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The best way to move a hot tub safely

So, how do you actually move a hot tub? It doesn’t matter if you are relocating to a new place… Or whether you are simply looking for a way to move a newly bought hot tub in your home… Moving this bulky item is not a menial task to say the very least. The answer: you can do it, but it’s not as easy as you thought. However, it’s not all loom and gloom. We have some good news. With some proper organizational skills, a little bit of thinking, preparing and with some good old fashion muscles, it can be done. Although we are going to warn you right of the bat, hot tubs are very heavy.

A hot tub in the garden
When moving hot tubs make sure to take into account the weight and size of it!

The best way to move a hot tub safely

So in the case that you are not sure whether or not you will be able to move it all by yourself, let us put you out of your misery. You can’t. That’s why we recommend you either ask for help from friends or hire Manhattan movers for an effortless move.

A few words before we start…

Okay so hopefully, you are on board with us and you have decided that you want to move a hot tub. You should keep the following things in mind. First thing first, make sure you have all the proper moving equipment all set-up and ready to go. That is if you are moving with friends if, on the other hand, you are hiring Wayne movers you have no need to worry. They will bring all the important tools for the job. Secondly, you should check the surrounding area. We recommend that you do a quick sweep of the area you are going to move the hot tub in. You should check if something could obstruct you, your friends or the tub from being relocated.

move a hot tub
When moving the hot tub make sure you ask for help!

The best way to move a hot tub safely

After you have checked all of that from the list, it’s time to move the hot tub. First, we want you to disconnect it from the power outlet. After you have done that, it’s time to drain the tub. The best way of going about this is to grab a gardening hose and to pump the water in the street gutter. Okay, after everything is prepared and ready to be moved, it’s time to bring out the big guns – furniture dollies.

Why furniture dollies?

Trust us, one of the best ways for loading a moving truck is to use furniture dollies. It should sit quite snugly in between those two dollies. Make sure you secure the jacuzzi with moving straps. All you need to do now is to roll the hot tub to the truck and follow the same process only backward to relocate it where you want it.

Et voila! You have successfully, moved a hot tub. It wasn’t so hard now, was it?