A bench in Central Park and one of the best fall walks in NYC

The Most Romantic Fall Walks in NYC

There is a lot of romantic fall walks in NYC. Although fall symbolizes cold weather, morning fog, and rain, it could be a very passionate time of the year. It depends on your perspective. In case you have seen photos from NYC in the fall, you will know why people choose to live in this city. After you see how many romantic places you can visit, you may decide to ask for moving quotes NYC and start packing. There are a few things make a place romantic.

  • If we make a list of the things that are found in literally every photo from New York it would be trees – there are plenty of them, and they are especially pretty in fall;
  • People love fresh air, so every place when you can go and breathe is good for visiting;
  • We surely consider as romantic fall walks in NYC those without traffic and those are mostly parks;
  • Passionate people do not love to surround with other people, at least not in the city crowd, so choose places where people do not like to walk – but be careful, too;
  • Speaking about being mindful, you should want safe places – avoid dark and shadowy areas, but do not avert peaceful and calm parts of the parks.

If we can name one place where you can go for a romantic walk, it would be Central Park. It is the most photographed and most romantic place in New York. There are many reasons for that. Not only that it has trees, grass, lake, and small bridges made of stone, it is for sure that places that people have pictured in movies contributed to the popularity.

Skyscrapers above the Central Park
Whenever you walk in Central Park you will have great view on the city.

Central Park is one of the most romantic fall walks in NYC

For people that have visited Central Park, this place has incredibly beautiful nature. It is like a piece of nature in the middle of the large city. People love this place, not just for walking. You can walk your pets here, run, drive a bike. People come here with children, play sports. It has excellent outdoor activities, concerts, and events. However, it is excellent for taking photos and taking a romantic stroll. There are a few places here that could attract every visitor.

Firstly, go to The Lake

The lake is one of the most popular places in New York and Central Park. Even their official site has a photo of it as a trademark. Whenever you go there, you will find the prettiest romantic fall walks in NYC. Go around it, look for swans in the lake. You will find boats if you like passionate driving. After all, the best is to walk around it.

Visit the popular bridges

If something is highly accessible from movies about New York, there are bridges in Central Park. One of the most popular is Bow Bridge. You can see it in romantic comedies. Maybe because they have made it of stone, in classic style. Perhaps it is merely a great place, but you will have a lot of reasons to hire Clinton moving company and come to live in New York.

There is a bridge that people have seen in movies and TV shows and cannot forget. NYC movers and packers claim that people mostly come to NYC to live because of that mix of styles and architecture. Gastown Bridge is one of these great things there.

A bridge in Central Park
Central Park bridges are very popular.

Romantic parks

Like we said above, trees contribute to the romance as on the photos as well in nature. When fall starts, their leaves become yellow and gold and the combination of those colors gives an amazingly peaceful picture. If you are lucky and go for a walk on sunny days, the colors of the fall become even brighter. It is like nature does not want to give up yet and use the last days before winter comes.

Prospect Park

This is another great place, this time in Brooklyn. Great for people that love the old-grow forest. For people that love yellow and gold tones of the fall, the wood is like a ball with the best candy. It is especially great for people who do not live in places with trees. So, if you do not live in this part of New York, consider hiring one of Brooklyn movers and move here.

Fort Tryon Park

You have surely seen the popular New Jersey’s Palisades view in movies. In most cases, they have made a movie in this park. It is nearby Hudson River, has great nature and some of the ancient trees there. It is hard to spend only one day here, so you will surely come back even when winter comes. Do not forget to take a camera with you.

You can choose romantic fall walks in NYC for hiking

Although not quite passionate, for some people hiking and spending a day in fresh air is exceptionally peaceful. It is an activity that people do in spring, but do not hesitate to try it in fall, though. The air becomes fresher and colder, and the summer heats are gone, and light is darker and thicker. Even the slow and short walk could clear your mind and restart you for a new day.

Alley Pour Park

It could be an excellent place for visiting even when fall pass. Alley Pour Park is the second-highest park in New York, although not that popular like Central Park. It could be an excellent opportunity to enjoy nature without the crowd in Central Park and spend a romantic day here. People love the environment, walks, and trees.

You should choose places with trees for romantic walks in fall.

Van Cortland Park

Van Cortland Park is undoubtedly one of the places that people love for hiking and nature. As people claim, this place is great for hiking because it has a lot of walks under the trees. You will be able to enjoy great nature in every part of the year. However, the best time to visit it is in fall. When treetops close above your head and make a tunnel, you will feel like in a fairytale. The best thing is that people describe it as one of the most romantic fall walks in NYC, besides Central Park.