Should you hire movers for college moving?

Should you hire movers for college moving? Absolutely! Do you really want to deal with moving day stress (and what comes before it) on your own? Or do you want to be able to relax and soak up this important experience and build memories that will last you a lifetime? Moving away to college is probably the most exciting thing that ever happened to you. This is a monumental life change and a crossroad, one that will affect the rest of your life.

If you are looking to save after that devastating college loan, don’t worry. The best movers from NYC should be able to offer different levels of service, therefore accommodating anyone’s budget. This is the usual gradation:

  • Self-service (customer packs/wraps, customer loads) Basically it comes down to you doing all the required heavy-lifting, the mover provides a truck and transports your belongings to the desired location.
  • Loading service (customer packs/wraps, mover loads)  In this case the mover provides loading services, a truck, and transport. Yours is to pack and if you are looking to save some more money look for free moving boxes in NYC.
  • Full service (the royal treatment) consists of movers packing and wrapping everything, loading the truck, unloading and unpacking you at your final destination. Hence, this implies they will move the furniture around for you and remove all the packing material as well.

Movers for college moving – your guardian angels

Wow, what a year behind you, isn’t it! You worked hard to get where you are now. On the other hand, you have just picked your first path in life, after “life” has put you at that giant crossroad called “higher education”. Why don’t you treat yourself to some professional moving services in NYC? Don’t let the stress of a moving day cloud the beginning of the rest of your life. We don’t want to sound overly dramatic, but this is such an important transition and we want to be there every step of the way!

movers for college moving
A giant life’s crossroad called higher education.

1.Create your own inventory checklist

Be in control of your movers for college moving as much as you can, by creating a detailed list of your belongings. Make sure to mention a time frame that is good for you b including important dates of moving out and moving in. Your list should contain all your belongings, the size of your large furniture, if you already packed, list the number of boxes. Photographs are also of great help for movers estimating a quote, and later on for insurance purposes. The only thing left to do is to choose the level of service you think fits your budget best. The more attention you pay to details the fewer surprises there will be on a moving day.

2. Choose the best movers for college moving

Once you have a good grip on things and you are able to visualize your relocation, it’s time to pick a reputable moving company. Armed with a list of your belongings you can set out to find the best moving quotes. You should look at at least three different companies by doing some background investigation and research. This is an important step in hiring reputable movers to handle your relocation. There is a set of question you should ask to ensure the best choice for your relocation. What is their experience in college moving? Do they know the area? How much do they know about your college campus and how to navigate it? And don’t forget to ask them about their moving services, so there are no surprises on a moving day.

3.The D-day that is moving day

You have your list of belongings and all your stuff neatly packed. You gave yourself enough time to pick the best moving company and choose the level of service you can afford. As the moving day slowly approaches, it’s time to contact your mover and figure out the logistics of the whole thing. This includes any additional details, concerns or questions you might have. Research the approachability of the delivery area. Inform your movers about any specificity of the pickup area. Some neighborhoods are difficult for trucks to get to. But, all can be predicted and avoided with some research and planning ahead-the golden rule of relocation.

Coordinate every detail of the moving day with your mover before the fact.

The roommate factor

Your roommate in college poses a big factor on your moving day. Some people have a friend going off to college with them. Others are going to school not knowing anyone there. Dorms usually offer to pair you with a roommate based on some basic preferences. On the other hand, there are websites that offer services or finding roommates. These are more detailed and private. Whatever the case is, it’s a good idea to link up with your roommate. For example, compare your inventory with your roommate’s and avoid bringing to little or too much. Be polite and friendly to your new friend. When all is done and finished this will be the person you will share your personal space with. And if you are lucky you are looking at a friend for life.

Movers for college moving
Contact your roommate and compare your moving checklists. You want to coordinate moving day with your roommate.

Hiring movers for college moving is always a good idea, and something you should seriously consider. These are trained and able professionals with tones of experience in moving around college campuses. You want to begin a new life chapter in a good way and not with a moving disaster!