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Tips for inspecting a home before buying it

Buying your own home is maybe the biggest decision you will ever make. A huge investment like this should be a wise one. You will need to be extra careful about each step you take. There will be a huge amount of paperwork and stress. However, it is all worth it. Owning your own property comes with numerous benefits, but it can also be a big burden. In case you choose wrong, you may end up with numerous expenses and repairs that can empty your wallet in no time. To avoid making a wrong decision about your future home, consider inspecting a home before buying it. Use our guide to handle this part of the home buying process like a professional. Continue reading “Tips for inspecting a home before buying it”

Renting vs buying a home in NYC

The fact is that New York is one of the most expensive cities in America. But no price is too high for living in the city of dreams. The place of limitless possibilities, where everybody fits in and nobody’s a stranger. If you are moving to Big Apple, we suggest that you hire some if the trusted long distance movers NYC. And when it comes to housing, you probably think that renting is much cheaper than buying the real estate. Well, don’t be so sure. Renting vs buying a home in NYC, what should you choose? This is not a decision you should make lightly, you need to really give this some thought. Weigh all the pros and cons, and closely examine your finances and lifestyle. Let’s find out what suits you best. Continue reading “Renting vs buying a home in NYC”

Best ways to commute in Manhattan

If you are one of the lucky ones moving to the Big Apple, you will experience a great change. Hiring experienced Soho movers will make your relocation easier. And being new in NYC, you are probably going to be scared to death of its commute. I admit, it seems scary. But that is a part of its jungle vibe. And don’t worry, you will get used to it faster than you think. In the fast city, you have to change your habits even faster in order to keep up with it. Before you notice, you will start using a subway and stealing cabs like a true New Yorker. Here are some tips to help you commute in Manhattan. Continue reading “Best ways to commute in Manhattan”

How to compare local moving companies?

If you have moved before you probably know moving could be a bit of a pickle. Is starts dreamy, you are all excited and full of enthusiasm.  But in the next moment, you are having a panic attack, because there are so many tasks and so little time. Let’s skip this part and help ourselves. If you have already decided to hire a professional moving company you are halfway there. But how to choose the right local moving company? The bigger offer is, the harder the choice is. Here are some tips on how to compare local moving companies and find the one that suits you best. Continue reading “How to compare local moving companies?”

Eco-friendly packing tips

If you are preparing for moving, this is a big and exciting period for you. You must be extremely busy arranging your move and packing your belongings. Are you too busy to think about the environment? You shouldn’t be. Because when the going gets tough that is when the tough get going. Let’s remind ourselves how much we love our planet and go through our eco-friendly packing guidelines. It won’t be hard or expensive, I promise. Continue reading “Eco-friendly packing tips”

Suburban home VS urban apartment – which wins in the Big Apple?

Are you planning to relocate to the Big Apple? If you do you will have to choose your new home. Depending on your wishes and needs, you may choose between the urban life where everything is at your fingertips and suburban lifestyle. If you are about to make such an important step in your life, consider our tips on choosing the best option for your future home. Suburban home vs urban apartment – find out which one wins in the Big Apple. Continue reading “Suburban home VS urban apartment – which wins in the Big Apple?”

Moving an aquarium – do you need professional help?

Fish can be great companions. They are quiet, tranquil and once you know what you are doing, very easy to maintain. While our furry friends require constant attention, fish are independent. They don’t require feeding as much as the other pets and are therefore much cheaper to have. But what advantages they have for being so easygoing, they lose for being one of the hardest pets to move. The problem is that when you are moving your fish you are also moving it’s home. Moving an aquarium needs to be done properly if you want your fish to survive in the new environment. But, can you move it properly on your own, or should you hire pet moving services NYC? Here is what you need to know. Continue reading “Moving an aquarium – do you need professional help?”

Makings of a good neighborhood in NYC

Are you looking forward to moving to a good neighborhood in NYC? All excitement aside, you might want to double check before choosing your new home location. Whether you are moving locally in New York or relocating from abroad, a good Chelsea moving company might help you with a relocation. If anyone knows the makings of a good neighborhood in NYC it’s the moving companies. After moving, so many families and business people, they always hear stories about different neighborhoods in the city. Continue reading “Makings of a good neighborhood in NYC”

Reasons to hire professional packers

Homeowners face a number of important decisions when they’re moving house. As both local and long distance movers NYC, we believe that keeping you informed is essential. So, today we want to tackle one of the most common dilemmas when it comes to moving house. To begin with, we will tell you a bit about different options when it comes to hiring an NYC moving company to pack your household. Then, we will give you the top pros and cons. In the end, when you have all reasons to hire professional packers in front of you, we leave the decision-making process to you. Continue reading “Reasons to hire professional packers”

How to pick the best Manhattan rental broker

Let us start with some numbers. NYC has 27000 working rental brokers in a market with 3 percent vacancy rate! We don’t have to point out how exceedingly cutthroat this market is. Do you think you can manage to find an apartment on your own, or do you want to keep reading and learn how to find the best Manhattan rental broker? Everyone and their grandma know how overwhelming looking for a place in NYC can be. From deciding which side of Manhattan to live in to find a pet-friendly home, it can become very stressful. That’s why it’s better to have an expert on your side. A best Manhattan rental broker will do all the pesky work for you, you just need to utter what you need and state your budget. Continue reading “How to pick the best Manhattan rental broker”