Space saving tips for small NYC apartments

One of the biggest aspects of NYC’s image, the cliche that comes to everyone’s mind, is its tinny apartments. These micro-studios and other ridiculously small living spaces are a true testament to the ingenuity of New Yorkers. The Big Apple is infamously challenging on so many different levels. Housing is very limited and the market is insanely competitive. In the moving industry, weight equals money, and the less stuff you have the better. Space saving tips are a must in New York City.

Space saving tips
Chelsea, a neighborhood in Manhattan, has some of the smallest studios.

Most of the people living in Manhattan can barely afford the smallest square-footage. So it doesn’t come as a surprise that the challenges NYC imposes on its citizens, gave birth to some of the most creative solutions. Ask any Chelsea moving company (one of Manhattan’s neighborhoods) about their experience with these tinny spaces. We are certain that they will have a few stories to tell. And that is exactly what we are trying to do with these space-saving tips for small NYC apartments. Let us show you the way and use some of that experience other New Yorkers had to work hard to obtain.

Why the need for space saving tips?

The city of New York has a knack for bringing your urban survival instinct to the surface. This is not a place for weak hearted people and certainly not the place for those who prioritize their personal space. The most important skill you need to poses here is the money-saving ability. Anything from how to cut your NYC moving expenses to how to find free moving supplies would help. If you find a tinny apartment that’s more affordable, don’t get discouraged by its size! You can make it work with some space saving tips.

Space saving tips
This is the actual size of your NYC couch!

Go vertical as much as possible

Walls are your biggest asset in any small NYC apartment. For example, your entryway is probably so small it doesn’t make sense to add a bench or a coat rack. Some of the most experienced Manhattanites shared their secrets with us. One of them is the usage of a simple wall hook. Adding a simple hook to your entryway enables you to hang your coat, dog leash or keys without taking up too much space. Another alternative is a small shelf perfect for your mail or keys, oppose to a small table. Another great idea for your entryway is a floor-length mirror. Not only is it using it also makes the spaces look bigger.

Space saving tips
A great alternative to entryway furniture.

Be creative with kitchen storage

After their big relocation to New York City people find themselves in survival mode. The Big Apple is very expensive and there are scores of free things to do after moving to NYC, result of so many same experiences. Therefore, use every advice you can get to save money. The same goes to your ridiculously small NYC kitchen. One of the best space saving tips we could find is to be creative with storage. When you think kitchen don’t immediately go to kitchen cabinets. Think outside of the box. Use every inch of wall you have for vertical storage. Hooks are essential, especially for hanging pots on the wall. If not wall think about hanging a pot-rack from the ceiling. Be smart about utensils especially if you don’t cook much. Downsize to a basic set that is easy to store. Downsize your garbage bin as well. One of the biggest space-saving tips is to save as much floor space as possible.

Get dual-purpose furniture

When your kitchen, living room and dining room become one in a tinny NYC apartment it’s time to look into dual-purpose furniture. You need a coffee table that doubles as a dining room table. Thankfully there are so many creative solutions out there. Small apartments are a reacquiring problem of the modern world and people thought of everything already. Think about getting a sleeper-sofa instead of a bed and a sofa. These are a great way of saving space and you can find affordable options at IKEA for example. Next obvious step is to mount your TV on the wall instead of using a bulky stand. Or even better just get rid of your giant TV.

Keep your floors clear

If you are a proud owner of an NYC studio do yourself favor-get things off the floor! Shelves and hooks are the most useful assets in your tinny apartment, anything that can free up floor space. A great space saving tips is a band of shelves running around the room for books and other smaller items. Basically, anything you can do to clear up surfaces in your apartment and leave the floor open. Vertical storage is the thing to do doubled with downsizing your stuff. If you simply can’t let go of some of your bigger personal items, consider renting storage space.

Upgrade your closet space (if you have any)

The reality of most tinny NYC apartments is that there is simply no closet space. In the country where excessive walk-in closets are a life goal, what do you do with no closet space whatsoever? Adversity builds character and NYC tends to be a great place for building character in every way. One of the best space saving tips anyone can give you regarding your closet space is-own less stuff! Try Project 333-be more with less.  If you do have some closet space you need to look into ways to upgrade it, better say pimp-out your closet! You can easily do it yourself under $100 by installing some extra shelving. Consider getting some storage containers for the bottom as well. Use a hanging shoe rack for your underwear and socks or any other smaller clothing item.

Space saving tips
Upgrade your closet with extra shelves and containers.

Before you give up on the idea of a tinny NYC apartment, think about how cozy it can actually be. Think about all the fun you will going to have to find new solutions for the space you have. The process will definitely keep you on edge and make you a better person. That’s why we think you should do it! Start looking for those long distance movers NYC right away and start your NYC adventure now! We know you can do it! Just stay flexible, downsize to the bare minimum and follow our space saving tips. You will soon be able to relax and fall in love with this amazing city.