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Tips for making a moving inventory list

When it comes to moving, we all do our best to organize every step of the process. We pack our things carefully and check several times if we left anything behind. But somehow, many times our belongings go missing somewhere between the old and new home. How is that possible, you wonder? Well, it happens to the best of us. Have you thought of making a moving inventory list? If you didn’t, better think twice. There is no better way to make sure all of your things will come safely to their next destination. Here are some tips on how to make it right. Continue reading “Tips for making a moving inventory list”

How to pack liquids for transport

In one recent study about liquids, two fluid physicists investigated the science behind spilling. Why is so hard carrying and transporting liquids without spilling it? Interestingly, liquid “sloshing” is a highly involved science which involves the interplay of torques, forces, and accelerations. How to avoid spilling as per scientists? Transport them slowly, accelerate gradually, and keep an eye on the bottles. Imagine your liquids sloshing while your moving truck is going through Manhattan traffic jam. Fortunately, we have some a bit more practical tips on how to pack liquids for transport. Continue reading “How to pack liquids for transport”

Reasons to avoid winter moving

If you have found a new home and made a plan for your move, it is perfectly understandable you are impatient and simply cannot wait. Very possibly the prices of moving services are lower too, due to low season. Also, it is much easier to carry your things when you are sweat free. But, there is a big but. Here are some reasons to avoid winter moving, you should consider them. Continue reading “Reasons to avoid winter moving”

Easy ways to create extra space in your home

We have more stuff now than we ever did in the history of mankind. Think about it for a moment. Since man could walk, talk and make things there have never been more personal possessions per person. A big part of that was made possible by technological advances, increased trade, development of capitalism and other socio-economic factors. But, the biggest reason why this happens is that we are not completely sure how to differentiate between the things we need and the things we think we want. Well, when the time comes that your home or garage become overwhelmed with useless items and you need to clear it, read our guide. Here we will show you how to create extra space in your home and get rid of the clutter in your home. Continue reading “Easy ways to create extra space in your home”

Mentally prepare yourself for moving – life hacks

People often rank moving as one of the most stressful things a person can experience. And, it is not hard to see why. You have to plan and execute a lot of things, without any mistakes, in a limited amount of time. So, there is certainly going to a lot of pressure. But, luckily, people have been moving for a long time. Therefore, we have figured out ways in which you can mentally prepare yourself for moving and, to a certain degree, reduce the stress and the pressure that will come. Continue reading “Mentally prepare yourself for moving – life hacks”

How to pack your home security system

Home safety is one of the biggest concerns of the American people. We live in dangerous times where every day you can read about terrible things happening to good people. Especially in big cities. Whether NYC is safe or not has been a complicated question for many years. While the answer is usually yes, you should take any risks when it comes to your safety. Therefore, you need to properly pack your home security system and move it with you to your new place. Don’t put your’s and your family’s safety in question. Make sure that you are protected. Continue reading “How to pack your home security system”