Space saving tips for small NYC apartments

One of the biggest aspects of NYC’s image, the cliche that comes to everyone’s mind, is its tinny apartments. These micro-studios and other ridiculously small living spaces are a true testament to the ingenuity of New Yorkers. The Big Apple is infamously challenging on so many different levels. Housing is very limited and the market is insanely competitive. In the moving industry, weight equals money, and the less stuff you have the better. Space saving tips are a must in New York City. Continue reading “Space saving tips for small NYC apartments”

How to live in Manhattan on a budget

Everyone and their grandma knows how expensive living in NYC is, but do you know the true extent of it? Before an average New Yorker’s paycheck reaches the bank, he or she is already missing up to 12% due to the highest income taxes in the country. Next stop is paying for some of the least affordable housing in the nation and last but not the least-the everyday products. These are up to twice the national average. NYC’s core Manhattan is even worse, reaching heights of more than double the national average on everything! To live in Manhattan on a budget is a reality for most of its citizens. Continue reading “How to live in Manhattan on a budget”

How to pick the best Manhattan rental broker

Let us start with some numbers. NYC has 27000 working rental brokers in a market with 3 percent vacancy rate! We don’t have to point out how exceedingly cutthroat this market is. Do you think you can manage to find an apartment on your own, or do you want to keep reading and learn how to find the best Manhattan rental broker? Everyone and their grandma know how overwhelming looking for a place in NYC can be. From deciding which side of Manhattan to live in to find a pet-friendly home, it can become very stressful. That’s why it’s better to have an expert on your side. A best Manhattan rental broker will do all the pesky work for you, you just need to utter what you need and state your budget. Continue reading “How to pick the best Manhattan rental broker”

Most-Instagrammable Places in New York City

Let’s not kid ourselves! We live in the world where social networks are our new reality. Even though studies show that mindless scrolling through Facebook or Instagram causes feelings of depression, loneliness, resentment and lowered self-esteem, people tend to do it more and more. One of the common ways used to fight this low self-esteem is to share photos that will project our own envy-inspiring social media persona. What can be more envious than selfies from one of the greatest cities in the world? What can be cooler than pics from a nightclub in a city that never sleeps? Dynamic Movers NYC are here to help with anything related to your NYC relocation. We even though of how you will portray yourself on social networks! So here is our list of most-instagrammable places in New York City. Continue reading “Most-Instagrammable Places in New York City”

The Pros and Cons of Retiring in NYC

Throughout history, NYC has been a final destination for people from many different nations and religions. People have been flocking here for many different reasons. Youngsters from all around the world see it as the epitome of success. “If I make it here I’ll make it anywhere” is the credo echoing through everyone’s mind. You want to end up here, get a job in NYC, be able to stay and support yourself, why not see NYC as your final destination? Retiring in NYC is as alluring as any other aspect of life here. If your life-long dream was to relocate to NYC for retirement and make it your final destination, you should look into moving quotes NYC. Here at Dynamic Movers NYC, we offer that service for free. But before you do anything let’s look into pros and cons of retiring in NYC. Continue reading “The Pros and Cons of Retiring in NYC”

How to meet new neighbors in NYC

How to meet new neighbors in NYC? This is a question that every newcomer in New York is thinking about. Relocating to a metropolis like NYC is very stressful for everyone who is trying to make it. Especially if you are moving to the center of NYC – Manhattan, the idea of fitting it can be a daunting one. After your movers Upper West Side helps you settle down, the next step is to meet your new neighbors. Meeting new people is a good way to fit in and to reduce the anxiety after moving to NYC. Continue reading “How to meet new neighbors in NYC”

Moving from Brooklyn to Manhattan Tips

Why would you want to move from the lovely Brooklyn to busy Manhattan? You know they have trees in Brooklyn, right? Over the years Brooklyn has shed it’s notorious reputation and became a lovable family neighborhood. It’s a heaven for young professionals, startups and young companies keep sprouting on every corner. Its spacious sidewalks and abundance of parks make it perfect for strollers, or better say, young families. Everything about Brooklyn screams young! So why would you do it? Moving from Brooklyn to Manhattan is a big step. For example, you’ll be surprised to find that Upper East Side is actually quite affordable. Knowing the NYC real estate market, this can come as a surprise to many. So maybe moving to Manhattan isn’t such a bad idea? Make sure you find Upper East Side movers you can trust, and make the plunge. Continue reading “Moving from Brooklyn to Manhattan Tips”

Which side of Manhattan is better for living?

Which side of Manhattan is better for living? Is there a difference you would think? Even though Manhattan looks like one big island, it has many different “sides” to it. Upper East Side and Upper West Side are basically the same things divided by the beautiful Central Park? Not quite! If you ask a local you will get an earful on how the neighborhoods differ. For potential future residents, this is an important topic, and something worth considering. Here at Dynamic Movers NYC, we would like to cover any topic that could benefit our current or future clients. Continue reading “Which side of Manhattan is better for living?”

NYC nightlife guide

Let’s make yet another Sinatra reference and welcome you to “the city that never sleeps”! NYC nightlife is livelier than ever and you’ll need some advice if you’re looking to go out in this megalopolis. As one of the local moving companies in NYC, we feel obliged to help you with every aspect of your new life in the Big Apple. Our NYC services don’t stop after unpacking. We want to make sure you are settled in and one of the best ways to start feeling like a local is to explore NYC’s nightlife. Even though this is not our area of expertise, we will try our best creating a basic guide and a list of most popular clubs. Continue reading “NYC nightlife guide”

Top free things to do after moving to NYC

Welcome to the most populated city in the USA! Hopefully, you used the best moving services in NYC when you were planning your relocation and everything went without a hitch! NYC is one of the most expensive cities in the world to visit and to live in. That’s why we decided to compile this fun list of free things to do after moving to NYC and take the edge of your stressful life change. You have just arrived in one of the greatest places in the world and you are here to stay! You are eager to enjoy it and get the full NYC experience, whatever that means to you. Continue reading “Top free things to do after moving to NYC”