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Should you help your movers on a moving day?

On the moving day itself, paid professionals from a reputable moving company will arrive at your home and take all the furniture, heavy objects, small boxes, etc and load them into their truck. With your whole life packed, you will then continue with your own vehicle and small amounts of personal items. Now – the question is: “Should you help your movers on a moving day?”

Short answer: No

Longer answer: Depends on which way.

They know what they are doing

If you are planning on helping out your movers by lifting things together with them – don’t. The only way you are going to do your local NYC move is that you let them do their job. We cannot stress them enough. They are paid, professionals. Heavy or fragile things are their specialty and consideration. There is no reason for you to run-around helping lift that piano. They did it countless times before and will successfully load it into a truck again.

Well, what does it matter? They would be even more efficient with my help – you may say. Unfortunately, it is not true. Presence of anybody would just slow down professionals, making sure that your move is behind the schedule, and also that you pay them more (if they are paid by the hour)

Access and safety

If this sounds unfortunate to you, there is a way to help your movers on a moving day without interfering with the speed of the move. What is that, you might ask?

Foots steeping on a banana
Make sure house/condo is acceptable and safe, as Movers – most of the time – won’t be able to be fully aware of their surroundings.

Well, first and foremost – make sure everything is safe. There are no heavy, unnecessary objects on the shelves, all dors of freezers and wardrobes are closed and so on. This kind of gesture is more than welcome by the movers, as no amount of their preparation cannot make your apartment safe.

Be organized and prepared – this will most certainly help your movers on a moving day

Do what you can before the affordable movers NYC arrive at your Brooklin apartment. That means mainly:


Packing before the movers arrive is one of the most helpful things you can do because

  • You are saving time!
  • You are being more organized.
  • Provides the help your movers on a moving day need – time-saving!

There are few things so irritating as for movers to wait for clients to pack. It happens relatively often that the tenants will underestimate the time they need to pack, therefore delaying the whole operation (and increasing the cost).

help your movers on a moving day with packing
Packing before they arrive is a welcomed move, as it saves both time and energy (and money)

There is also an added benefit in proper packing – you can label everything. Movers would consider it quite nice if all their clients tag every box they have with the place they want it to be moved in (for example, on the box full of kitchen appliances you would write “to the kitchen“). This will save them a lot of time, and you a lot of hassle, or at least long-term hassle.

Some things are better off with you

There are things movers would rather not move, and also those that they simply, as a rule, don’t (potted plants, pets, extremely valuable items such as jewelry, etc).

Great favor you can do to your mover is to take care of those things yourself. When, for example, Morningside Heights movers come to your door and your pet is ready to move, it would be nice for those professionals to know that you will be takin care of it.

a dog
Pets! (for example) Nobody will transport them, so they are better off in your car.

And it’s not just your pet. While moving professionals are really careful about your items, they will avoid transporting something truly expensive or valuable. We recommend using your own vehicle for such things (jewelry or art).

Do you need help?

Sometimes, out of a wish to be useful and to help people you might just forget you are the one in need of help as well. Moving is a hard job and it takes many hands to pack all the items safely. Don’t be afraid to ask for any help before you offer to help your movers on a moving day.

Call your friends, and make a little party of it. Of course, you should call those friends you feel comfortable going through your personal items.

And, let this also serve as an idea for helping your movers. Think about it. They are working a physically hard job, and if it is summer they can dehydrate really quickly. Offer them refreshments the same way you would to friends offering you helping hand.

Such an offer wouldn’t take much of their time, yet would be of great use during scorching summer days while breaking a sweat trying to transport your piano to street level.

Bottom line

So, with all of this information – what do we know?

Well, first of all, in any reputable moving company, these people are professionals. This means they are trained to do transportation of all kinds of items in the safest and quickest way possible. This means that even if with good intentions, you probably aren’t much help (except if they explicitly ask) when it comes to lifting things with them.

However, as a host, you can do a lot. You can pack on time, making sure everything is ready, unplug electronics, make wardrobes ready to move without the door opening. Same goes for the fridge. You can also provide drinks (non- alcoholic) and make sure that everything is safe and that there is no way movers could get hurt.

With all of these covered, you pretty much now know all that is to know on the etiquette of moving companies. Stick by it and your movers will be thanking you for it.

We hope your move goes as smooth as possible! Good luck! (and don’t forget to label the boxes!)