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How to help your child cope with relocation

Every family is different, and no child acts the same when coping with a relocation. If you plan to move with children to a new home, you should make sure to help your child cope with relocation. There are many ways to ease the moving process to your kids. Depending on their age, emotional state and temperament, you should find the best way to prepare your child for the move. Continue reading “How to help your child cope with relocation”

Moving while pregnant – is it advisable?

The thrill of bringing the new life into this world can’t be compared with anything else. And getting through pregnancy safely and stress-free beats all the current plans and concerns. However, along with pregnancy comes also an urge for nesting. The pregnant women often get strong nesting instinct and crave for a safe and comfortable home for their offspring. Hence, this feeling often becomes a very powerful motivating force for moving. relocating while pregnant can be a very daunting task. You should be aware that relocation can often be an extremely stressful and troublesome experience. It could be hard for you and endanger your condition. The good news is that your family, friends, and movers you hire will do their best to help and spare you in every possible way. Moving while pregnant – is it advisable? Let’s give this some thought. Continue reading “Moving while pregnant – is it advisable?”

How to determine priorities on moving day

Moving to a new home takes a lot of planning and preparation. Most of the move-related task should be already complete when your movers arrive on a moving day. On the other hand, a move is not over yet. You still have to make sure that everything is ready for the moving crew and help coordinate the entire process. In case, you dread that your moving day may get chaotic, consider our tips and determine priorities on moving day. Continue reading “How to determine priorities on moving day”

Good brunch spots in Manhattan to visit

Are you planning your Manhattan relocation? Or have you already moved to NYC? During your first few days in the city, you should consider taking a walk and checking out one of the best brunch spots in Manhattan to visit. The amazing food scene in NYC is something this city is famous for. If you are lucky to be living in Manhattan, check out the list of the most popular places to enjoy brunch with your friends and family. Continue reading “Good brunch spots in Manhattan to visit”

Worst Manhattan neighborhoods for car parking

If you plan to move to Manhattan, you should learn more about what it means to be a driver in NYC. Unlike many smaller cities, New York seems to always have too many cars on the streets. Moreover, some of the city’s areas are considered to be impossible for car parking. In case you are moving to Big Apple with your family, you might need to transport your car, too. If this is the case, ask your moving company if they offer car transportation services. Reliable movers can offer you top moving quotes NYC and transport your car with ease. After movers relocate it to New York City, you’ll need to learn a thing or two about driving in NYC. In order for you to avoid the parking troubles, let’s explain some of the worst Manhattan neighborhoods for car parking. Continue reading “Worst Manhattan neighborhoods for car parking”

Belongings you should personally transport

Moving your entire home belongings to a new location can be stressful even with the best moving assistance. There are numerous tasks to consider and organize. That is why moving can be overwhelming at times. One of the most difficult parts of the move is packing. If you are planning to hire one of the most reputable Harlem moving companies to transport your belongings, make sure you know which items movers cannot move. You will save yourself a lot of headaches and possible additional expenses if you don’t pack certain items. Here are few tips on packing for your move and the belongings you should personally transport. Continue reading “Belongings you should personally transport”

How to adapt to moving into a smaller home?

No matter if you are moving for the first time or you have made this journey before. The moving rules are simple and the first rule is that you have to prepare everything in detail. Every relocation is not the same. That is why moving into a smaller home may require you to change the moving rules and adapt as much as you can. Follow few simple rules when moving into a smaller living space with ease. Continue reading “How to adapt to moving into a smaller home?”

Best places for pets in Brooklyn

Are you preparing to move to Brooklyn with your pet? If you are, this might be one of the best neighborhoods for you. New York is a pet-friendly city, in general. However, after the move is over, adapting to a big city might be stressful for your pet. If you are moving to New York with your family, make sure to hire Nomad movers NYC to help you relocate your home. After movers help you plan your move, check out some of the best places for pets in Brooklyn. After the move, it might be useful to know where your pet can feel welcomed in this neighborhood. Continue reading “Best places for pets in Brooklyn”

How to stay healthy during a move

If you are ready to move to the center of the world and to feel summer fun in Manhattan, first, take a deep breath! We know how much exhausting and overwhelming move to NYC can be. Moving is one of the most stressful periods in the life, so you should find a way to stay healthy during a move and to make it less stressful. Some simple moving strategies and tips will help you stay healthy during a move. Keep reading to find out how to do it successfully. Continue reading “How to stay healthy during a move”

The best NYC neighborhoods for families

For years it was the practice for families to move out of NYC, but today more and more young families decide to stay and live in NYC. If your family wants to take an advantage of cultural opportunities, diversity, job opportunities, public transportation, great education, and childcare, you should not hesitate anymore – NYC is the place for your family. That’s why we want to help you find one of the best NYC neighborhoods for families where you can raise your children. Continue reading “The best NYC neighborhoods for families”