Thanksgiving in Manhattan - what to do

Thanksgiving in Manhattan – what to do?

Thanksgiving in Manhattan is one of the NYC residents’ most favorite holidays. The great food, the fall weather, the festive sounds, all add to the atmosphere and the feel of Thanksgiving that no other city can replicate. But, alas, it is only one day after all. You cannot experience the Big Apple in such a small amount of time. So, where are you to go? Well, we have written things article so that you will have an easier time deciding what you should do on Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving Day parade

Let us start off with the most famous one. NYC’s Thanksgiving Day parade is the world famous parade celebrated annually for the last 86 years. Just ask your Yorkville movers about it. At it, you will be able to see the cast of huge balloons shaped like lovable characters. The parade starts at Central Park West and 77th street at 9 am. Then it continues on through Columbus Circle and Central Park South. It ends on 34th Street and 7th Avenue in front of Macy’s Herald Square at 12 pm. If you haven’t seen it before, be sure to check it out. Bring your family and enjoy Thanksgiving Day as a true Newyorker. Just make sure to bring water and food with you so you don’t have to suffer the big crowds of people that are bound to show up.

Thanksgiving Parade in NYC
Thanksgiving Parade in NYC is something you simply have to experience.

Cooking Workshop

Wanna learn how to cook the best pumpkin pie? Then come on down to the Wave Hill House in Wave Hill on Thanksgiving Day and learn from the best. Here you will be able to find out all the little tips and trick that cooking masters use to make their pies the best in the world. Once you have made it, you are free to take it home and show your craftsmanship to your friends and family. What better way to come to a family Thanksgiving party than with an exceptional homemade pumpkin pie.

Go to a nice pub

If cooking is not your speed, you can simply go to a nice pub. Many places have special events for Thanksgiving where you will be able to enjoy delicious food that you normally wouldn’t be able to. From hundreds of different pastries made with pumpkin to turkey cooked to perfection. And, as many businesses are closed during Thanksgiving Day, you should consider inviting someone to come with you. Consider using Thanksgiving Day to see some of your old friends, or invite that special someone out on a date. Enjoy Thanksgiving in Manhattan surrounded with people that you normally don’t have time to see, but would very much like to.

Friends in a pub for Thanksgiving in Manhattan
What better way to spend Thanksgiving in Manhattan, then with a couple of friends in a pub.

A Thanksgiving Day feast

There is nothing quite like the Thanksgiving Day feast. If you are at all good at cooking, you should try and organize it at least once. Consider inviting your closest friends and family in order to properly enjoy this awesome day. Prepare some turkey, pumpkin pie and everything else that goes into a proper Thanksgiving Day feast. If, on the other hand, you get invited to one, be sure not to miss it. Talk with the host about bringing either drinks or some food item. Rember that Thanksgiving Day is about being thankful, and that you should definitely be so with the people who invite you over. Carefully consider who you will spend your Thanksgiving in Manhattan with as, traditionally, they should be people that are the closest to you.

Go shopping

Black Friday sales can be astonishing to someone who is not used to them. Every experienced shopkeeper knows that during Black Friday you can find discounts that seem downright illegal. A smart thing to do is to start looking for things and stores that you like from early November. Then, you can go to those stores early on Black Friday and get the stuff that you like for outrageously low prices. Just be ready for crowds. People of NYC love getting their things cheap, and there will be a lot of shoppers on Thanksgiving day. Therefore, you need to know where to go and what to look for if you are going to make the most out of Black Friday discounts.

Volunteer for true Thanksgiving in Manhattan

If you really want to feel what Thanksgiving is all about, you should go and volunteer. From giving food to the homeless to helping elderly people. You can even clean the streets of NYC. There are many places where you can find volunteer work and share the true experience of Thanksgiving in Manhattan. Just know that there will be a lot of people doing it for completely vain reasons. They will come here only to post a few selfies and do the minimum amount of work required for them to say that they did something. Your best bet is to ignore them. Try your best to help your fellow citizens. That is what this day is about. Not pumpkins and vanity.

Just walk around

Look, NYC is beautiful during the fall. Use these spare moments to appreciate it. Admire all the beautiful colors. Spend some time in Central Park. Just because it is Thanksgiving, doesn’t mean that you have to spend it doing something special. Go out and enjoy yourself. Walk around aimlessly and see what the beauty of NYC is all about. You will especially enjoy it if you bring a friend furry with you so that you can appreciate it together. As pet moving services NYC can tell you, pets love being outside during fall season.

Just walk around NYC
Just walk around NYC. No need for something special.

Visit the Zoo

A great place to visit in NYC is the Zoo. There are five zoos all around the city, and you can easily appreciate them on Thanksgiving day. Take your family and go see all the animals, plants, birds and insects that you can. Use the experience to teach your kids about nature and the circle of life. Watching animals on your screen is one thing, but seeing them in person is completely another.