Sandwiches and glass of water

Should you give food and drink to movers?

There are so many essential things to think about when it comes to moving. Because of this, some little things can slip your mind completely. People often debate whether they should tip the movers if they are satisfied with the service. In the same manner, people debate if they should give food and drink to movers. There is really no rule here, it all comes down to your decision. And the decision should be based on several facts, that we will elaborate on in this article. When dealing with reliable companies such as Dynamic Movers NYC, all questions on this subject can be answered by their info service. Whatever you decide to do, make sure to gather enough information that will help you come to a decision.

Ethical dilemmas about giving food and drink to movers

You should not be worrying too much about whether you should give food and drink to movers. This is an important topic, but not something you should wreck your brains with. If you are unsure if you are about to insult someone with your behavior, it is best to ask directly. You can check with the movers once they are at your house, or call their service desk. There might be some companies with a policy of not taking anything from the customer. It is best to check this information before ordering food or even cooking something yourself. Moving is a chaotic process anyhow, without any additional stress and anxiety added to it.

A sign that says: Code of ethical behavior
You should end all ethical dilemma by calling moving company’s service desk

Duration of the move should dictate certain rules

How long will the move take will depend on the number of things you plan on taking with you. Moving the whole house is a few days job, so count on having the movers several days in a row. On the other hand, if you are only dealing with the relocation of your office by using Financial District movers, you can expect everything to be done in several hours. Regardless of the weather outside, it is always polite to offer some refreshing drink, like water or a soda. Under no circumstance, you should offer any alcoholic beverage. If you estimate that the move will last over four or five hours, it is time to think if you should give food and drink to movers. But as we already said, you should check if the company policy will allow movers to accept such a thing.

Providing food and drink to movers can affect the efficiency

The movers that are discouraged by their companies to take food from the customers will eventually need to take a lunch break. Usually, the break will last for an hour and all workers will go at the same time. During that period, no work will be done at your house. But if you decide to give food and drink to movers, they could take breaks individually or in groups. Or even if they have lunch all together with you, it will certainly not last for the whole hour as they will not need to drive to get the food, nor wait for it to be prepared. Surely the movers will appreciate your effort to supply them with food for the day, that they will work twice as hard after, out of gratitude. As soon as you get the boxes out of the way, you can start planning the going-away party.

Take out or cooked food?

Whether you will order pizza, Chinese, or do the cooking yourself, is entirely up to you. If you’re busy with packing and dismantling the kitchen, ordering in is the best choice. On the other hand, if you have paid the movers to do everything for you, you might actually have time to cook something. Especially if you need to use up the rest of the food in the house. Also, if your budget cannot take additional costs, you can, you can always cook some pasta or any other food that is quick and easy to make. This kind of effort will go a long way with your movers. Having some snacks and cold drinks can’t hurt. It will keep the movers going and your move will be done faster. At the and of the day, the main focus needs to stay on the move.

Box of take out food is better if you decide to give food and drink to movers
Ordering take out is much easier and quicker solution during the move

Why giving alcohol to movers is a bad idea

As we already mentioned, fresh drinks are always welcome. Especially if you are dealing with the move during high temperatures. Cooled water, soda, a sports drink are something you can offer to movers with no issues. It will keep them hydrated and therefore, motivated. We know that a cold beer can sometimes be a great thing when working hard on a hot summer’s day. If you do not plan on driving that day, you can surely get yourself one. But do not tempt other workers with it. If you are dealing with a respectable company, even if you offer alcohol, the workers will refuse. But a moving company cannot vouch for all of its employees. Also, you don’t want to be responsible for providing alcohol to a person who will sit behind the wheel after finishing. Alcohol can slow a person down, and you don’t want that during the move.

A person pouring beer
Cold beer can be nice when it is too hot outside but do not offer it to your movers


Based on our article, it is evident that a lot of decisions will be made by you only. It is up to you and your will, and sometimes even your budget to make a decision if you want to give food or drink to movers. Accepting drinks should not be banned by the company policy. It is a gesture of humanity, nothing less. The only type of beverage not recommended is beer or any other type of alcoholic drink. This can lead to many downsides, so better not getting into it. When it comes to food, if the move lasts longer than five hours, think about ordering pizza or making some sandwiches. This will help in keeping the movers in good spirits and work will be done faster.