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How to find proper storage in Manhattan

Moving your belongings from one location to another takes some time to plan. You might be looking for a temporary storage solution, or you need some extra space for your things. If you are moving to New York, or you already have a home in Manhattan, you will have no trouble finding a functional storage unit near your home. Take a look at this guide that will help you find proper storage in Manhattan. Continue reading “How to find proper storage in Manhattan”

Manhattan solutions for extreme sports

Ah, the Big Apple. Many people come here to make their dream come true. But, with all the hustle and bustle of moving to NYC and then living in it, people usually want to find a way to slow down. After suffering the 9 to 5 job, and traffic, they just want to have a drink and relax with their favorite tv show. Well, if that sounds nothing like you, then this is an article for you. NYC is a big city, and there is more to it than eating brunch on a Saturday. Many adrenaline seeking people have come together and managed to have some extreme fun while staying in NYC. Here are some Manhattan solutions for extreme sports for you to get some much-needed action. Continue reading “Manhattan solutions for extreme sports”

Moving for work opportunities – should you do it?

Moving for work opportunities in the old days was a much bigger deal. There were no planes, and moving by train or boat usually meant that you were taking a one-way ticket, whether you like it or not. Luckily, today’s man is in a much better situation. We can move long distances in record time and with, relatively, a smaller amount of money. But, even so, moving to a different city or country because of work is not an easy choice. If you want to weight it out properly and make a sound decision you need to be aware of all the pros and cons that go along with it. Continue reading “Moving for work opportunities – should you do it?”

Best NYC theme bars to explore

You cannot be bored in NYC. It’s simply not possible. Besides all the outdoor activities in parks, sports events, concerts, and performances, you have a ton of different theaters, cinemas, restaurants and yes, even bars to check out. The biggest problem for people living in NYC is how to find enough time to do something. Between the extremely competitive work environment and, sometimes, hellish public transportation, you barely have any time left for social activities. Therefore, when you do actually find time to go out and hang, you best spend it wisely. Simply going to your nearest bar is a coin toss at best. You can never be sure what it is going be like if you do not do any research. Well, we are here give you some of the best NYC theme bars for you to explore. Continue reading “Best NYC theme bars to explore”

Good brunch spots in Manhattan to visit

Are you planning your Manhattan relocation? Or have you already moved to NYC? During your first few days in the city, you should consider taking a walk and checking out one of the best brunch spots in Manhattan to visit. The amazing food scene in NYC is something this city is famous for. If you are lucky to be living in Manhattan, check out the list of the most popular places to enjoy brunch with your friends and family. Continue reading “Good brunch spots in Manhattan to visit”

Worst Manhattan neighborhoods for car parking

If you plan to move to Manhattan, you should learn more about what it means to be a driver in NYC. Unlike many smaller cities, New York seems to always have too many cars on the streets. Moreover, some of the city’s areas are considered to be impossible for car parking. In case you are moving to Big Apple with your family, you might need to transport your car, too. If this is the case, ask your moving company if they offer car transportation services. Reliable movers can offer you top moving quotes NYC and transport your car with ease. After movers relocate it to New York City, you’ll need to learn a thing or two about driving in NYC. In order for you to avoid the parking troubles, let’s explain some of the worst Manhattan neighborhoods for car parking. Continue reading “Worst Manhattan neighborhoods for car parking”

Finding a doctor after settling in a new borough

Moving is exhausting. It doesn’t matter how good it went. Even if you had Chelsea moving company take care of your entire move, you’ll probably be exhausted afterward. Therefore, you will have a strong urge to rest and relax. But, do so at your own risk. Once you move into a new neighborhood there are some things you need to take care of. As soon as possible. One of the more important ones if finding a doctor after settling. But, what do you need to know and do in order to find the right doctor? Well, we are here to give you all the guidelines and information you might need. Continue reading “Finding a doctor after settling in a new borough”

Guide for surviving Manhattan traffic

Everyone who drives to and from work on a daily basis deserves to be called a true New Yorker. The NYC traffic is quite rough and it requires a lot of patience and time. That is why many people decide to get to work using alternative transportation methods. Use our guide for surviving Manhattan traffic and still get to work in a good mood. Continue reading “Guide for surviving Manhattan traffic”

Finest pubs in Manhattan to visit

NYC is a great place to have a drink. The sheer variety of places you can visit with your friends is staggering. You have restaurants that serve every possible type of food. And if that is not enough, you have places that force the boundary between pub and showplace. But, if you are feeling in a mood for old-school hangout in a pub, you best do some research. Pubs have always been and always will be popular. New ones are constantly popping up, and if you want to get a proper drink, you need to consult pub goers. Therefore, you should talk with people who helped you move. Rember, NYC movers and packers know best. Here is our pick of the finest pubs in Manhattan in which you can get a proper drink. Continue reading “Finest pubs in Manhattan to visit”

Best sports bars in Manhattan to enjoy a game

Manhattan is a sports fan’s dream. From NYC Mets to Rangers, you have an abundance of sports teams to choose from and enjoy their games. And, since every game is more fun when enjoyed with other people, you should find a sports bar to suit your needs. But, what do you need to do in order to find the best sports bar? Well, here is some advice and our pick of the best sports bars in Manhattan for you to enjoy. Feel free to ask your experienced movers NYC to give you some advice. Remember, blue collar people usually are the best sports fans. Therefore they will give you the best tips. Continue reading “Best sports bars in Manhattan to enjoy a game”