Sign "importance" - The importance of insurance and licensing when hiring movers

The importance of insurance and licensing when hiring movers

Being a victim of a scam is never fun. Nor is it fun to find your stuff damaged and then have your movers tell you that you didn’t have insurance and that your stuff won’t be replaced or repaired. And these are only some case scenarios that could happen to you when you’re moving. And it goes without saying that this adds more stress to an already stressful experience. So we can’t emphasize enough how important insurance and licensing are when you’re hiring professional movers! And that’s why you should continue reading to find out more about insurance and licensing when hiring movers.

The importance of insurance when hiring movers

When we talk about insurance it’s important to know that there are various kinds of insurance. There are two kinds of insurance in particular that your movers must offer you when you’re moving long distance. But if you’re moving locally or intrastate then only the most reputable movers will do this. However, Woodbridge Township movers advise you to get insurance no matter where you’re moving.

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It’s better to be safe than sorry

And now, let’s explain a bit these two kinds of insurance:

  1. Released value protection. This is the most basic and minimal coverage option that the movers won’t charge you for. But you will have to ask for it and sign a contract. Typically, the movers assume liability at 60 cents per pound per article. So if you have a lot of valuable and expensive items this may not be the best insurance you can get.
  2. Full value protection. This is the other option and you must pay extra for this. But once you get this insurance the movers are liable for the full replacement of the goods they are transporting. You decide what your goods are worth and then pay a premium for that. If your things get damaged or lost, the movers must either repair them, replace or make a payout for the repair or the current market value of things.

The importance of licensing when hiring movers

Here’s the good news! By law all long distance movers NYC must have a license and therefore have the USDOT number. And to make matters easier, you can go to the US Department of Transportation’s Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration website and just type in the name of the moving company that you’re interested in. If they have a license you will find them there.

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When you’re not moving long distance things get more complicated

The reason why things get complicated when you’re moving locally or intrastate is that the law varies from state to state. So you should first check if your state has a law that makes all the moving companies have a license or is it just the ones that offer long distance relocation.

One more way to find insured and licensed movers

Knowing the importance of insurance and licensing when hiring long distance movers NYC, the Better Business Bureau has made a website where you can check if a certain moving company is licensed or not. You can also use their website to find some reviews from customers and disputes should there be any. Furthermore, knowing all this about insurance and licensing when hiring movers will enable you to avoid moving scams that could cost you a lot.