomorrow. Boxes are packed and labeled. For the ease of access you decided to move them close to the door. You’ve prepared adequate moving clothes for the morning. One final check of the essentials bag, purely to be sure everything you need is packed. You plug in the phone and laptop so they are ready for tomorrow. All you need to do now is get a good night’s sleep, so you can start a successful moving day in NYC bright and early.

Two days before

Firstly, no move is complete without throwing a going-away party. You had a great time, catching up with your friends. It was a bit hard saying farewell before they left. But it certainly lifted your spirits and gave you the energy to move forward!