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Thinking of hiring one of the local moving companies in New York City for your relocation? It is definitely the right choice in our opinion. NYC movers who work locally, like Dynamic Movers NYC, know the neighborhood well and exactly how to relocate you safely. If you’re looking for a good relocation company they will offer you an affordable price for your relocation, no matter the services. So, we’re going to give you some ideas as to which services you can book with good movers in NY and why they are a good idea. Here are the basics every homeowner should know before they start the hunt for Soho movers…If you happen to like our ideas, do not hesitate to reach out!

Moving with or without movers in Soho – how does it work?

The more I do myself the less it costs – seems to be the usual mindset of homeowners moving house. However, if you find affordable and good Soho movers, this usually isn’t the case. So, before you decide which services you’re going to need, here are some tips how to move house in NYC. It will help you decide what exactly you need and whether DIY really is the cheaper option.

When moving to NYC you can leave it all to your movers in Soho

A clock - decide if you need Soho movers to help you cut down the time of your moving preparations.
Do you have the time to do all the moving preparations yourself? Or should you hire movers for that?

There are plenty of homeowners moving with their family to New York. If this is the case, we always suggest hiring your local Manhattan movers to rid you of the hassle of the relocation. You can book both: packing and unpacking services with them, after all. This means that you don’t have to do anything except deciding what you’ll be relocating. Then, your Soho movers will arrive on moving day and do all the preparing for you. Our workers are efficient and professional. They bring their own packaging supplies which are sturdy and protect all of your belongings during relocation. They’ve also had a lot of experience with moving households. And, the best part is, after your belongings are transferred you can tell your NYC movers where to unpack them. So, ask us for an affordable NYC moving quote and we will give you one on the whole deal!

Then, there is the option of doing your relocation with a bit of help from Soho movers

Usually, most of our customers ask for these NYC moving services. Though, later some decide to book unpacking and packing with us as well when we give them that price, too. This is the perfect option when you’re relocating a small studio apartment in NYC, though. You won’t have too many things to pack and your movers will do all the heavy lifting, still. Our workers will load all of your belongings onto the moving truck and then unload it at your new place. Of course, you can still tell them where to place which boxes. If you’ve got anything really heavy, like a wardrobe or a bed, this is definitely a hassle-free option.

And, if you have any difficult items, like a piano, but still want to pack DIY, there is an option

A lot of local Soho movers are also piano and pool table movers, too. If you have any of them, you should know that they are especially difficult items to relocate. Hence, we offer a partial packing and unpacking service. This means that you can tell our workers what to prepare for relocation and what not to. If you have a pool table, it’s especially convenient. Our movers will take it apart, with utmost professionalism and care. They will wrap it, pack it and then transport it to your new home. Finally, we are the kind of Soho movers who will also set it back up for you. This means that you will have a perfectly leveled and set up pool table in your new home. It’s a great break from unpacking, after all!

Lastly, there is the option of relocating to NYC DIY, completely explained

DIY supplies to help you get your relocation ready.
If you have the time, DIY is an option, too.

When you decide to forgo a moving company, you will have to do all the heavy lifting. Be prepared to dedicate about two months of your time to the relocation. You will need to find a reliable company to rent a moving van. Then, you will have to declutter your home and pack it. Finding the good and high-quality packing supplies without Soho movers can be a challenge. We advise looking either with someone who has recently moved, for example on Craigslist or at the local supermarket. If your boxes aren’t sturdy enough, your belongings could end up damaged during the trip. Hence, when packing, be sure to find good ones. Also, take into account insurance, time and driving, as well. It will all amount quite a bit. Compare this kind of budget to an on-site estimate with Soho movers and decide what is the better option for you.

Finally, we have a bit of advice for the moving day with your Soho movers

  • Clearly, mark and set aside items you don’t want to be loaded on the moving truck
  • If you’re moving with kids, it’s time to get their favorite toys and other special items into the ‘don’t load’ pile
  • If you have any trash or flammable items, throw them away before your Soho movers arrive
  • Ensure that the moving truck will have a space available for the duration of loading
  • Ensure that the workers will have good and easy access to your apartment
  • If you have any items you want to take care of especially, point them out to the movers
  • If you have any items which you want to be unloaded first, either mark the boxes or tell the movers
  • Be sure to take care of the Soho moving company workers – a light snack and water bottles are the common choices
  • Decide on appropriate tipping – around ten percent of the total amount is the usual choice
  • Check out all the paperwork before signing it and letting Soho movers drive away – if you’re not sure about something, ask them to explain it

    a notepad, coffee and envelop on the desk
    Write down everything you want from Soho movers and then decide on the best option available.

Now, you’re ready to give us a call for an affordable quote on your local move! Don’t worry, as one of the best Soho movers in town, Dynamic movers NYC will guide you through every stage with utmost care.