move into a bigger house in NJ

Should you move into a bigger house in NJ?

As we already know, there are a few reasons why a person may decide to move. Whether it is for a change of scenery or maybe for a great job opportunity, relocation will give you an opportunity for a fresh start. In either case, you have the freedom to pick the town and of course, the property you want to live in. Some people prefer living in an apartment, while others want the comfort of a bigger house. So, even if you’re just moving locally, you can change the size or the type of your future home and start anew. If you’re looking to move into a bigger house in NJ, continue reading to see our thoughts and tips.

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There are many factors you’ll have to consider before moving into a larger home. Should you do it or not, it depends on your own needs,  wishes, as well as financial abilities.

Why would you move into a bigger house in NJ?

While some families choose to downsize when moving to New Jersey, others want to upsize. Those who downsize are usually seniors looking for a lovely retirement home or families whose children have grown and moved out.  On the other hand, there are quite a few reasons why some go in the opposite direction and want to move into a larger home. Some of them are:

  • Need for more storage space in the house
  • A growing family that needs more space
  • A job raise that increased your budget
  • A change in lifestyle

One way to get rid of unnecessary clutter is to upsize

It is very common to live in a small apartment when you’re living on the East Coast. Bigger cities have more apartment buildings on this side of the country, and many people are quite used to it. However, living in a studio apartment has its downsides. One of them being the lack of storage space. You can always opt to rent a storage unit and put some items away for longer periods of time. However, that is only if you don’t need them on a daily basis. For example, if you need more space in your kitchen for small appliances, then you know it’s time to relocate to a bigger house. Lincoln park movers will be more than happy to help you transport everything into your new home! 

A growing family is more likely to move into a bigger house in NJ

A smaller house might have been perfectly fine for a family of two or three. However, if you’ve wanted to grow your family, you have to have realized that it is time to upsize. You would want each child to have their own bedroom in the new house. As they grow, they will value their privacy more and more, and might not want to share a room with their younger siblings. Also, when you make a decision to move into a larger home, you won’t only get more bedrooms. You’ll also get more bathrooms. When you’ve got a large family, you know how important it is to have multiple bathrooms, so no one ends up waiting in line to take a morning shower before work or school.

big family washing a dog
Having a big family is truly a wonderful blessing. However, you’ll have to move into a spacious home so everyone has their own space.

Another way to grow your family is to get a pet. Cats can easily adapt to live indoors, but dogs need a lot of outdoor space. If you currently live in a house without a backyard, or with a small one, then it’s time to make a change. Especially if you have bigger dogs! They’d love to have a lot of backyard space to run around and play. Then you won’t have to take them on long walks every single day, and they won’t be affected at all.

Want a change in your lifestyle? Maybe it’s time to relocate then!

You don’t have to have many kids in order to start looking for a bigger house in New Jersey. Any change of your lifestyle can trigger this decision. For instance, if you’ve started working from home more often, you could use an extra room that you can turn into your office. Having a separate space to work in does wonder for your productivity, and it also gives you a quiet room away from other family members. Want to create a home gym? Not a problem! You will easily find an NYC moving company ready to transport your treadmill, barbells, and other bulky fitness equipment. Moving into a bigger house in NJ will give you an opportunity to turn your garage or a backyard into your very own fitness center. So why not make the change?

person holding a barbell
Moving into a larger home will allow you to have your own home gym to work out in.

Consider the financial aspect of moving into a bigger home

Of course, you won’t be ready for such a change if your budget doesn’t allow it. And that’s okay. However, if you’ve just received a raise at work, or got a better business opportunity, then you can seriously plan to move into a bigger house in NJ. With a larger income, you’ll be more flexible when it’s time to choose your new home. There won’t be as many restrictions and you’ll have more options to choose from. Not only that but with a larger house come larger bills, taxes, and maintenance fees. You should put it all on paper and carefully consider whether upsizing is a possibility for your family.

Also, you should think about its resale value in the future. Eventually, you will move out of this house for other reasons, and you’d want to sell it and not lose any money. Real estate trends change over time, and the value of your home can decrease or increase as it ages. Get in touch with your financial advisor to see which step is the right for you!