Guide to flipping an apartment in NYC

New York is truly a giant place – and we don’t mean just the sheer geographical size alone. Everything is huge. Culture is diverse and thriving. The population is numerous and dynamic. New communities rise up all the time in ever increasing NYC world. And, with all that size, one thing is certainly not be underestimated. The opportunity. New York City offers opportunities like no other place in America. Its economy is an arena and the prizes are huge. And, if you are reading this you already are thinking of taking on this huge opportunity by flipping an apartment in NYC.

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Best couples activities in Manhattan

Most New Yorkers enjoy this big city and everything. It has to offer. We all know that NYC is the one that never sleeps. It is easy to find fun things to do no matter the season. But when you are in a relationship and wish to plan a romantic outing, there is no shortage of ideas. Use our guide and find out about the best couples activities in Manhattan.

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Most affordable Manhattan neighborhoods to settle in

Whether you’ve moved to the City for work or you’re here to experience a part of the New York lifestyle, you want to spend as little money as you can on necessities. We’d all like to save a few bucks on rent and groceries, but it’s not easy while living in New York. Luckily, you can live in one of the biggest cities in the world on a low budget, you just have to know where! That is why we’ve created this list of the most affordable Manhattan neighborhoods to help you.

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Manhattan solutions for extreme sports

Ah, the Big Apple. Many people come here to make their dream come true. But, with all the hustle and bustle of moving to NYC and then living in it, people usually want to find a way to slow down. After suffering the 9 to 5 job, and traffic, they just want to have a drink and relax with their favorite tv show. Well, if that sounds nothing like you, then this is an article for you. NYC is a big city, and there is more to it than eating brunch on a Saturday. Many adrenaline seeking people have come together and managed to have some extreme fun while staying in NYC. Here are some Manhattan solutions for extreme sports for you to get some much-needed action. Continue reading “Manhattan solutions for extreme sports”

Good brunch spots in Manhattan to visit

Are you planning your Manhattan relocation? Or have you already moved to NYC? During your first few days in the city, you should consider taking a walk and checking out one of the best brunch spots in Manhattan to visit. The amazing food scene in NYC is something this city is famous for. If you are lucky to be living in Manhattan, check out the list of the most popular places to enjoy brunch with your friends and family. Continue reading “Good brunch spots in Manhattan to visit”

Best Manhattan rooftop bars to explore

Living in Manhattan has many upsides. One of the most famous ones is the nightlife. If you are moving to New York and want to know more about fabulous rooftop bars, you came to the right place. After the stress of moving to the new city, relaxing with a tasty cocktail in your hand will sound like a great idea. Keep reading to find out more about the best Manhattan rooftop bars to explore. Continue reading “Best Manhattan rooftop bars to explore”

Summer fun in Manhattan

Move to NYC is such a momentous decision, followed by a difficult transition and a lot of budgeting. Everything in this city is a little bit harder than everywhere else. That is why it is so important to do your research prior to the fact. Prepare, plan ahead and of course, hire reputable Manhattan movers to do the job right. Now that you are here, in one of the most exciting cities in the world, it’s time to assimilate or go home! What better way of easing your self in than exploring this magnificent city? Therefore we decided to help you out a little bit with a guide to summer fun in Manhattan. It’s almost like NYC understands how expensive it is. At some point, it decided to compensate the fact by offering plenty of free entertainment and sightseeing. Continue reading “Summer fun in Manhattan”

The pros and cons of owning a car in NYC

Do you think it is a good idea to own a vehicle in a city that is dubbed “the city that hates cars”? Owning a car in NYC can be a tricky business especially if you are not prepared for it. NYC public transport is one of the best in the nation and it can easily get you to work and back, mind the rats and the smell. If you don’t mind spending more on transport, there is always the famous NYC cab. Nevertheless, people still do it and they brag about it. They are proud to own a car here like it’s another obstacle NYC threw at them and they were able to overcome it. If you hired one of affordable NYC moving companies, you might still afford a car here. So let’s look into pros and cons of owning a car in NYC more closely. Continue reading “The pros and cons of owning a car in NYC”

Space saving tips for small NYC apartments

One of the biggest aspects of NYC’s image, the cliche that comes to everyone’s mind, is its tinny apartments. These micro-studios and other ridiculously small living spaces are a true testament to the ingenuity of New Yorkers. The Big Apple is infamously challenging on so many different levels. Housing is very limited and the market is insanely competitive. In the moving industry, weight equals money, and the less stuff you have the better. Space saving tips are a must in New York City. Continue reading “Space saving tips for small NYC apartments”

How to live in Manhattan on a budget

Everyone and their grandma knows how expensive living in NYC is, but do you know the true extent of it? Before an average New Yorker’s paycheck reaches the bank, he or she is already missing up to 12% due to the highest income taxes in the country. Next stop is paying for some of the least affordable housing in the nation and last but not the least-the everyday products. These are up to twice the national average. NYC’s core Manhattan is even worse, reaching heights of more than double the national average on everything! To live in Manhattan on a budget is a reality for most of its citizens. Continue reading “How to live in Manhattan on a budget”